Saturday, December 2, 2017

Giving A+ work may depend on who's doing the grading.

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder.  And this doesn't appear to be different with sex.

The four guys from The Good Ole Boys radio show have been discussing A+ work in the bedroom for quite sometime, mostly whether or not every woman deserves it. This past week, they did an entire  show simply dedicated to the concept.

They even did a grading scale (A-F). A is of course when you do everything, or most everything, sexually. B is when you hold back some. You may hold back more on C and not even be as aroused.  D is when you finish too early (think of your very first time). F is when you can't even start, let alone finish. Some call that "shortstopping".

Now here's my perspective.  Every woman definitely doesn't deserve A+ work. One gets to a point where that's only for someone you're really serious with. The random chick at the club shouldn't be getting A+ work. This goes even if you're horny and you really want her sexually.  A+ work comes when you're attracted to them on deeper levels. 

It also goes in the entire dating and getting to sex part. You expect to perform at peak level when you take a woman out on the town, to a fancy restaurant, movies, flowers, the whole nine. Now if you're just hooking up or if it's not that big, then the date won't be that big.  It may be an after hours spot or even a $10 meal at the local chain establishment.

Also, you must realize the woman has a big say in the grading. You may go in thinking you have performed the experience of your life and you brag to the boys.  However the female is like "un huh." She should enjoy it as well.   You also have scenarios where you in with B work at most. However, that's enough to stimulate the lady enough to hit you back up, want to hang out, and even want an encore. It's all in the person's perspective.  People return to the same restaurant although they had a horrible time there once or twice. Therefore fellas, don't think you're turning off a woman because you did B or C work. She may have not had any pleasure in a while or ever. You were thus her A+.

So as we get into the December holidays where it seems more sex and random hookups occur, keep that in mind. Be mindful of who you give your best to, and realize your best isn't always enough. Also, don't think they will forget you just from one bad experience.

Monday, November 20, 2017

1999: More Confidence and Enthusiasm

As I continue to grieve my friend Chris Farmer and come off of another great WU Homecoming, I think of the memories and people that made my WU experience, and 1999, so great. 

Farmer may be the subject of focus and the springboard. However, many great things continued to happen after that great summer of 1999.

My confidence with the ladies was finally growing. I was in a better place where I could filter the BS and be around those that always showed me love. The music and movies were great during that time also. It seemed to be a great time of unity, perhaps because many folks were concerned about Y2K.

I remember when Farmer and I were both RAs and we had to be on a committee together.  He called me with enthusiasm when I got to be on the Dining Services Advisory Board (yeah I didn't play about food then either).

Going to meetings with him were life. He would made serious suggestions but would be so comical in his delivery. It was honestly such easy work since we had meetings during lunch and no outside work was required. 

I also saw him frequently as he would come over to Richardson Hall and see me and other RAs he was friends with. It's still funny to this day the reaction he gave when his then girlfriend (future wife) became an RA and got her hall assignment. She was assigned to Margaret Nance, the all women's hall that didn't allow any type of male visitation.  Me: Well Farmer you do have your own room man. Farmer: Yeah Drew but my room gets old!

My enthusiastic and comical side came to the forefront that year. WU fam, you can thank Farmer for that.

It was good to have such a memorable year, and share it with a memorable guy.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

1999: When I Learned How To Be A Friend

Make no mistake I had friends and had quite a journey leading to 1999. There's more on But meeting/hearing a special dude next door changed it all. 

This was actually in 1997 when Chris Farmer was my next door neighbor in Richardson Hall.  I never thought he would become one of my best friends. He was the type that grows on you and I'm so grateful he did. 

Most things about 1999 revolve around Farmer: music,  movies,  and the like.  We worked Summer SWARM together at the WU and he was my suitemate.  He respected my space but there were times he would come in like Kramer from Seinfeld.  That may have been the most fun summer of my life.  We worked hard but played harder.  You just knew then he was destined for great things. Fraternity life, a new girlfriend (eventual wife),  and more Residence Life involvement never changed Farmer.  He was always the same, and so uplifting.  He would do anything he could to help you,  and was always there to listen and help.  He was one in a million.

1999 can be defined by American Pie,  The Blair Witch Project,  the end of punk rock and the emergence of alternative music,  the newest Star Wars and my senior year.  However,  Farmer was in the center of it all.  He was simply the ex-factor,  the cherry on the sundae,  the oxygen in your life.  That year was good for me,  but he made it great.

I will always have great memories of this year thanks to Chris Farmer.  I returned to my last full year of college more determined and relaxed from knowing him. Get you a Chris Farmer if you don't have one and thank me later.

Monday, November 6, 2017

1999: Final Series For This Year

I have had some great years in my life.  No doubt  the best and most coming of age year was 1999. I am wrapping up my 2018 writing season with a series dedicated to this year,  and someone I became close to in this year.

I was midway through college but hadn't quite hit my groove. That is until the Spring semester. After a lackluster Fall that felt worse than my freshman year,  I knew I had to bring stronger focus in all areas of my life. I even wrote myself a contract of all the things I charged myself to do,  as well as a list of goals. I ended up accomplishing many of my own expectations,  and even exceeding them. 

Things were finally falling into place for me in the social and friend realm,  Residence Life,  academically and with my family. This was the year I started going home less on weekends and breaks and even stayed all summer to work (more on that later.) I was learning my worth,  making memories and got to the point where I knew I had jealous haters.  That was no nevermind as many loved me also.  I loved the place I was in life. 

Life got better for me then and forever when one of my funny, loud , next door neighbors got more involved in Residence Life.  We really became close friends that year.  When one mentions 1999, they think of Prince's classic song.  I think of it as the year I bonded with a certain person. 

Also,  my cousin/nephew turned 21 yesterday.  Ironic as this was also the year I turned 21. Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

For Her

This is a combo of prose and poetry, thinking of that special one, even if we're only friends because she's taken. Don't worry, I don't steal girlfriends, I'm only a lover.


I can't stop thinking of you
Your face, smile and eyes too
They're in my mind
You're always too kind
The type of lady to be by my side
Can chill like a homie, just sit back and ride
Not trying to make this a classic piece
Just showing feelings, that's what I have, like a lease
I wanna buy, what's the down payment
I run to you so hard I tear up the pavement
You are my dear, my heart, didn't know I could feel this way
This is like the movies, I hope it ends like a warm summer day
I just wanna chill like Musiq, we can be cool
Nothing required on your end, I won't even drool
You can be a homie, lover, girlfriend, whatever
Please stay in my life, don't go
I'll fall back, we'll let things happen
History won't repeat itself, I won't swear you.
My friends are tired of seeing my face and hearing my voice
Maybe I should talk to you more
What's next? Let's check the calendar
Be prepared for questions, I just wanna be ya homie, I'm good at it, I promise.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Uber/Lyft from my perspective

After having to buy a new car and always in need of good side money, I decided back in the Spring of this year to give Uber and Lyft a try. It has honestly been up and down. I have to travel mostly to Greenville to get rides and requests  (pings). I have picked up some good tips and really been able to make some grown folks money some nights. Here are some of my quick tips.

1. Drive at times where you are in most demand and traffic is the heaviest, while parking is scarce. These include Friday and Saturday nights when the bars and clubs close, holidays, early morning and late evening rush hour, and huge events  (see #2). You want to maximize the most of your driving and not just sit around for hours with maybe one or two requests.

