Sunday, January 22, 2017

Now You See Here,...

OK I have seen some heinous and even irrational behavior this weekend. I knew tensions would be high with Trump's inauguration. It seems now people will protest simply to protest. And it's some of the same folks that voted him in.

But I believe the problem extends beyond our newly inaugurated POTUS. It goes to the overall wussification of America, how we are raising our youth.

The younger generations (the millenials and becomers) have been too entitled for too long. Many are dubbing them "snowflakes". Whatever you want to call them, it isn't promising. It starts when you give everyone a trophy or certificate in school for doing nothing, to no longer keeping score in certain sports. Sorry but everyone isn't a winner here.

Then they get to adulthood and have little to no work ethic and then want to complain, whine and protest when they don't get their way. This isn't all of them of course but many are turning out this way.

Many in the religious circle blame prayer for being taken out. I don't because you can pray anywhere in silence. I blame the system and the parents for allowing it to happen. There needs to be a flashback to some harder times. Many of these young people have no appreciation for history and their ancestors, lack the proper guidance and discipline, and are simply jaded.

So let's nip this in the bud and get down to the bottom of the issue. Stop telling these younger people that the world is all peaches and cream. It isn't, plain and simple. It's hard and often mean and unfair. The sooner they learn this, the better they will be as citizens.

I have said this before and here it is again. We don't want the world turning into the movie Idiocracy. It seems like we get closer and closer.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

There Is A Reason

My poetry is back after taking a long sabbatical! I may even do some slams again, and even some tales from a series I have called "Table Tales" . My writing and #imjustdrew stuff has plenty of range.

And here we go,...

There's a Reason

Many wonder why I write and have thoughts, unique and random
My words always form quite a tandem
I take all challenges by storm
Everything ends up taking proper form
There's a reason for all things good and bad
Someone will always be happy or sad
You can't please everyone so don't be mad
I love small towns and their character and class
Big cities have all of the fun but the locals have more sass
Act like they're not made of glass
There is a reason why I love to write
I know fewer ways to put my thoughts and feelings out right
Hope you guys missed my verses
If not, cool, remember I'm the one that has no curses
There is a time and place for everything, and bad words don't fit my style
I put these into a different file
So keep reading and watching on #imjustdrew
I love to impress and shock all of you
It's a rush and release for me
I have good reasons, better intentions and I love being free
Free in my words and speech
Not worrying about a bureaucratic leach
Time to depart for now
So maybe you all will look back and say "WOW"!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Timing Is Everything

Everything happens timely, on a certain set moment. Therefore, it doesn't pay to rush or to try and speed up a process.

It's called a process or growing for a reason. I don't know too many things worth having that manifested overnight.

It's like farming or gardening, this will take a while to do, and harvests at a set time. More people need to understand this.

This instant gratification that many possess goes on over to television and movies. I remember a time where you have to see everything live or you missed it period. No VCR, DVR, or YouTube to catch a replay. Now we have all of these resources and yet folks still want to see programs live. Certain shows, such as sports or important news are understandable. Most things can wait, like movies and shows on Netflix. Yet many feel they have to be the first to watch every episode, every minute.

This weekend forced many folks to put some things aside as the winter weather was horrendous in the South. But of course people were ready to leave ASAP.

Trust me, you're not missing much by floating activities, shows and even events. It's all about what's really important,  not what's trendy or popular. Perhaps we can one day return to this mentality.

Then we could definitely have more time and even money to spare.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Lord's Kitchen: Helping and Serving The Community Through Food

Some don't have much to call their own. Not much money, they rent or stay with someone instead of owning a home.  They don't go on vacation or have fancy luxuries. They can't even afford a decent meal due to limited resources.

The Lord's Kitchen was founded for reasons such as this: to ensure that anyone in need of a hot meal can at least get that.

This new volunteer service was founded in May of 2016 primarily through Connie Adams and Cathy Lipsey. Cathy and her sister Judy decided to do something charitable and prepare 17 meals for some people in need in the Cherokee/Western York County area. Present day, this service, once started out of these ladies homes and at Smyrna Baptist Church, has now moved to the cafeteria behind the old Hickory Grove High School in nearby Hickory Grove, 1025 Wilkerson Street. They now average 12 volunteers every Monday and Thursday, and delivered a record number of 188 meals one Thursday. They average well over 200 meals prepared and delivered per week.

