Sunday, November 11, 2018

FANatics: not running scared

I have been on a tear since Thursday. There are many fans that will post on social media nonstop and talk trash when their team wins.  When they lose, they are nowhere to be found. 

I pointed that out and these bitter, angry fans came for me, some saying my team is sorry and that I do the same. What, when? Never!

Look I pull for the Packers, Notre Dame, UNC Tarheels, WU Eagles and Blacksburg Wildcats of course, Atlanta Braves, and the NY Knicks. One thing I do not do is run and hide.

I don't go into a hole or stop posting or talking if I'm already talking. My teams have had ups and downs like others and I'm there for it all.

My past posts and memories and often blog posts support this claim. If you believe otherwise, you haven't been paying close attention. It's ok, I will gladly show you.

So know this, I will ALWAYS ride for my teams, win, lose or draw. No bandwagoning or hiding.

Also I am a fan, NOT a FANatic. I get mad about the loss, not at people that had little to do with the loss. I talk trash and all but I'm not attacking other people because my team didn't win.

FINALLY, not many of us are getting paid by these teams. Therefore be fans, support them but have some restraint and respect.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Taking Your Life Back

Your life may simply be a mess going into the 2019 year. No worries, you can still get it together. You can rebuild physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.  Here are some ways.

1. Take some time for isolation and rest
2. Get in a good workout
3. Call an old friend
4. Watch your favorite show
5. Reach into your bag and get reactivated
6. Plan now for the rest of the year
7. Set goals for each unfinished tasks, including breaking them down into small goals.

Don't worry if things don't work out the first time. They will play out!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

It Really Is About The Journey

Many of you know that I travel often, especially when finances allow. Running has allowed me to to do even more traveling for races.

Last weekend, I traveled to Myrtle Beach for the Myrtle Beach Mini (Half) Marathon. Now as many in the Carolinas know, there are several routes to get to the beach and everyone swears theirs is the best. Many like to take routes to stay on the interstate as long as possible or to avoid small towns where police will nail you for speeding.

Either way, the journey down there is awesome.  You pass through many beautiful parts of the state, cotton fields, the Darlington Motor Speedway, Coastal Carolina University,and several different beautiful parts and memorable roads leading to the coast.

I am starting to see that despite my many travels, some people love going to the beach for that simple nostalgia and peace. I enjoy a good road trip myself and any route to Myrtle Beach is one of the best. Chances are you have traveled it so often you look forward to certain attractions that are upcoming. It puts me in the mind of Clark Griswold from the National Lampoon's Vacation movies. Griswold wanted his family to have the best time and see all the attractions possible. 

My friend Jesef travels a lot also and he follows this philosophy when taking pics along and at his destination. He likes to get signs welcoming you to the state and famous landmarks. He had one of the best eyes I have seen for this sort of thing.

All of this shows that the journey anywhere in life is often the most exciting part.  We should take time as we would on a road trip to sit back, reflect and relax a little more.

Now to look back at some of my own photos and relive some journeys.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Saturday Morning Cartoons/downtown Blacksburg

Ok Saturday morning cartoons died in a similar way that downtown Blacksburg SC did. Gradually from about the early 90s and succumbing to big government, changing audiences and technology among other things. 

One is on the comeback, another could be.

Blacksburg has a new mayor for the first time in 28 years, along with some different council members and new innovative business owners. They have some good short and long term plans to revive downtown. Getting rid of the bats in many of the attics was a huge step. Now more businesses are expected to come soon, including a Mexican restaurant and a motorcycle shop. Then you can build around these and possibly get a bar/grill going, perhaps where Ben's Amusement once was.

These changes will come slowly but can happen with some different faces and determined citizens.

Bringing back Saturday morning cartoons is a little trickier but also doable. You will need to target one or two of the big four local networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX) and showcase one or two fresh cartoons. You stay within government regulations, get more clever, aggressive marketing, and perhaps a company such as Marvel or DC to make this happen. Anime is also an option. Not unlike downtown Blacksburg, there are many options for watching cartoons and getting your feels. However you can slowly make it a landmark day again.