2. I cannot stress the importance of doing big events and days. These include college and pro sporting events, festivals and community events, concerts, and anything that draws a crowd to a small place.

3. Have a game plan in place for each time you drive. Arrive early and plan on late pings. Timing is everything and you want to be online the minute the surge in Uber is red or when you can hit your max on Lyft. Following YouTube tutorials, blogs and podcasts from folks such as Harry Campbell  (the Rideshare Guy) and UberMan can really increase your earnings and minimize your miles and drive time.

4. Record any and all mileage using one of the many apps available and/or by hand. Also, keep receipts of everytime you gas up, any purchases you make regarding your trips or for the business (this includes car detailing, your meal while you drive). This can help get you a good tax cut in February.

5. Don't camp out all day at the airport. This is a common mistake by rookies. If you want a couple of quick airport pickups, camp out close to the airport (not in their parking) so you don't get into their queue. Don't think it works. I actually got an airport ping last night from 10 miles out when the queue was empty. Therefore, focus your time elsewhere.

6. In your game planning, know your area well. This includes which streets are blocked off and harder to travel. The better you can get around your city, the faster you can pickup and drop off.  Drive in the city on slow times to learn it before you test it at peak times.

7. Have snacks, drinks and even gum for your passengers and you. Yes you. You may be in the car for a couple of hours straight and get a quick dry mouth and empty stomach from talking and such. Stay hydrated and focused.

Well the holiday season is upon us and I look forward to driving more. Use my code if you wanna drive also ANDREWL27734UI on Uber and ANDREW24287 on Lyft. I highly recommend it!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

2017 miles: WOW!

It still hasn't kicked in.

Many of you know by now that I am an active runner. I am training for 3 huge upcoming races currently. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to set a goal to run/walk at least 1,000 miles. Then a challenge came up to do 2,017 miles in 12 months.

Now I do run but I also do other physical activities so I didn't know how possible even a thousand would be. That is until I did the math for 365 days. I knew especially once I got into my marathon training, 2017 and more was realistic. So I bought a $12 pedometer and went to work.

I not only record my runs, but my walks and steps and convert them into miles. I work for Amazon, which entails a lot of walking just being in there for 40 hours/week. I also do a lot of walking outside of work and fitness and yardwork. Add all of that up and some weeks I was logging 60-70 miles of running and walking. I checked and they will allow either one.

I wanted to do it right and keep myself tight. However stress and an off diet added some fluff in areas I didn't want. But I am getting that under control and adding more activities to mix all of that up. Either way I have achieved 2,017 miles for the year and I haven't even ran my final two races left.

These are many people to thank, including God of course. I am not going to name everyone as I don't want to omit anyone. I simply want to thank all that were part of the journey and process. Whether you walked and ran some with me, or you cheered me on, every one of you mattered and helped me. Thanks to all!

I love victories like this. The ultimate victories are completing runs, walks and races at my goal pace, and staying fit and healthy. I always feel I am closer to this.

Until then, I await my medals for both 1,000 and 2,017. They will go nicely with my overall collection of bling.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Now This Is How You Boycott

Ok now folks are starting to get the message on how to effectively boycott. Perhaps even too much.

Dove soap made a huge misstep in their misguided racist ad. It has several people of color wanting to blacklist the famous soap and its products.

This is hitting them where it hurts: the pockets. People don't buy Dove or if they can't appeal to a large demographic, they're in trouble, period. This is boycotting and protesting with more action and greater meaning.

People are doing to same to ESPN in the wake of the Jemele Hill suspension. Now she may have truth to what she is saying. However she has been warned once before and now is paying the price. She is putting ESPN on notice as being hypocritical and overly political and biased. However, she is smearing her own career. Think if we just carried on any type of way on social media regarding specific topics. We would also be fired or suspended. I remember that being a topic of discussion during orientation of my current job.

I have been boycotting and blacklisting causes, products and businesses for years. Add my former doctors office to that list. I needed to get records faxed and had to stop by and sign for them, thinking it was going to be that day (sending a fax doesn't take long at all). I received a phone call from a rude receptionist saying it would be a week since they have a specific person that only deals with that once/week. After her and I went back and forth for about 5 minutes , I ask to speak to her manager. She hangs on me. Yep, that's right. I was hotter than a bottle rocket in July. I gave myself a while to cool down, then called back and asked for the manager. She was very apologetic and assured me they would fax the records soon. Come to find out, they faxed them that same day. Not only were they rude, but they lied and were lazy. I was already done with the doctor, I am trying to get done with the office. I pray I don't need to return there.

Now here's the next thing: how long will folks boycott the NFL, Dove Soap, ESPN, etc. People still eat at Wild Wings, Denny's and Cracker Barrell and wear Adidas sneakers. There seems to be a shelf life on the hurt and anger.

Either way, continue to blacklist and boycott with purpose.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Forgotten Coons

We have had quite some controversy and division lately. Beyond the Kaep and the flag issue, we have had several blacks come out as sellouts, Uncle Tom's or even coons. The most notable have been Ray Lewis, Steve Harvey and even Jim Brown.

Here are some you may have forgotten about or didn't think of.

1. OJ

The Juice is loose now and I don't know of a black man that crossed over so well other than him, and then ruined it all. Don't be suprised to see him give his views about the current state of the NFL.

2. Herman Cain

Founder of Godfather's Pizza and former GOP presidential candidate, he has definitely turned his back on his people. The only color he likes is green.

3. Stephen A. Smith

Jason Whitlock may be the broadcaster that gets all of the flack but trust me, Stephen A. has been in the house for far too long. Please don't be fooled by that five head and fast talking. He will turn on anyone in a second, including Kaep.

4. Clarence Thomas

Do your knowledge on this man, he's an embarrassment as a person period. Hope OJ or no black man has to go before him in court.

5. Bryant Gumbel

He looks like he's sick, only messes with white people and doesn't talk to his brother Greg. He has been white for far too long. I cannot stomach him for any period of time.

6. Aisha Taylor

There's a reason she's on The Talk and not The Real. It's more than liking white men for her. She has no sense of identity and is so self centered. She should have been criticized long before Stacey Dash.

7. Tyler Perry

Yeah he appears to stand for the cause. But he does something else awful: making black folks look like fools and idiots. Someone needed to tell him this wasn't the 1930s Vaudeville. TP is a billionaire basically for marginalizing people. That's a disgrace.

Therefore, add these to your coon roster also. They have been at it for a while, and often didn't try to be down or hide it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun With Flags 2

Yeah you knew this was coming.

It seems the USA flag issue hasn't gone away, just like racism and police brutality.

This has gone from Colin Kaepernick kneeling and sitting for the flag, to him opting out of his final year with the 49ers. After this, he appears to be blackballed by the NFL after no team has currently signed him.

Many other players have knelt and sat during the National Anthem from preseason on.

Then our president, ole 45, says that anyone that doesn't stand for the flag is an SOB. This brought an outcry from not only the black community, but also white NFL players and owners. Many decided on Sunday's game to skip or kneel during the anthem. Quite a hornet's nest was stirred up.

This is a time where people should do their research, especially on the entire National Anthem and start being real. People of all races are suddenly boycotting the NFL, many don't know why. You must realize it is an American's right to stand or not stand for Old Glory. Why would you try to force this belief on someone. It is a right and you cannot take it away.

Now can we end police brutality, give Kaep another shot in the league, hold Trump more accountable for what he's saying and let people be themselves. Isn't that what America is all about? Land of the free and home of the brave.

