Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Time to Express Some Feelings

I realize I haven't gotten deep in a while, although I have been experiencing a wide range of emotions. Rereading/editing my book is bringing all of these full circle.

Therefore, here's a little diddy to put them all in. It's called Rusty.

These past two weeks have me feeling dusty
Hurricanes, drama, heartbreak, flu, dang I'm rusty.
Why don't people move from the coast?
God is trying to tell you something, it's a yearly roast
Also, keep the pettiness far away
Save that drama for another time, another day
When you see me out, we can talk
Don't start playing with a toy you haven't paid for and bought
I'm ready to love, but it wasn't the right one
The search isn't over, she is still out, waiting for her hun
I'm better about getting to know women, letting them know
It will be a classy thing and not a sideshow
To this female, be ready to get treated right
And if someone disrespects you, they in for a fight
Fight, like with this cold
This thing was sneaky and bold
I'm on the mend and can't wait to get back
Editing and resting is the move
I will soon return to my groove

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stand for the cause and still watch the NFL

I love football. A lot. Many of you know that about me if you don't know anything else.

That can, this NFL boycott in lieu of teams not signing Colin Kaepernick had me conflicted until I thought of a few things:

1. He made a courageous statement, 1960s style. But there are certain things in modern America you can't disrespect. Old Glory is one of them (and yes I know he wasn't disrespecting the flag but that's the view in the eyes of many).
2. Also I thought he was gonna retire or opt out, which he did. When you do that, you make it harder to get another job.
3. Key word here people is OPT OUT! The Niners did not release him, he left. He could have still played another season and may have not started but realistically he could have stayed in the league. That's his decision so some of you may want to direct your anger elsewhere.
4. He will get signed, eventually. Roger Goddell clearly doesn't agree with his actions and figures this is both the best way to punish Kap and bring more attention to the league. When you boycott games, ratings actually skyrocket.
5. The contracts for these games have already been negotiated with networks and sponsors years before Kap took that knee. Even if you boycott, it's not really that effective. Sorry not sorry it isn't.

My latest acronym is DBGDG.  I get the cause and it infuriates me even if Kap get opt out. It's a principle thing, and it exposes the league. Many, however, just want to do it to be cool and hip, not because they care about Kap or the NFL's biased policies. DBGBG means Don't Be Good, Be Great. Boycotting can be good. But there's a way to show your frustration about the situation and still watch football: boycott and blacklist the NFL sponsors, which are many. That's being great.

These sponsors include DirecTV, Buffalo Wild Wings, EA Sports, Dannon Yogurt, Doritos (Frito Lay), Verizon Wireless, Papa John's Pizza, and many others. Look them up and you will see. Hit them gradually where it hurts and the NFL will take note. Refusing to watch the greatest sport will do little to no good, let's be real.

Ok now that's how you boycott and blacklist. Trust, I have lifelong experience here.

And if you still hate the NFL, there's always college and high school. Less talent, but more passion.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Just the Facts, Ma'am

There has been so many twisting of facts and thoughts lately, ultimately resulting in lies, drama, protests, boycotts, outrages, etc. Geez Louise why can't folks get their stuff right?

Anyone can make a website or a blog and make the right subject go viral. This is how outlets like TMZ make their living. The Enquirer has did this for decades. We also have fact checking tools now such as Snopes and others to validate statements and headlines. We choose to get all bent out of shape first. But for what?

It reminds me of high school when anyone would believe juicy gossip and the he said/she said. Think about it. One person tells another something, then they tell another. By the time it reaches the 8th and greater person, you may go from a couple of sentences to a paragraph that fast, everyone adding their own spin. I played an activity game like this before.

Having this knowledge in hand, why would you blindly believe any ole thing? Even worse, why would you share questionable articles? All I know is this, you better come correct to me. Reputable facts, articles, the whole nine. I only believe half of what I hear, and less what I see.

Time for all to get correct

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

TABLES: Summer Edition and Lots of Hate

Man the tables have turned, literally.

