Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Childish Behavior Towards Childish Gambino

Ever since Donald Glover's newest video went viral and became the newest YouTube watch, people immediately focused on the fact that he's with a Caucasian woman. 

Ok you already know reason #1 why this bothers me. Let's go down the rest.

Now his Childish Gambino character is talented, deep and makes people deep. He is not slamming his own race and saying black women are inferior. What he does in his private life is his own business. These same people who are the "woke police" need to be at Steve Harvey's doorstep. Gambino is genuinely conscious and racially aware.

Also, I'm not cool with excluding anyone based on race. That's where I will get on you myself. This is why I am becoming more of a fan of Gary Owen and less of a fan of Michael Rappaport.  You act as if you're cool with the opposite or same race, but you have an agenda like most others.

People want to hate on Childish Gambino like many others because he made a deep video that made people think. Had he made the usual trash and nonsense, no one would even care and I would not be writing this piece.

Speaking of peace (piece), how about we let this unsung talent have some. He's not fake, unwoke or a coon.  He's deep, talented and loves all people.

How soon we forget what Dr. King died for 50 years ago.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Local Walmart Garden Center Manager and Associate Pastor Proving Once Again It's Never Too Late

This is the time of year where many are graduating from high school and college. More adults are doing so then ever before. The latest to return and accomplish this is Gaffney resident Josh Henderson.

Those that frequent the Gaffney Walmart know his smiling face and awesome personality from the garden center where he has served as manager for years, as well as worked hard for years at this store in other departments.

He is a devout Christian of the Pentacostal faith, currently serving as associate pastor of Victory Life Assembly of God in Cherryville, NC. He is married to Elizabeth Henderson and they have four children.

Henderson appears to have a busy and a full life. However, he dropped out of high school years ago and has made good on his vow to return,  finish earning his required credits and pass the GED exam.

He wanted to go back and get his GED because he has kids who excel in school and he never want them to ask him why he didn’t finish.

Henderson tried several times when adult education was over by Limestone College. He was very inconsistent with it, not giving it much of a chance. Josh had become lazy and immature.

It was very hard balancing work and school. Henderson could only give one hour a day to school, which was his lunch hour. He would go on Wednesday mornings because he was off, but would only hang out for a couple of hours because he wanted to spend time with his family. It never interfered with church. But some days Josh would get so busy at work, it was tough to make it to school.

Now that he's finally overcome those obstacles and passed the test, Henderson feels so accomplished. He shed tears. It was one of the most exciting feelings in the world to know that you put your mind to something and finally achieved it. It’s an exciting feeling that he couldn't wait to tell the world about. Also, Henderson can’t wait to put on that cap and gown.

His next step is taking online classes through Berean School of the Bible. Henderson's goal is to eventually be pastor of his church after the pastor retires, which may be another 10 years. Jobwise, he is perfectly content with what he does. Josh love running the Garden Center at Walmart and the hours are good.

Henderson would like to shout out his best friend Ryan Johnson. Ryan inspired and stayed on me forever to go get my GED. Also, his wife, Elizabeth, has supported him 100 percent and was very encouraging as well.

Henderson will be the graduate speaker at his adult education graduation on Thursday, May 24th at 7:30pm. This will bring his journey full circle.

I think we all need encouragement and support when going after our goals. Josh Henderson had this. He owned his shortcomings and never gave up. Now he will be among the many Cherokee County residents to receive his GED and walk across the stage.

Josh has had a good life and the best is yet to come for this kind, Godly man.

Monday, April 30, 2018

More Event Planning Tips and Such

One of my favorite seasons, cookouts, BBQs, graduation parties, weddings and even book signings and launches are here. Many of us watch television weddings, Inauguraral balls, and parties on reality shows and try and make our events into that. This isn't always necessary. 

Read these new guidelines and you'll see some suggestions upon improving this. 

1. Know your crowd and cater to it.

Many of you are trying to serve Merlot to people that drinks Hennessy and Bud Light.  In other words (this ties into #2), don't go all out unless your crowd wants it or appreciates it. You can leave out the music, extra crafts, frills.

2. Less is more and KISS

Do the basics and then some. But no need to go overboard because you watched a RHOA marathon or spent all evening on Pinterest. Stay within budget and don't make more of something than it is. This could be the man in me speaking, but you have to be resourceful. Know when to utilize certain techniques and tricks.

3. Clearly state the name of the venue and mark it.

In the era of social media, it is easy to omit the name of a venue on the invite and Google Maps and Waze can both be flaky. What I like to do is provide old school directions, pin drops, and clear markers on my location. One little marker, sign or balloon won't get it done. This is where you may want to go all out. You know the crazy car statues? Ok now you get it.