If you didn't see what I did there, you really have no business speaking or posting about all of this mess happening. Sorry not sorry.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Time to Express Some Feelings

I realize I haven't gotten deep in a while, although I have been experiencing a wide range of emotions. Rereading/editing my book is bringing all of these full circle.

Therefore, here's a little diddy to put them all in. It's called Rusty.

These past two weeks have me feeling dusty
Hurricanes, drama, heartbreak, flu, dang I'm rusty.
Why don't people move from the coast?
God is trying to tell you something, it's a yearly roast
Also, keep the pettiness far away
Save that drama for another time, another day
When you see me out, we can talk
Don't start playing with a toy you haven't paid for and bought
I'm ready to love, but it wasn't the right one
The search isn't over, she is still out, waiting for her hun
I'm better about getting to know women, letting them know
It will be a classy thing and not a sideshow
To this female, be ready to get treated right
And if someone disrespects you, they in for a fight
Fight, like with this cold
This thing was sneaky and bold
I'm on the mend and can't wait to get back
Editing and resting is the move
I will soon return to my groove

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stand for the cause and still watch the NFL

I love football. A lot. Many of you know that about me if you don't know anything else.

That can, this NFL boycott in lieu of teams not signing Colin Kaepernick had me conflicted until I thought of a few things:

1. He made a courageous statement, 1960s style. But there are certain things in modern America you can't disrespect. Old Glory is one of them (and yes I know he wasn't disrespecting the flag but that's the view in the eyes of many).
2. Also I thought he was gonna retire or opt out, which he did. When you do that, you make it harder to get another job.
3. Key word here people is OPT OUT! The Niners did not release him, he left. He could have still played another season and may have not started but realistically he could have stayed in the league. That's his decision so some of you may want to direct your anger elsewhere.
4. He will get signed, eventually. Roger Goddell clearly doesn't agree with his actions and figures this is both the best way to punish Kap and bring more attention to the league. When you boycott games, ratings actually skyrocket.
5. The contracts for these games have already been negotiated with networks and sponsors years before Kap took that knee. Even if you boycott, it's not really that effective. Sorry not sorry it isn't.

My latest acronym is DBGDG.  I get the cause and it infuriates me even if Kap get opt out. It's a principle thing, and it exposes the league. Many, however, just want to do it to be cool and hip, not because they care about Kap or the NFL's biased policies. DBGBG means Don't Be Good, Be Great. Boycotting can be good. But there's a way to show your frustration about the situation and still watch football: boycott and blacklist the NFL sponsors, which are many. That's being great.

These sponsors include DirecTV, Buffalo Wild Wings, EA Sports, Dannon Yogurt, Doritos (Frito Lay), Verizon Wireless, Papa John's Pizza, and many others. Look them up and you will see. Hit them gradually where it hurts and the NFL will take note. Refusing to watch the greatest sport will do little to no good, let's be real.

Ok now that's how you boycott and blacklist. Trust, I have lifelong experience here.

And if you still hate the NFL, there's always college and high school. Less talent, but more passion.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Just the Facts, Ma'am

There has been so many twisting of facts and thoughts lately, ultimately resulting in lies, drama, protests, boycotts, outrages, etc. Geez Louise why can't folks get their stuff right?

Anyone can make a website or a blog and make the right subject go viral. This is how outlets like TMZ make their living. The Enquirer has did this for decades. We also have fact checking tools now such as Snopes and others to validate statements and headlines. We choose to get all bent out of shape first. But for what?

It reminds me of high school when anyone would believe juicy gossip and the he said/she said. Think about it. One person tells another something, then they tell another. By the time it reaches the 8th and greater person, you may go from a couple of sentences to a paragraph that fast, everyone adding their own spin. I played an activity game like this before.

Having this knowledge in hand, why would you blindly believe any ole thing? Even worse, why would you share questionable articles? All I know is this, you better come correct to me. Reputable facts, articles, the whole nine. I only believe half of what I hear, and less what I see.

Time for all to get correct

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

TABLES: Summer Edition and Lots of Hate

Man the tables have turned, literally.

It's a problem for Eli when his core group at both tables. Plenty of haters and negativity when Patricia and Rolanda are out. Mr. Moe is a stabilizing force, but now RC is starting to hate.

She gets onto Eli for crazy reasons. She supposedly wants him now, and he is trying to change and shape him. She's very blunt, one of those who will tell you like it is, but isn't very positive. Hereby, she's a hater with lots of issues. She needs to go on to the pound and buy a couple of cats. She's the Maneater that Hall and Oates sings of. Too toxic and too much of a bully in the breakroom. Eli definitely considers simply a physical relationship, but nothing more.

Patricia still doesn't care, but now you have the opposite of RC: too sweet and passive Naya. Eli has taken her under his wing and is trying to help her in a chaotic, low morale type environment.

Where will Eli sit next? It seems the wrong women are around him (outside of Patrice and Naya). This other one woman who's the nosy auntie, Brenda, seems to be sweet on him. Brenda is trouble, period. Eli needs to figure stuff out for real.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cater to your mate, it's doable

Ok along with other various issues, the gender roles issue is slowly rising as we enter into cuffing season  (it's a thing people).

You are seeing more and more people refusing to cater to their mates. I'm talking more than being a Stepford from a 50s sitcom staying home all day cooking and cleaning. That can be done and have a career. I have seen it, and if you want it bad enough, it can happen.

This goes for men not helping out, or feeling like they're working too much or not appreciated. I often wonder like the lady from the video that inspired this post "who raised y'all?"  I realize many of you aren't surrounded by folks in good healthy relationships and marriages and that's cool. What isn't cool is to stay stuck in the same rut of doing the bare minimum for your mate, only to see them happy and loving someone else. They brought what you didn't to the table, point blank period.

Relationships are give, take and sacrifice. When you get a good person, especially the right one, it's time to go that extra mile. Take the kids to school or daycare. Cook and clean that night. Make arrangements for date night. Be intimidate with each other more often. Basically, show each other LOVE. You do this, the right one will hang around , trust me.

Ok enough being bitter. Get the one you deserve and keep balance in your life and house!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Larenz Tate, where ya been?

Sometimes we all have to take a break and get away from everyone and everything, especially if you're a celeb. Larenz Tate, similar to Morris Chestnutt, did just this. Many older heads like myself thought he decided just to chill, or was done.

That is, until the last few weeks.

Tate appeared in the summer's #1 comedy Girls Trip as the college friend/love interest, and have a cameo in Power recently. He is still the same actor, looks and talent wise. It's good to see more passionate actors of colors, but Tate should never be forgotten and should get more roles if we wants it.

He was definitely needed when cinema, especially black cinema, was down. Could it be he's back to capitalize on the success and appeal of black cinema? Maybe but can't blame him. He's a blast from the past that realizes there is a market for him now.

I'm obviously a fan, and I like the sexy women who have been his love interest (Nia Long, Vivica, Lela Rochon, Halle, etc, etc).Now can he leave Yvonne Orjii alone? Yeah Insecure's ratings would really sour, especially after Game Of Thrones is done. But c'mon Larenz, you can't have them all.

And finally, thank you for staying off of trash reality TV.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Curving season rolls on

Yes we've heard of cuffing season. But what about the season we know about, casually mention, but haven't put a name on it. Ladies and gentlemen, it's curving season!

