Saturday, December 2, 2017

Giving A+ work may depend on who's doing the grading.

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder.  And this doesn't appear to be different with sex.

The four guys from The Good Ole Boys radio show have been discussing A+ work in the bedroom for quite sometime, mostly whether or not every woman deserves it. This past week, they did an entire  show simply dedicated to the concept.

They even did a grading scale (A-F). A is of course when you do everything, or most everything, sexually. B is when you hold back some. You may hold back more on C and not even be as aroused.  D is when you finish too early (think of your very first time). F is when you can't even start, let alone finish. Some call that "shortstopping".

Now here's my perspective.  Every woman definitely doesn't deserve A+ work. One gets to a point where that's only for someone you're really serious with. The random chick at the club shouldn't be getting A+ work. This goes even if you're horny and you really want her sexually.  A+ work comes when you're attracted to them on deeper levels. 

It also goes in the entire dating and getting to sex part. You expect to perform at peak level when you take a woman out on the town, to a fancy restaurant, movies, flowers, the whole nine. Now if you're just hooking up or if it's not that big, then the date won't be that big.  It may be an after hours spot or even a $10 meal at the local chain establishment.

Also, you must realize the woman has a big say in the grading. You may go in thinking you have performed the experience of your life and you brag to the boys.  However the female is like "un huh." She should enjoy it as well.   You also have scenarios where you in with B work at most. However, that's enough to stimulate the lady enough to hit you back up, want to hang out, and even want an encore. It's all in the person's perspective.  People return to the same restaurant although they had a horrible time there once or twice. Therefore fellas, don't think you're turning off a woman because you did B or C work. She may have not had any pleasure in a while or ever. You were thus her A+.

So as we get into the December holidays where it seems more sex and random hookups occur, keep that in mind. Be mindful of who you give your best to, and realize your best isn't always enough. Also, don't think they will forget you just from one bad experience.