Sunday, January 28, 2018

Avoiding this new flu

Ok if you haven't been sick yet in 2018, consider yourself blessed.

I got a touch of it over the weekend while selling my newest book and dealing with lots of cash.  Fortunately, I believe I am good for now.

However, here are some tips on staying healthy.

1.Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.

This goes for being in public to eating. Keep sanitizer handy, and wash your hands as much as possible.  Do half (church) hugs whenever possible, and a lot of fist bumps. 

2. Take medicine that you're allowed to, and go next level.

Tussin, Nyquil, and all of that is good, including antibiotics. But go organic whenever you can. This includes rock and rye and even moonshine.  Don't believe me, try it! Blend some honey and lemons and you will stay healthy.

3. Don't go out, workout, or anywhere to spread germs.

In short, lower your activity level if you feel you're coming down with something. Do everything you can not to get worse or spread germs.

4. Wear masks, gloves and extra layers as weather changes.

5. Get plenty of rest and drink fluids such as juice, ginger ale, and water.

Keep yourself healthy. Also, unless you're really sick, go to urgent care instead of the ER. Emergency rooms are piling up at record levels.  If you can, save those for the folks that need them the most.

Also, get well and stay this way!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Tom Brady isn't the GOAT now or maybe ever

Ok just like with the Jordan talk every spring, we now have Tom Brady thrust atop the elite of NFL QBs.  Don't you just love how people have such a short memory?

First of all, Tom Brady is an excellent NFL QB, has overachiever in every area. But he is not the GOAT, and may never be.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Yes he has 5 rings.  But at least two of those rings came under scrutiny and scandal. Tuck rule, Deflategate.  He served a four game regular season suspension. Basically you can dismiss the ring argument. He has basically 3 rings that are legit.

2. You have to consider each player's situation. In the era of the salary cap, concussion protocols and early retirements, Brady has thrived. He has a coach and an owner who makes sure he's paid well, doesn't get hit often or all, and that the refs sway calls his way. He got calls in a blowout win against the Titans that he didn't need.

3. He has to bring his team back so much. Yes Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and those had better defenses. Heck they actually played defense back then. But they didn't allow their teams to get down so much. Brady is older but just because you play the game as long as Nolan Ryan or Satchel Page doesn't give you the GOAT title either.  The intangibles do and these comebacks don't make him John Elway or the greatest.

4. He couldn't play with any other coach, system or era. Put him in the 70s and 80s where he would really get drilled and you may not see the same QB.

5. He hasn't proven he can win consistently without blown calls, his coach, and a stable organization.  He gets away with having less than stellar talent due to all of that.  Put him on another squad or situation and he may not be the same.

You all need to study the greats, instead of what you see, before anointing Brady as the GOAT. Facts are facts and everything should be earned NOT given.

Let's see him beat these hungry Eagles without having to rely on all that. Then maybe we can talk.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Just Glad To Be In The Building

This is a day and weekend that we honor a man who wanted and fought for equal rights for all. Strangely enough, his dream is still unfulfilled. 

He did get minorities into the room though and that has helped matters greatly. 

Sometimes you have to see where you are and enjoy it before moving on to the next destination. Embrace it, it's good to be where you are.

Many people like to complain of not getting invited to a party or dinner. Now if it's super exclusive or you're not that close to those people, you shouldn't be angry. Sometimes you just have to be grateful for where and who invites you out.

Again, it's just good to be in the room.

Only 4 NFL teams remain now with the Super Bowl 3 weeks away. Will the Pats get #6? Will the Vikings be the first NFL team to play for the Super Bowl in their home dome?

Either way, it's good to just be in the room still, as these four teams are.

You have a job, a car, money in the bank and clothes on your back. You are definitely still in the room, although it might not be where you want it to be. 

Your 2018 goals still can come true. Did you fail at your first of year fast? Try again. Make new friends if the current ones aren't compatible.  It's ok to not make it the first try.

You're still in the room, right?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Addiction: it's real and it's terrible

We start off this and each New Year with optimism, joy, and hope. Many set goals short and long term.

Addiction, in any form, can be dangerous. Whether be drugs, food, or even crafting (and I like crafting), everything should be in moderation.

If you want to lose weight, start by eating less and better. If you want to save money, spend less. You may need assistance and guidance to form better habits and behaviors.

It takes 21 days to change and create a habit so be patient. Utilize every resource in your arsenal.

You can beat any addiction, big or small. Don't be afraid to ask for help or seek out a professional. RISE above it and become the change in your life!

This way, all of your New Year's goals and dreams can come true, and you can be clean of all addiction..