This is typically when a woman is dressed nice in a sundress, shorts, a romper, or something to maximize her body type. She then walks around, casually avoiding, ignoring, basically curving guys.

Before anyone thinks this is negative, continue to read.

Often this happens in the summer to early fall months. During this time, even single ladies aren't trying to be bothered with a mate. They just want to enjoy themselves and freely show off their physique in peace. It's not necessarily teasing or thirst trapping.

So yes curving season is in full effect. Shoot I just got curved yesterday.

If you're interested in a female, by all means try to talk to her. Just don't take it personal if she gives you a cold response. She may not be ready just yet. Try again around September or October. That's when another season we know of comes around: cuffing season!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Revealing spoilers on social media needs to stop, period

It's like when you go on social media, so often people get so emotional about a certain issue or topic, they lose all of their home training. They become loud, ignorant, and flat out disrespectful.

Enter those that spoil TV shows.

I seriously thought when ABC announced that this upcoming season would be the final one for Scandal, I would get my Thursdays back, free from spoilers and folks posting every frikkin second. I would then be able to unhide some former "Gladiators" .

Enter Power, along with Firesticks and Kodi.

Power has become the show to watch, especially since nothing new is on Netflix and football hasn't resumed. The problem is people reveal spoilers as soon as the show is available on the Firestick/Kodi, which is typically midnight on Sunday EST. 

Now before, I was one of few that hated spoilers and thought they were disrespectful to anyone that hadn't had a chance to see the show. I worked Sundays for nearly a year, so I can see how this can particularly hit a nerve.

People have their priorities mixed up, period. They want you to be polite, not catcall at them or talk to them a certain way. Yet they see no problem with revealing spoilers. Now I can (and do) hide, delete and block folks that do this. I don't see why you can't just create groups and pages for these popular shows and stop spoiling them, please!

Social media has truly brought out the worst and pettiness in many folks. It's truly the Billy The Kid syndrome, they see no wrong. But let the shoe be on the other foot and it happen to them then.

Now to look for more spoil sports before I go to bed. Also, I don't even get on before I watch a show. Scandal-holics learned me here. It doesn't make it right though.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jay, Kendrick, J Cole are keeping hip hop alive. Nas, you're on deck!

Jay-Z has had quite a revival in his music career since his new album 4:44, dropped just before the 4th of July holiday.

It is just as good as advertised and more. He has grown up more, and addresses many of the things he has faced as a husband and father, including his infidelity with wife Beyonce.

Kendrick Lamar and J Cole have also released albums recently and both are great. It gives hip hop fans hope that the genre isn't dead and giving way to trap music.

Nas has been talking about releasing another album for over a year now. He is needed now more than ever. Yes these great artists have good music for us. But if you're like me, you want to see God's son doing more than just Hennessy commercials. He can still rap, make great music, and his people want to hear him.

Summertime is awesome for great, fresh music. I'm so thankful that we have more of it back. Every song and anthem doesn't have to be for the club or released by Drake, Migos or Future.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All Eyez On Me Was Actually Good

It's like I said last week, people try to find every reason to tear apart each other,  even in death. They will see a biopic and start tearing it apart, like how comic book fans do a Marvel or DC movie.

All Eyez On Me did get bad reviews and I could see why. However, it was still a good movie, with great acting and even better music. Demetrius Shipp Jr. could seriously be the next great actor, especially since he resembles Pac so much. 16 years ago I predicted this about Tyrese and Tarajii and now look. He did his thing and we should all admire that.

Now for those that are clueless to biopics, I don't recall it saying "based or inspired by a true story." Not having this tagline gives directors a lot more creative freedom. They did consult his sister and Snoop Dogg so many of the stories were dead on. The rest were clearly exaggerated or omitted. Nevertheless, it didn't take away from the movie, only Tupac's story.

This has been a good summer season at the movies. You can steam All Eyez On Me on the Firestick if you like, but I feel it's worth a matinee showing at worst.

Either way, I feel it's a must see. Form your own opinion about the "story" of the hip hop/pop culture icon and then criticize. There have been a lot of Tupac produced movies and appearances. They got the actor right, even if the story was flawed.

Tupac will still live on, just like Elvis Pressley. And is it a coincidence that this movie released a couple of months before Elvis passed 40 years ago? Probably but hey another angle of the story had to be told. There will be more, and possibly better ones

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kevin Durant and Tupac: A Common Thread

You're reading the title wondering what can an All Star NBA player have in common with one of the best hip hop artists ever? Well for starters, they have both been heavy in the news and on social media lately, for ridiculous reasons.

Around a year ago, the Golden State Warriors already had a super team, built mostly through the draft. Durant, after having individual success as a player with the Oklahoma City Thunder and almost beating the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, decided to make a major change. He wanted a ring and he knew GS would be the best place to get it. They cleared a lot of roster and cap space to get a player they could use on their redemption tour. All season, former OKC teammate Russell Westbrook had negative remarks, even had cupcake shirts made, calling KD soft. Well Durant and the Warriors did as expected, dominated the 2017 NBA playoffs, losing only one game enroute to their fifth championship. After the game, many folks, even LeBron James, had their thoughts. And I have mine also.

This man did what was best for his career. Things didn't seem to be improving in OKC so he did something about it. He didn't wanna have an incomplete legacy, and got his championship. This has not only been happening in pro sports for decades now, this is also a norm in the business world. If there is a better opportunity, even with a rival, you normally take it. I believe KD's star power, along with the fact the NBA is currently a two team league, is what has folks in an uproar.

Speaking of stars and uproars, the late Tupac Shakur still has the hip hop world in a frenzy, nearly 21 years after his murder. His biopic, All Eyez On Me, has mixed reviews, especially from Jada Pinkett Smith. It seems many don't want to let that man be great. He is seriously a top 2 rapper, no lower than 5 in many hip hop circles. Still, many want to find flaws with him and the movie. Now this isn't the only Pac movie that has surfaced and the story is well known. It gives his fans and hip hop fans a sense of nostalgia and a reminder of when rap began evolving.

Let's spend this summer and year doing less bashing and more encouraging. Especially for black folks, it's time to stand together and stop being divided over trivial issues. These are celebs, we need to take pages from their books and improve our own lives.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Black Privilege is Right On Time

Radio and TV personality Charlamagne Da God has really climbed up the ranks in the radio world. He outlines his success in his newest book "Black Privilege".

He speaks of his humble beginnings: growing up in Moncks Corner, SC, interning for Wendy Williams for two years, and then grinding with other studios and shows before landing onto "The Breakfast Club." Charlamagne is definitely not an overnight success.

He delves into serious subjects and techniques he used in his journey. He even references his hustling days, talking about one must put in the proper work or "learn to put the weed in the bag." Charlamagne never bites his tongue on the air, and he is in the same in his book. He even talks about being your true self and having realistic goals. He says "F#$k your dreams." and is not shy about telling others this if he feels they are on the wrong path or journey.

Charlamagne is real, raw, and inspiring. This book is so good, you will want to read it twice, and possibly have a highlighter handy. You will be very motivated after reading this.

It costs around  $18 for a paperback and is available on Amazon and at most bookstores. Do yourself a favor and get this book. You're sure to enjoy Charlamagne's lessons and life experiences.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tiger, Tiger Woods Nah!

Tiger Woods's life has spiraled out of control since November 2009 when it was discovered he had cheated on his wife with several other women.

His golf career stayed steady at best as he has had five back surgeries, and not as many major wins or even qualifications.