It's a problem for Eli when his core group at both tables. Plenty of haters and negativity when Patricia and Rolanda are out. Mr. Moe is a stabilizing force, but now RC is starting to hate.

She gets onto Eli for crazy reasons. She supposedly wants him now, and he is trying to change and shape him. She's very blunt, one of those who will tell you like it is, but isn't very positive. Hereby, she's a hater with lots of issues. She needs to go on to the pound and buy a couple of cats. She's the Maneater that Hall and Oates sings of. Too toxic and too much of a bully in the breakroom. Eli definitely considers simply a physical relationship, but nothing more.

Patricia still doesn't care, but now you have the opposite of RC: too sweet and passive Naya. Eli has taken her under his wing and is trying to help her in a chaotic, low morale type environment.

Where will Eli sit next? It seems the wrong women are around him (outside of Patrice and Naya). This other one woman who's the nosy auntie, Brenda, seems to be sweet on him. Brenda is trouble, period. Eli needs to figure stuff out for real.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cater to your mate, it's doable

Ok along with other various issues, the gender roles issue is slowly rising as we enter into cuffing season  (it's a thing people).

You are seeing more and more people refusing to cater to their mates. I'm talking more than being a Stepford from a 50s sitcom staying home all day cooking and cleaning. That can be done and have a career. I have seen it, and if you want it bad enough, it can happen.

This goes for men not helping out, or feeling like they're working too much or not appreciated. I often wonder like the lady from the video that inspired this post "who raised y'all?"  I realize many of you aren't surrounded by folks in good healthy relationships and marriages and that's cool. What isn't cool is to stay stuck in the same rut of doing the bare minimum for your mate, only to see them happy and loving someone else. They brought what you didn't to the table, point blank period.

Relationships are give, take and sacrifice. When you get a good person, especially the right one, it's time to go that extra mile. Take the kids to school or daycare. Cook and clean that night. Make arrangements for date night. Be intimidate with each other more often. Basically, show each other LOVE. You do this, the right one will hang around , trust me.

Ok enough being bitter. Get the one you deserve and keep balance in your life and house!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Larenz Tate, where ya been?

Sometimes we all have to take a break and get away from everyone and everything, especially if you're a celeb. Larenz Tate, similar to Morris Chestnutt, did just this. Many older heads like myself thought he decided just to chill, or was done.

That is, until the last few weeks.

Tate appeared in the summer's #1 comedy Girls Trip as the college friend/love interest, and have a cameo in Power recently. He is still the same actor, looks and talent wise. It's good to see more passionate actors of colors, but Tate should never be forgotten and should get more roles if we wants it.

He was definitely needed when cinema, especially black cinema, was down. Could it be he's back to capitalize on the success and appeal of black cinema? Maybe but can't blame him. He's a blast from the past that realizes there is a market for him now.

I'm obviously a fan, and I like the sexy women who have been his love interest (Nia Long, Vivica, Lela Rochon, Halle, etc, etc).Now can he leave Yvonne Orjii alone? Yeah Insecure's ratings would really sour, especially after Game Of Thrones is done. But c'mon Larenz, you can't have them all.

And finally, thank you for staying off of trash reality TV.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Curving season rolls on

Yes we've heard of cuffing season. But what about the season we know about, casually mention, but haven't put a name on it. Ladies and gentlemen, it's curving season!

This is typically when a woman is dressed nice in a sundress, shorts, a romper, or something to maximize her body type. She then walks around, casually avoiding, ignoring, basically curving guys.

Before anyone thinks this is negative, continue to read.

Often this happens in the summer to early fall months. During this time, even single ladies aren't trying to be bothered with a mate. They just want to enjoy themselves and freely show off their physique in peace. It's not necessarily teasing or thirst trapping.

So yes curving season is in full effect. Shoot I just got curved yesterday.

If you're interested in a female, by all means try to talk to her. Just don't take it personal if she gives you a cold response. She may not be ready just yet. Try again around September or October. That's when another season we know of comes around: cuffing season!