The Lord's Kitchen cooks out of this cafeteria in Hickory Grove, delivers meals to people in need from Clover and on into Gaffney and in between. So far no request has been denied. They are simply trying to help those in need, and often a good hot meal makes a world of difference.

These folks do several fundraisers to raise money to buy the food. Their biggest fundraiser is their monthly dinner on the second Sunday of the month at Smyrna Baptist Church. It is a full buffet meal. $7 for take out or eat in. Other fundraisers, such as hot dog sales in Hickory Grove on Wednesdays have also helped. This Saturday, December 3rd, in Hickory Grove during the Christmas parade is a huge fundraiser. It will be in the cafeteria from 10am-5pm. Jewelry, jellies, country cooking and other goodies will be available to help raise money and awareness about the program.

The Lord's Kitchen is on Facebook, and they are always in need of volunteers and money, or whatever you can do to help. This can be letting them know anyone in the area in need of a meal. No questions are asked, except for an address and phone number.  See the FB page for further information or to become a part. They can be also reached at (803) 627-9910.  It will be very rewarding, for both parties involved!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Five Reasons Why Trump Is Now President-Elect

Now let me start by staying I'm very unbiased. I didn't vote nor support now President-elect Donald Trump in his campaign. Now, however, I will stand behind the good choices he will potentially make. Here's hoping.

Many people were shocked and upset early Wednesday when Hillary Clinton fell short of the presidency. I was shocked but not upset as I was not in favor of either one.

OK now I have broken down how Trump pulled off this dramatic win.

1. He won the key swing states he needed. If you get Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania, and carry your usual states in the Electoral College, you win the required 270 votes to nab the presidency. Although we nearly had another recount, Trump swept the swing states and was only in danger of losing Penn.

2. America seemed ready for a change. This election showed not only how much hated Hillary is, but also Obama. They looked at the flaws of both and wanted something different. Hillary's political resume is deep, Trump's is bare. People have been wanting a business mind in the Oval and now they have it.

3. There is an urban game called "playing the dozens" basically being able to talk shop and trash with your opponent and connect with the people. Trump may not be political, was rude during debates, and openly harrassed women. However, he has a connection with people, even those  he was thought to hate. Hillary seems to talk over people's heads, isn't trustworthy,and simply talks at folks and not too them. You have to connect to the people, and Trump managed to do that.

4. The country still isn't quite ready for a female president. We just had a black president. I believe eventually we will have a woman president. Hillary set the table for that female to come to the forefront.

5. Voter turnout was at an all time low. Due to the fact that both candidates were deemed unworthy, Gary Johnston and other minor candidates and write ins got votes that may have helped Hillary. Point blank, if you don't come together for the candidate you want, you may be disappointed.

OK there's my piece. No need to be disappointed if you don't like Trump. Just live and learn and remember things do work out. Continue to vote and become better students of history, especially government and past presidents.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 Road Race Summary

The NYC Marathon was today, and several other unsung races. Many are continuing their running season, while mine has ended for 2016. It was an awesome one with four half marathons and my first full. The connections, memories and fun and I had was indescribable. I ran seven races this year and plan to run around the same number next year as I plan to run an ultramarathon in 2018 and attempt to state chase (run a half or full in all 50 states). Here's my race rundown.

1. BB&T Corporate Cup

I chose this half in preparation for my first full marathon. It was a very cold race but very well conducted. The route went through the heart of downtown Charlotte, even through Queens College. There was a good balance of flat and inclines to keep one challenged. Layer well as the race is in early March and it's still winter. Also, register early if you plan to run. The price climbs to nearly $100 close to race day. The medal was traditional but heavy and nice.

2. Kings Mountain Marathon

Yes it's the marathon your mother warned you about! Very challenging, hilly (approximately 44 in all), and hot towards the end. It's in the Kings Mountain National Military Park, so you're technically running in both North and South Carolina in this course. I wouldn't recommend the full for just any runner. I chose it because of the proximity from my home, and I run hills and trails, which KM has both. It's a rural course as well, with awesome scenery and great participation every year. I didn't leave my home for two days, was sore for five and lost three toenails. The medal is like a hologram, showcasing the elevation of the course  The price is $80 for the full but you get your money's worth!