Now unless you've been on Mars, you have seen Tiger's mugshot from his DUI this past Memorial Day weekend. What you may not have seen is the arrest profile. For a number of years now, Woods hasn't wanted to claim the black side of his ethnicity  (think Halle Berry). The police report noted the famous golfer to be black.

Now this brings up another issue. If you claim to be biracial, are you suddenly black when you commit a crime  (or if you do the worst, like OJ)?

In any event, Tiger doesn't have many strikes left in golf and life. Yes we all make mistakes and are human. But now this has become a pattern that needs to be addressed. He needs to get some positive folks in his corner to humble him, realize there is life beyond golf, and to help him enjoy himself in moderation. He cannot afford to be reckless anymore.

Tiger Woods doesn't want his legacy to go down like this. Adultrer. Has-been. Drunk. He's at a crossroads and it's time he get himself straight. It's the least he can do for his children and for the game of golf.

Meanwhile, unless he still has a personal driver, he better keep Uber and Lyft on speed dial for the time being.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fidget Spinners and it's explotation (yep that's what it is, can't argue)

The latest trend and fad out now are fidget spinners. They're everywhere and are selling like hotcakes. I'm surprised they haven't been bootlegged yet or didn't drop around Christmas.

That said, when I did my research and found out what their purpose is, I was irate as a dragon trying to blow out birthday candles! It's targeted for people, especially children, with autism, ADHD and anxiety.

Now that doesn't mean other people can't buy it, and the inventors and marketers can't get rich from the profits. I'm all for entrepreneurship and business, creating a job and an empire. My problem is it's a low-key method of exploiting the mentally ill and getting rich that way. That's a touch subject for me, especially since myself and others have been affected by mental illness. My mother suffers from anxiety and has panic attacks that bring her down for days. So yeah I'm heated.

I'm more heated that the information is out and the creators and business people behind it aren't giving any proceeds back to mental health foundations. They need help and financial backing, that's the least they could do.

Many have defended them (the same number that obviously do not deal with the same or similar issues) with circular apples/oranges rebuttals. Let me put it for you like this. Suppose you're deaf, and suddenly a once in a lifetime idea comes out that enhances sound everywhere and is like an advanced hearing aid/cure. Folks everywhere, including Apple folks, love it, but the deaf and hard of hearing aren't getting a dime from it. And that's the target audience. Now there's another issue folks.

This isn't the first time in history this has happened and sadly it won't be the last. However, we will continue to have sheep and other followers that bounce at the latest cool thing, even if it is exploiting a condition or a shortcoming. Educate yourself my people.

Or how about those that still aren't getting this: take my mom for a week and make her wait for hours at a place and tell her she can't smoke during that time. Your views may change then..

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

TABLES: Lots of Estrogen

It's been a while since we checked in on Eli. Here's a summary of what's been going on with this young coworker.

He decided to branch out and sit at a table near the rear of the break room near a bunch of ladies, some from the same department they work in, some from another one. He still keeps in touch with the old guys, but he tired of their repetitive whining and negative attitudes.

Eli gets a different vibe at his new table. He has really bonded with another older man, Mr. Moe, a department mate Patricia (who is real and as crazy as they come), and with some other randoms. These various folks realize that it's only a job and they actually talk about other stuff. Imagine that?

Here are some of the things Eli has experienced:

The loud, rude millennial Lala always having her laptop on loudly to Netflix or music, or FaceTiming her daughter. Nice young lady but her cornbread isn't quite done in the middle.

Old cougar Rose Catrina (RC) casually flirting, and even fussing/teasing Eli because one day his butt crack was inadvertently revealing

Being left out of a delicious cake one of the leaders brought by and apparent it was only for a few folks. That was borderline inconsiderate.

The daily attendance or "where is that person" report by Rolanda. It's like why do you care why this or that person is out?

Patricia and Rolanda low key hating on Heather since she's in school to be a paramedic and she's rarely at work due to study and accommodations.

It's definitely a different world for Eli. He even has his eye on a certain gal, and may even try the popular table on a slow day. Time will tell,...

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

When Did The Friend Zone Become Offensive

It was during the 90s that Chris Rock helped coin the phrase "the friend zone." This is basically where a guy tries to holla at a woman, get down and dirty, but she sees him as no more than a good friend. Said guy is then placed in the friend zone, where everything is strictly platonic and he has no perceivable chance of smashing the lady. Cue "Never Gonna Get It" by En Vogue.

This phrase has become big in popular culture and social media. Numerous memes have been created around the friend zone. Yet men and women alike continue to friend zone each other, and then often end up with a mate that treats them like crap, cheats and beats them, etc. You always got the friend though, right?

I was posting about the friend zone on social media recently and man the discussion it brought on, which spawned another discussion. It appears, according to this post in Nerve, that "the friend zone" has become offensive to women, misonynic, and probably should be retired. Here's the link

I read it and here are my thoughts. First, how can a word or phrase be offensive when it refers to both sexes? Second, this was created out of jest by Chris Rock, a comedian. It's not like a psychologist did the study, although there is a lot of truth behind this phrase. And, third, the friend zone actually does have a lot of benefits, making it more myth than phrase. Men and women do grow up and change, and so do their tastes and preferences. Both like to keep certain people in their lives because they are cool to be around. Romantic sparks can and do happen. Now the friend zone is very real, but two grown consenting people can still get together if they so desire.

Basically, there are too many words and phrases that have become offensive and taboo. Let's not allow the friend zone to be one of those. How about we act better towards each other and treat people like human beings and realize that things could always change? I've been to three high school reunions and go to my college Homecoming every year. There are so many people happily together now that nobody would have expected. Let's not allow pop culture to dictate our lives. Social media already does a good enough job of that.

Are you offended by "the friend zone". Do you think only sad and lonely men feed into it?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

13 Reasons, Too Many People Ending Their Own Lives

I have written on suicide before. Now it has become tragically so common and even popular that the news is breaking their unwritten rule and reporting on it more. Also the current #1 series on Netflix is the novel adapted "13 Reasons Why".

All of this also ties into bullying, torment, and of course mental illness. In "13 Reasons", the young lady, Hannah Baker, recorded 13 audio cassettes as to why she had no choice but to end her life. Many of these stories and people mentioned included those from her high school that tormented and harassed her. This obviously isn't a new topic but instead one that needs continued addressing.

Steve Stephens was the Cleveland, OH killer that murdered at least one person while on FB Live, then eventually took his own life after stopping at a McDonald's. It has been implied that mental illness was obviously involved in this whole ordeal. His own mother then succumbed to a heart attack days later.

The day after Stephens took his own life, convicted NFL player Aaron Hernandez hung himself in his prison cell after being acquitted of one of the charges he was already in for, including killing folks execution style. It has since came out that Hernandez had a same sex lover, and murder Greg Odin because he knew about it. Aaron apparently didn't wanna deal with any criticism or ridicule inside bars so he decided to end it.

The reasons are important in each instance, but the big thing is suicide has become too common when things become dire. Someone needs to be more aware of suicidal people and do everything to prevent this. It is up to the person, but often you have to take responsibility when they can't. That is a common theme in these and other suicides, these folks felt as if they were completely out of options.

Now if you or anyone you know feels this way, please call the Suicide Awareness Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Also, use your own support circle. We have to end this madness!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Knicks are Happy, For Now

The 2016-2017 NBA Season wraps up for now. You can argue that no one is happier than the New York Knicks.