4. Have more than enough refreshments, if applicable, and don't be greedy. 

If you're worried about overconsumption or moochers, have a couple of older people serve the food, and then allow for seconds at an adequate time.

5. Let folks handle their business and don't be rigid on them.

Things and emergencies come up. Let folks handle theirs if they aren't disrespecting you or the event. This isn't church. Again know your event. Many do not require a strict, rigid agenda.

6. Have plenty of parking and be considerate of your neighbors.

I speak of venue often and this includes parking.  You don't want to inconvenience your neighbors so speak with then in the days and weeks leading up to event and work out arrangements. Also, be clear on where your people can and cannot park.

Ok and remember to have fun and that less is really more. Ruby Tuesday's salad bar used to be twice as big as what it is now. Guess what, it's still a key attraction.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Food Trucks: Part I, Aunt B's Hog Wild BBQ

Food trucks have grown in popularity over the years. It's not uncommon to see one near your local Farmer's Market or even random ATM.

Enter Aunt B's Hog Wild BBQ in Blacksburg, SC.

The owner, Bryna Sansing, gets it honest and from a great business man and cook in her father, Tom Sansing. He operated Papa G's off and on for over 20 years, with the help of Bryna and her other two siblings. 

It has had a slow start but since changing locations and weather, business is picking up. They have mostly pulled pork, but they have philly cheesesteaks, chicken cheesesteaks, and their awesome burgers and hot dogs. They have recently added slushies to the menu and have a daily special except on Saturdays.

They are open Monday-Friday 11am-5pm and on Saturdays 11am-2pm, weather permitting next to the ice machine on Hwy 29 in Blacksburg.

If you want good food around lunchtime and after the kids are out of school, stop on by. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cardi B is hotter than fish grease but

New artist Cardi B has her 2nd album out and it has been doing gangbusters. She is starting the summer music season early.

Like it or not, she is the hot new artist out there, not necessarily the hot artist. People love her, especially black women. In the tradition of hip hop and female musicians. she has her woman power anthems and lyrics that many women have been playing on repeat. She is that gal!

I don't club anymore but I could already pick out at least 3 club bangers off the albums. You will hear them at clubs and cookouts for months. If you're doing FB Live, just be sure to include the statement "I do not own the rights to this music."

People will hate on Cardi and say she's the latest in a line with Nicki, Lil Kim and Foxy. Either way, she has a nice style and flow and is easy on the eyes. Yes there are other talented rappers out there that need attention also. She just happens to have the X factor.

Now Beyonce' does not ever want to be outdone, not even by her own husband. She along with Destiny's Child, opened for Cochella last night. Bey of course destroyed the scene. She has a tour upcoming but she has the world on notice that she runs this stuff. Cardi is still new but Bey has been around for a while and doesn't plan on standing still in her late 30s.

Okay let's simply enjoy good music and stop with all of the nonsense on who deserves this and who is the best. Can we all just perform in harmony?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Crime and Dirty Water

Crime is everywhere, in every city.  Some, big and small, definitely have it worse.

Now throw in the element of dirty water, or no water (think Flint, MI) and you have something very interesting. 

I made a joke recently that this would be a good special: Crime and Dirty Water. It seems many cities seem to struggle here.

Besides Flint, some with such problems are Gaffney, SC, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Myrtle Beach, SC, East St Louis, Oakland, and many others. 

It honestly doesn't seem to be a big enough problem like gun control, school shootings, or police brutality.  Have you ever thought its because of two other simple problems?

People don't usually get to the story behind the story, or to the underbelly of a crime or such.

Perhaps now I can make something happen on a smaller scale since HBO and Netflix have danced around this but haven't gotten to the beef of it all.

Stay tuned,..

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Who doesn't love a great story?

I know people that hate reading and writing, wouldn't come on any of my blogs or even bother to read my book.  But give them a good story, they are all ears.

Why is that now?

It could stem back to childhood story time, or tug at some heartstrings. If you like what you hear or how it sounds, you will tune in.

Many of us could spend our time doing a variety of different things.  But if we see a good story going on in a world of hate and negativity, that's hard to ignore. 

Speaking of hate, you may hate the characters but love the content and theme. That's possible. 

A good story can actually bring folks together, reunite families, kill rivalries, and ensue peace.

The NCAA tourney each year is always filled with these feel good stories. Plenty of books are also. I try to include some as well, and plan on more for book #2.

People loved Black Panther not just because it highlighted more African Americans, it told a great and powerful story and script. You draw people into that, they will come back over and over again. 

So what is your feel good story, even one to share?