3. South Carolina Peach Festival 10K.

I have found that after a while, everyone has their favorite race, and/or that race they run yearly. For me, it's this race. It was my very first race, and it's like a summer tradition for me. It begins on the campus of Limestone College in Gaffney, SC,  and you loop through the eastern side of Gaffney back to the college. The first mile is pretty much uphill, and there are other hills and inclines, including a sneaky one at around mile 4.6. It's a good challenge but it's a very hot and humid race. I PRed in 2015 but was 3 minutes below that mostly on heat. There is no medal, only a pink ribbon. Their race package bag may be one of the best I've seen though.

4. Ride and Run Half at Paramount's Carowinds

Another fun but humid race held on 9/11. The medal was awesome, with an image of Charlie Brown riding The Fury. The course loops you through the park twice, and is good to PR on. The perks are nice as it's a Sunday race, but you receive access to the showers post race and access to the park all weekend!

5. Hustle For The Muscle 5K: Race for Dawk

This 5K was in Blacksburg, SC, basically near the schools. The purpose was to raise money for ALS victim Shon Dawkins, who incidentally passed away the weekend following. It was held on Homecoming weekend in Blacksburg. The course was decent for a 5K, only one major hill and an incline. It was the first race that I won my gender group in. I received a free month to 9 Rounds, which I am currently using.

6. Volition America Half.

The following weekend, I ran this half in the midst of Hurricane Matthew in Lake Norman, NC. Ironically, this race was canceled from 2015 due to Hurricane Jocquin, so all of the 2015 registrants got to participate in 2016. Now in my defense, the hurricane wasn't supposed to heavily affect that area. But tornadoes from this storm caused a great, flat, scenic course to be muggy and rainy near the last 6 miles. Under good conditions, it's normally a good race to PR and prepare for Fall marathons. The medal was nice also with the Volition emblem. The post race refreshments were awesome with several juices and even Marco's Pizza!

7. Charlotte Runway 5K.

This 5K was on the airport of Charlotte Douglas International Airport and another fun, flat course that's good for a PR, which I received. The price was unbeatable also, $10 for early registration. It  was on Halloween weekend and was unusually hot by the end. Nevertheless, awesome race to end an awesome racing season.

Now I'm prepping for 2017 as I hope to get two different states in!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Characters That Have Nearly Ruined Sitcoms Near The End

Many sitcoms that are nearing the end of their shelf life pull out the stops to stay relevant and keep their ratings steady. The latest travesty I have witnessed Greer Grammer (April) on my fave sitcom The Middle. She is playing Axl's new girlfriend. Fans of this show would agree she falls in that line. Here are some others you may have known and/or forgotten.

1. Howard Sprague and Ken Berry on The Andy Griffith Show

Ken Berry of course went on to have an outstanding career as Vint on Mama's Family. Before that, he was a lackluster replacement for Andy and Barney. And Howard was just plain lackluster.

2. Cousin Pam

Many fans of The Cosby Show remember Cousin Pam (Erika Alexander) and even her annoying friend (Karen Malina White). Thank God people don't judge Alexander's career based on Cousin Pam.

3. 3J

Family Matters ran through characters, networks and Harriets. The show stayed focused around Steve Urkel but bringing on 3J full time did nothing to make the show sizzle and pop. It simply fizzed.

4. Youngest siblings

This was tried quite a few times. Andrew in Family Times, Seven on Married With Children, and Nicky on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. These kids aren't as cute when people have basically stopped tuning in.

5. Danny

Giving Mr.Drummond a red headed stepchild and someone smaller than the now smaller Arnold was also pointless and forgettable.

6. Oliver from The Brady Bunch

7. Randy from That 70s Show

8. D-Money (Ray J ) on Moesha

9. Keith on Good Times

10. Jefferson on Happy Days

Please if you're producing a sitcom, go peacefully into the night. Stop adding these characters out of desperation. It rarely works.