They are definitely not playoff bound, are in the upper portion of the draft lottery. They have had more drama than The Young and The Restless and Scandal combined this season.

It started with Phil Jackson calling LeBron James and his teammates "a posse." Derrick Rose is always a big storyline with his nagging injuries, but then he suddenly goes missing and none of the coaches know.  Then Phil has had a season long saga with Carmelo Anthony. Many thought he was be traded but never was. Of course you had the Madison Square Garden scuffle between former player Charles Oakley and the Knicks owner that drew even more media attention than the Knicks already receive. Last but not least Joakim Noah  (who knew where Rose was when he went AWOL) gets suspended for taking banned substances.

The Knicks are a far cry from their 90s Patrick Ewing teams and their two time champion teams of the early 70s. They are an embarrassment on and off the court. You have to be as true of a fan as Spike Lee to still be rolling with them.

The owner and the possible lame duck Phil Jackson have some serious reevaluating to do during the off-season. Bringing in better players and All-Stars is a start. Having players that will play together and fit the offensive and defensive schemes is way better.

The Knicks, like the Lakers and other major market teams, will always have the microscope on them. Despite the saying, not all publicity is good publicity. The Knickerbockers have quite an image to rebuild. They need more of an identity other than losers, troublemakers or drama queens.

They are definitely relieved, for now. However, fans, coaches, players and of course the city of New York.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Take Me To The Well

This was another exciting, suspenseful March Madness, even moreso for the Carolinas. The quaint, upstate city of Greenville, SC finally got to host first and second round games once again at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in downtown. This was the first time in 15 years the Palmetto State was able to do this. The removal of the controversial Confederate Flag from the state capital grounds, coupled with the HB2 bathroom bill from North Carolina, made this all possible.

Duke, North and South Carolina played there and tickets sold out for that Friday and Sunday faster than in any other city. Greenville and "The Well" put on a very first class venue, admist a Confederate Flag supporter from across the way.

"The Well" has grown in popularity over the years. Formerly called the BiLo center, events and concerts are regularly held there. The Harlem Globetrotters, several country music stars such as Luke Bryan and Brad Paisley, and even the late Prince. It's a great venue and an awesome uptown to have these caliber of events.

This didn't matter to the NCAA while the Confederate Flag was flying 100 miles south in Columbia. In 2015, Governor Nikki Haley decided it be removed in the wake of the Charleston 9 mass shooting.

Then last year, HB2 was passed by North Carolina, ruining NCAA events for their entire state as well. The flag was down and HB2 was still in effect so the league decided to give Greenville and The Well another chance.

Hopefully more games will come to Greenville in the future, potentially a preseason NIT.  Yes now HB2 has been repealed in NC. SC should still get more opportunities as well. The Well is an awesome venue but Columbia and Charleston are also good host cities and fine for tourists and fans.

Greenville still has work to do regarding their roads, especially at the 85/385 intersections. They currently have crews working around the clock to improve traffic flow. It's obvious they want more money into their city and a more positive image for the state.

Therefore, take me to "The Well" for any sporting event. I feel confident the NCAA echoes my sediments.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Darius Rucker may be the most notable Gamecock supporter, except for?

The South Carolina Gamecocks men's basketball team have made quite a run in this year's NCAAs, appearing in their first ever Final Four. Not to be discounted, the women's basketball team is making their second appearance in the Final Four. It's definitely a great time to be a Gamecock.

South Carolina has several notable alums and boosters, including George Rogers, Sidney Rice, and Alex English. The one that's in the spotlight the most is Darius Rucker.

This country music star and former lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish has supported the University of South Carolina as well as anyone. He attends nearly every sporting event, especially football, basketball and baseball. He has been with them through the highs and the many lows.  The camera was definitely on him Sunday afternoon as the Gamecocks won in dramatic fashion over SEC rival the University of Florida. He was in dramatic, Crying Jordan meme tears. He is extremely emotional regarding his Gamecocks.

The Gamecocks' success has brought former Gamecock and NBA Hall of Famer Alex English out in the spotlight more. Rucker is used to it, but English has been more low-key. English has been seen in Greenville, SC and New York City, texting all of his friends and other Gamecock alums. He is arguably the best and most notable Gamecock men's basketball player and this success has made him so happy, seeing how he or former coach Frank McGuire never saw the program reach these heights.

The Gamecocks face 1 loss Gonzaga in the Final Four Saturday in Phoenix, AZ. Both English and Rucker are expected to be in attendance at Saturday's game, and possibly Monday's game should the Gamecocks win.

Fans are fans in good and bad times. There has been no bandwagoning with Rucker or English. It would be great to see either, or both basketball programs take it all. Rucker may not have enough tissue or handkerchiefs for all of the tears he will shed.

Both have been equally passionate in their professional careers. Now if more of us could be that passionate about, well, anything. Imagine what you could accomplish.

Maybe this all could spawn a Grammy winning album for Rucker, who is more than an accomplished musician. He, along with English, are definitely  true to their school.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Steph Curry has toughened his regime due to being a target

Yes we're in March Madness and everyone's brackets are busted due to many upsets and mid seedings.

Nine years ago, Golden State Warriors guard and two time reigning MVP Stephen Curry was on a bracket busting Davidson Wildcats team that barely lost to eventual champ Kansas in the 2008 Elite Eight.

It was at that point that he was no longer Dell Curry's son, a former NBA guard himself. He had formed his own legend, which led him to being drafted 6th overall in 2009 by the same Warriors.

Despite criticisms about his ankle, size, and level of competition he faced, I knew Steph was the real deal. I watched him in person for $10 play against Wofford College. He dropped 40 on them that night, making it look easy.

Fast forward to now, 2017. He not only has formed a brand for himself, his team, franchise and even family  (wife, Ayesha and young daughters), he has had to get stronger and tougher.

This began to surface last season in the 2016 NBA Finals, when he was so frustrated with the officiating and his friend off the court LeBron James that he threw his mouthpiece that regularly hangs from his mouth. He was uncharacteristically ejected and fined $25,000. The other night, he and Russell Westbrook traded some shoves and pushes, as Russ is the leading MVP candidate this season and has become a rival for Steph.

Steph went from undersized underdog to NBA superstar with a deadly shot. So yes other teams and players will come at him and taunt him nightly. For the most part he and his teammates have handled it well. Steph has to act out and show the NBA that he will not stand for it, or be unfairly harassed. He is a tough guy, and also has his tweeting wife's support and even his baby sister Sydel, who attended the Spurs game last season in San Antonio and was vocal about her thoughts.

Point being, Steph is more than just a baby faced, slim shooter. He is a star and he is not to be messed with.

Does he deserve passes or special treatment now that is living in a new normal? Of course not. But the NBA had better recognize that Curry is no joke or fluke, and will show hands, arms, and his mouthpiece if necessary.

Also, if his coach, Steve Kerr or commissioner Adam Silver, restrain him, he not only has supportive teammates and family, but huge fans now. He demands respect and will get it.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to Know If You Were Raised in the 90s

Most of you know I was raised in the 90s and therefore I am a 90s fiend. Now there's a difference between being raised in the 90s and being born in the 90s. It's like saying I was raised in the 70s because I was born in 1978.

This post is for both nostalgia and clarification for older and younger folks, especially those that don't need Google to understand everything on this list.