Many networks do it for news, sports, and other entertainment. You set a certain budget, draft a couple of up and coming cartoons, throw in a classic and you can draw a decent audience. The appeal can be so great that you want to watch it live and you want to avoid spoilers on social media.

Both fights will be long and hard but with the right crews and game plans, they can become reality.

Top 15 Cartoon Theme Songs from various eras

Saturday Morning Cartoons are becoming a hot debate, especially given the way in which they evaporated. Theme songs are also. The 80s had the best in my opinion but the 70s also brought some strong ones.

Here's my top 25 of cartoon theme songs from the 80s (with some other eras)

1. GI Joe
2. Ducktales
3. Galaxy High
4. Inspector Gadget
5. Talespin (90s but still)
7. M.A.S.K.
8. KIDD Video
9. Gumbi Bears
10. Muppet Babies
11. Fraggle Rock
12. SilverHawks
13. Scooby Doo
14. Superfriends
15. Flintstones

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Five Notable Homecoming Celebrations

High school and college Homecomings are awesome and one of the best parts about the Fall season. My high school still needs to catch up (beginning of September, really?). My college finally has it together. However, many are just masters of it and make it so epic not only do other classes show up, people that didn't even attend the schools show up and out.


I've been and it lives up to it's name.  Some of you may swap this and the next one. But North Carolina AT&T has stepped up and made this the envy of Homecomings. HBCUs always add special flavor but it appears A&T went after the super hots. I may have to fit in another visit in a year or two.

2. Hampton University. 

Another HBCU, Hampton once had the belt, crown and chain. They are still good, hype and classic. However, like many schools, some of the alums have let A&T take over some. It is still no slouch at #2 as it is in an awesome area where you could plan a Fall vacation around.

3. Gaffney High

Outside of football, you all haven't seen me put Gaffney high on many lists. Well they happen to own high school Homecomings so much that I had to put them ahead of one other notable HBCU Homecoming. I'm telling you, the class reunions and the day assembly is like no other. This tight knit community goes all out when it's Homecoming/reunion time. I'm still a Wildcat for life, but Gaffney has made Homecoming as much of a tradition as they have football.

4. SC State.

State has and will always hold their own in the Homecoming wars. Back when I was a student at WU, many of us would go to their Homecoming since ours was in the Winter and just wasn't that lit then. They have the same elements that the others have: great bands, concerts, a great time, and oooh the women! Many in our area have relatives old and young that attended there that have built quite a tradition to keep up with your alma mater.

5. Da WU!

Yep I can finally put Winthrop University in the upper echelon of school Homecomings. Once alums stepped in, it was game on. And now it's in the Fall where it belongs and class reunions are becoming more of a thing as well. It's no longer about mundane receptions or organizations, just a good three day weekend of fun leading into the Thanksgiving and December holidays. Better get there early or you will be left  behind!

Honorable mention: CIAA, and the Florence County schools ( I see you guys!)

Sunday, September 23, 2018

TV spoilers are definitely not over

Yes there are no shows such as Power, Scandal, Game of Thrones or any big Netflix special on. However spoiler alerts will still be around because some folks feel the urge to post or talk at any given moment. Here are some shows that people still will spoil, many premiering this week. 

1. 911

It actually premieres tonight, 2 hour premiere. Awesome, surprise hit from FOX. The spoiler police have to out just as the real police is, especially with my boo Angela Bassett on it.

2. This is Us.

The show that gives folks a good cry is also full of spoilers as you really don't want to get behind. Guess what, it premieres on Tuesday. If you can't watch it at its scheduled time, you may want to hide the spoil sports.

3. Insecure.

I'm not a fan of HBO's current hit but many are. And it's still spinning off the summer with spoilers everywhere.

4. Empire

Premiering soon at a later time slot, people are really into the drama of it and can't help but have those "OMG" and "Holy Crap" moments.

5. The big reality shows (Big Brother, Survivor, America's Got Talent).

People will continue to watch in awe and have their faves far as who they want to win it all. They may not be so friendly if you notify them that their person is gone. 

Be kind with the spoilers this season. Many still want to find out for themselves what happens.