You were raised in the 1990s if:

- You remember exactly what day, time, and network shows such as The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Martin, Seinfeld, Boy Meets World, Beavis and Butthead, Married With Children, and Renegade came on

- You didn't miss TGIF on ABC

- You watched the OJ Simpson trial as if it were American Idol, Scandal, The Walking Dead, or This Is Us

- You know when and where you were when the OJ verdict was announced, Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas, you learned of Susan Smith, Bill Clinton's infidelity, and Tupac and Biggie's murders

- You remembered when actual cartoons came on Saturday mornings

- You had a cordless house phone with the huge antenna

- You remember dial up Internet, Windows 95 and a world without smartphones and social media

- You remember that growing up in the country meant no cable and possibly no satellite since DirecTV and DISH weren't yet around

- You watched at least one of the last Super Bowls the Dallas Cowboys won

- You remember Chris Webber calling that timeout that won the UNC Tarheels the 93 NCAA championship during the Fab 5 era

- You remember watching the Fab 5 of Michigan and wearing black socks because they did

--You remember all of the awesome Michael Jordan moments: the half court slam, the 45 point flu game, him stepping away after his father passed and playing baseball and of course Marv Albert yelling "Jordan for 3!" whenever he shot the ball

- You remember the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series and cheering and crying

- You watched, possibly live in person, the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA

Sunday, March 12, 2017

TABLES: Things are getting old, and it's not just the table

Eli is starting to get fed up with the older guys at the table and their morale. It's like they are always sour, especially Hank and Jeff. Rarely anything positive and complaining about the same stuff everyday.

Hank's a little more proactive, especially involving safety hazards. He's one of those guys that lives to complain. Over time, that's a buzzkill. Jeff seems to whine over the same ole same ole. He is like the kid that gets bullied after school but continues to let it happen instead of doing something about it. No follow through or spine whatsoever.

Then the turning point came: near the election.  Jeff received an unfair punishment that we all knew he would whine and moan about for days on end. Plus the election was ending and that would be another bummer.

Eli doesn't like nor want this in his life. They are all genuinely good guys, but he cannot stomach this bitterness and negativity anymore.

Therefore, it's time to seek out another table. But where?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Really Man?

More poetry for you, very relieving. May be time to do spoken word again.

Really Man?

You're already angry at me
Blocking and discarding my presence hastily
You have so much at stake
What you did last night took the cake
You may say I don't know how to be a friend well look at you!
You don't bail on folks, so we see how you do
Having internal issues doesn't allow you to be a jerk
Get some help if you're about to go berserk
This ain't Remy and Nicki but you seem to want a show
Better go back to Netflix as I complete this flow
Nothing to see here, change the channel
I'm speaking the truth, plain as flannel
You can't handle that, so you shut yourself down
Then betraying that dude, man you're a clown
Well I see you for what you are
Hurt people apparently do hurt people,  so keep yourself afar
It's best for now, until you get the help you need
You still have positive folks, stop being petty and follow their lead!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

TABLES: Really, You Didn't Know That?

Eli has been sitting at the table with the older guys for months now once his work schedule coordinated with theirs. It seems Hank gets easily riled over most trivial matters, but no more than politics. And being an older, Caucasian male, he is overly obsessed with Native Americans as well. Jeff whines about the same things every single day. He keeps saying he's going to do this, that, or the third, but he's been working there since they opened the facility, and hasn't done much. He simply has no follow through.

These two are definitely the headliners of this table and the most vocal, at least at the table. Someone forgot to tell these two middle aged men that it's just a job. They get all worked up, but outside of Hank reporting safety hazards, they don't do much to improve their situations. They are definitely Paul and John, Jordan and Mark, Ralph and Bobby, etc.

Nevertheless, these guys are very clueless regarding the changes made within the company. They often arrive at the last minute and aren't at the morning meetings/stand ups.  Many, especially Hank and Jeff, don't communicate with management much except when something goes wrong or they are reprimanded.

Now Eli is the type to keep up and stay in the know and he hasn't been with the company very long. It's similar to complaining about things in your city and community, but not voting or expressing your voice. Often it seems to Eli that many guys at this table often blow off steam and are full of hot air.

How long of this ranting can Eli take? At first, it was funny, especially when Hank would be angry and red faced. Now it's really getting old and stale like, well, you get the point.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Eli works at a pretty large company. It's so big everyone has to go to lunch at different times. The cafeteria/lunch room/breakroom/canteen is huge and has many tables.

Each table tells a different story. It is broken up by groups of common interests, races, cultures, jobs, religions, age, etc. You have a couple of cool kids tables, some tables with mostly black folks, one with mostly Hispanics, and one where more of the old and nearly retired sit.

Eli somehow found himself at the table with the older fellas. He encountered five interesting personalities. Hank the Crank  (the cranky, crazy one), Jeff  (he's been there way too long and is so disgruntled you wonder how he didn't end up at the Post Office), the Johns, big and little John. Big John is cool but can get paranoid about work. Little John is nearing retirement and is just cold chilling. Terrell is a budding artist who sees the job as a paycheck, nothing more.

However, there are many adventures to come as Eli begins to sit everyday with these five guys, and see that just because they're veterans, doesn't mean they couldn't learn more

Sunday, February 12, 2017

10 Different Types of Coworkers

I am currently in my 22nd year of working for my money legally. I have held several different types of jobs over this time period: labor intensive, food service, customer service, clerical, teaching, and management. The jobs may change and vary but the people aren't all that different. Here are 10 of those exact types.

1. The Seasoned Veteran

This person has been working all of their lives and is closing in on retirement. They take their work seriously but not overboard to the point of undue stress. There's not much they haven't seen and they often reminisce back to the simpler times not only in the workplace but our world.

2. The Know It All

Every job has this person. They have x amount of skills and show it constantly. There's nothing you can't tell them and they are often the most obnoxious workers. They are either management's favorites or the ones that could be close to getting the ax.

3. The Burned Out

This worker has been working at that place way too long. You can see it in their eyes, it shows of pain and depression. The job has literally consumed the life out of them. As terrible as this sounds, this is often their means of mental survival, as well as financial. Should they leave the job, they would barely be able to function.

4. The Hot Shot Newbie

This is the second most hated coworker. They literally just started  (like last week or last month) and they are already getting more attention and notoriety than you ever did. They are constantly in management and HR's face and before you know it, they are in your face, telling you what you did wrong. Ummm, excuse you? But this isn't the worst type of coworker to have,...

5. The Brown Noser

Yep this one is everywhere in all lines of work. They do very little because they kiss up to management or even because they're a family legacy and their parents basically knows and vacations with the owner. If you didn't get that promotion you were seeking or if you're on a crappy job assignment, chances are it's because of The Brown Noser. They are a workplace cancer.

6. The Pseudo Boss

They aren't management or even on that path. But you can't tell them that. They are always trying to tell you how to do your job and where you messed up. It can be stressful already trying to meet workplace expectations. Now you have this person all in your business and space.

7. The Snitch

Not much different from The Brown Noser. Just that they are more cut throat and get cheap thrills from getting others into trouble. I have a friend that has a dirty word for snitches but I won't say it in this piece. In short, they are steadily telling on someone.

8. The Workhorse.

They are there an hour before shift and often stay late voluntarily. They rarely take any types of breaks and have zero time for small talk. It's all business with them. These are the ones that should be promoted but often aren't.

9. Barely There

By this, I mean what it says. They lay out and take vacation, personal,  whatever time they can to be out. They aren't necessarily lazy, they are just hardly ever at work. They work part time hours and get full time benefits. Barely Theres also take these long periods of leave, even if nothing is wrong with them.

10. The By The Book Robots

There are definitely by the book managers. But guess what, many of them started out in this role. They do everything exactly like they should, no shortcuts, no disagreeing even when something is wrong. They are a different version of The Workhorse. They will work odd hours, shifts, etc without any complaint. Shoot they don't complain, they live for the job. You could even call them company people. Point is everything they do is overexemplary and over the top. Either they will soar and be the GM or they may snap. Hard to really hate on a model worker, but these folks often don't know how to relax or to use good judgment. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Musical biopics: going right, wrong and a top 5 of some of the best

This past week, faith has been restored in BET. Those that known me for a while and follow my posts and writings know how I feel about BET. However they did the New Edition story and it was surprisingly a slam dunk. The story was well-written, cast, produced and portrayed. They left out many things, but told a good story and gave older audiences plenty of nostalgia and introduced NE to a newer audience. All of this was accomplished without cooning or making it ghetto. Fine job to the entire network and producers.

Now BET, and other biopic producers, need to realize what can happen when you dedicate the proper time and have the right people around you. You get a quality product that folks will want to view over and over.

Some ingredients in making a good musical biopic are adding little known facts and tidbits about the artist/group that even diehard fans didn't know about. Also, you have to cast quality performers, dancers and actors. Jamie Foxx was perfect for Ray, and Leon seems to be able to play in any musical role (Eddie Kane, David Ruffin, Little Richard). Also, make the movie the right length. Finally give unknown actors a chance and splice in some legends to help out. It also helps to have the proper network if it's on TV and determine if it should be in theaters or not.

That being said, I'm not quite ready to anoint The New Edition Story into my top 5 musical biopics yet. It definitely doesn't top the Five Heartbeats and that was fictional. Here are my top 5 musical biopics.

5. Straight Outta Compton

Despite flaws with the storyline and casting, the overall music, performance and storylines were crisp. Ice Cube's son, O'Shea Jackson Jr., was perfect to play his father. The actor that played Dr. Dre was good as well. It also revealed how intelligent Cube and Dre really are, writing and producing many songs for their group and others (Dre's rep as a producer is undeniable).

4. Walk The Line

Some that don't follow country may see this as a white Ray. However, it was also well cast, showed Johnny Cash's troubles from childhood on. It also showed how it can it be as a musician to marry into a musical family and still strive. Reese Witherspoon definitely earned her role for playing June Carter Cash.

3. Ray

This movie may have honestly been higher outside of the length. It's honestly a classic, containing many of the ingredients listed above. Also, Jamie Foxx put in so much work with Ray Charles before he passed to nail that role. There are things left out and fabricated but it was still a winner and an inspiration.

2. The Jacksons: An American Dream.

My mom and I have watched this so much we have every line memorized. Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs and the gorgeous Angela Bassett played Joe and Kate almost to perfection. Jason Weaver as young Michael was a reach but he pulled it off. A young Terence Howard playing Jackie and Billy Dee Williams as Berry Gordy were definitely winners also. This was part of the blueprint for the New Edition story in my opinion. However you can't forget #1.

1. The Temptations

This has long been a debate at cookouts, family reunions and barbershops which is better: The Five Heartbeats or The Temptations. I give the edge to this movie for the authenticity. It's real and it really dug into the lives of all of the Temptations, especially Otis and David Ruffin. They possessed every successful element necessary for a biopic. There was even enough drama and tragedy for a great story. The movie is long, about 4 hours, but few I know care. It's that type of a show. It also did what the Jackson movie didn't do, went inside the intense quality control process that Motown had. Berry Gordy adopted this from his days with Ford Motors and, well, it appeared to work. He wanted them not only to be the best black group, but the best group period. They crossed over well despite drama and changing group members. Definitely the gold standard for biopics.

So now you the reader may still be consumed with New Edition mania as if Bobby Brown and Ralph just performed in your living room. But keep things in perspective and remember the movies that paved the way.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Now You See Here,...

OK I have seen some heinous and even irrational behavior this weekend. I knew tensions would be high with Trump's inauguration. It seems now people will protest simply to protest. And it's some of the same folks that voted him in.

But I believe the problem extends beyond our newly inaugurated POTUS. It goes to the overall wussification of America, how we are raising our youth.

The younger generations (the millenials and becomers) have been too entitled for too long. Many are dubbing them "snowflakes". Whatever you want to call them, it isn't promising. It starts when you give everyone a trophy or certificate in school for doing nothing, to no longer keeping score in certain sports. Sorry but everyone isn't a winner here.

Then they get to adulthood and have little to no work ethic and then want to complain, whine and protest when they don't get their way. This isn't all of them of course but many are turning out this way.

Many in the religious circle blame prayer for being taken out. I don't because you can pray anywhere in silence. I blame the system and the parents for allowing it to happen. There needs to be a flashback to some harder times. Many of these young people have no appreciation for history and their ancestors, lack the proper guidance and discipline, and are simply jaded.

So let's nip this in the bud and get down to the bottom of the issue. Stop telling these younger people that the world is all peaches and cream. It isn't, plain and simple. It's hard and often mean and unfair. The sooner they learn this, the better they will be as citizens.

I have said this before and here it is again. We don't want the world turning into the movie Idiocracy. It seems like we get closer and closer.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

There Is A Reason

My poetry is back after taking a long sabbatical! I may even do some slams again, and even some tales from a series I have called "Table Tales" . My writing and #imjustdrew stuff has plenty of range.

And here we go,...

There's a Reason

Many wonder why I write and have thoughts, unique and random
My words always form quite a tandem
I take all challenges by storm
Everything ends up taking proper form
There's a reason for all things good and bad
Someone will always be happy or sad
You can't please everyone so don't be mad
I love small towns and their character and class
Big cities have all of the fun but the locals have more sass
Act like they're not made of glass
There is a reason why I love to write
I know fewer ways to put my thoughts and feelings out right
Hope you guys missed my verses
If not, cool, remember I'm the one that has no curses
There is a time and place for everything, and bad words don't fit my style
I put these into a different file
So keep reading and watching on #imjustdrew
I love to impress and shock all of you
It's a rush and release for me
I have good reasons, better intentions and I love being free
Free in my words and speech
Not worrying about a bureaucratic leach
Time to depart for now
So maybe you all will look back and say "WOW"!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Timing Is Everything

Everything happens timely, on a certain set moment. Therefore, it doesn't pay to rush or to try and speed up a process.

It's called a process or growing for a reason. I don't know too many things worth having that manifested overnight.

It's like farming or gardening, this will take a while to do, and harvests at a set time. More people need to understand this.

This instant gratification that many possess goes on over to television and movies. I remember a time where you have to see everything live or you missed it period. No VCR, DVR, or YouTube to catch a replay. Now we have all of these resources and yet folks still want to see programs live. Certain shows, such as sports or important news are understandable. Most things can wait, like movies and shows on Netflix. Yet many feel they have to be the first to watch every episode, every minute.

This weekend forced many folks to put some things aside as the winter weather was horrendous in the South. But of course people were ready to leave ASAP.

Trust me, you're not missing much by floating activities, shows and even events. It's all about what's really important,  not what's trendy or popular. Perhaps we can one day return to this mentality.

Then we could definitely have more time and even money to spare.