Sunday, October 29, 2017

For Her

This is a combo of prose and poetry, thinking of that special one, even if we're only friends because she's taken. Don't worry, I don't steal girlfriends, I'm only a lover.


I can't stop thinking of you
Your face, smile and eyes too
They're in my mind
You're always too kind
The type of lady to be by my side
Can chill like a homie, just sit back and ride
Not trying to make this a classic piece
Just showing feelings, that's what I have, like a lease
I wanna buy, what's the down payment
I run to you so hard I tear up the pavement
You are my dear, my heart, didn't know I could feel this way
This is like the movies, I hope it ends like a warm summer day
I just wanna chill like Musiq, we can be cool
Nothing required on your end, I won't even drool
You can be a homie, lover, girlfriend, whatever
Please stay in my life, don't go
I'll fall back, we'll let things happen
History won't repeat itself, I won't swear you.
My friends are tired of seeing my face and hearing my voice
Maybe I should talk to you more
What's next? Let's check the calendar
Be prepared for questions, I just wanna be ya homie, I'm good at it, I promise.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Uber/Lyft from my perspective

After having to buy a new car and always in need of good side money, I decided back in the Spring of this year to give Uber and Lyft a try. It has honestly been up and down. I have to travel mostly to Greenville to get rides and requests  (pings). I have picked up some good tips and really been able to make some grown folks money some nights. Here are some of my quick tips.

1. Drive at times where you are in most demand and traffic is the heaviest, while parking is scarce. These include Friday and Saturday nights when the bars and clubs close, holidays, early morning and late evening rush hour, and huge events  (see #2). You want to maximize the most of your driving and not just sit around for hours with maybe one or two requests.

2. I cannot stress the importance of doing big events and days. These include college and pro sporting events, festivals and community events, concerts, and anything that draws a crowd to a small place.

3. Have a game plan in place for each time you drive. Arrive early and plan on late pings. Timing is everything and you want to be online the minute the surge in Uber is red or when you can hit your max on Lyft. Following YouTube tutorials, blogs and podcasts from folks such as Harry Campbell  (the Rideshare Guy) and UberMan can really increase your earnings and minimize your miles and drive time.

4. Record any and all mileage using one of the many apps available and/or by hand. Also, keep receipts of everytime you gas up, any purchases you make regarding your trips or for the business (this includes car detailing, your meal while you drive). This can help get you a good tax cut in February.

5. Don't camp out all day at the airport. This is a common mistake by rookies. If you want a couple of quick airport pickups, camp out close to the airport (not in their parking) so you don't get into their queue. Don't think it works. I actually got an airport ping last night from 10 miles out when the queue was empty. Therefore, focus your time elsewhere.

6. In your game planning, know your area well. This includes which streets are blocked off and harder to travel. The better you can get around your city, the faster you can pickup and drop off.  Drive in the city on slow times to learn it before you test it at peak times.

7. Have snacks, drinks and even gum for your passengers and you. Yes you. You may be in the car for a couple of hours straight and get a quick dry mouth and empty stomach from talking and such. Stay hydrated and focused.

Well the holiday season is upon us and I look forward to driving more. Use my code if you wanna drive also ANDREWL27734UI on Uber and ANDREW24287 on Lyft. I highly recommend it!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

2017 miles: WOW!

It still hasn't kicked in.

Many of you know by now that I am an active runner. I am training for 3 huge upcoming races currently. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to set a goal to run/walk at least 1,000 miles. Then a challenge came up to do 2,017 miles in 12 months.

Now I do run but I also do other physical activities so I didn't know how possible even a thousand would be. That is until I did the math for 365 days. I knew especially once I got into my marathon training, 2017 and more was realistic. So I bought a $12 pedometer and went to work.

I not only record my runs, but my walks and steps and convert them into miles. I work for Amazon, which entails a lot of walking just being in there for 40 hours/week. I also do a lot of walking outside of work and fitness and yardwork. Add all of that up and some weeks I was logging 60-70 miles of running and walking. I checked and they will allow either one.

I wanted to do it right and keep myself tight. However stress and an off diet added some fluff in areas I didn't want. But I am getting that under control and adding more activities to mix all of that up. Either way I have achieved 2,017 miles for the year and I haven't even ran my final two races left.

These are many people to thank, including God of course. I am not going to name everyone as I don't want to omit anyone. I simply want to thank all that were part of the journey and process. Whether you walked and ran some with me, or you cheered me on, every one of you mattered and helped me. Thanks to all!

I love victories like this. The ultimate victories are completing runs, walks and races at my goal pace, and staying fit and healthy. I always feel I am closer to this.

Until then, I await my medals for both 1,000 and 2,017. They will go nicely with my overall collection of bling.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Now This Is How You Boycott

Ok now folks are starting to get the message on how to effectively boycott. Perhaps even too much.

Dove soap made a huge misstep in their misguided racist ad. It has several people of color wanting to blacklist the famous soap and its products.

This is hitting them where it hurts: the pockets. People don't buy Dove or if they can't appeal to a large demographic, they're in trouble, period. This is boycotting and protesting with more action and greater meaning.

People are doing to same to ESPN in the wake of the Jemele Hill suspension. Now she may have truth to what she is saying. However she has been warned once before and now is paying the price. She is putting ESPN on notice as being hypocritical and overly political and biased. However, she is smearing her own career. Think if we just carried on any type of way on social media regarding specific topics. We would also be fired or suspended. I remember that being a topic of discussion during orientation of my current job.

I have been boycotting and blacklisting causes, products and businesses for years. Add my former doctors office to that list. I needed to get records faxed and had to stop by and sign for them, thinking it was going to be that day (sending a fax doesn't take long at all). I received a phone call from a rude receptionist saying it would be a week since they have a specific person that only deals with that once/week. After her and I went back and forth for about 5 minutes , I ask to speak to her manager. She hangs on me. Yep, that's right. I was hotter than a bottle rocket in July. I gave myself a while to cool down, then called back and asked for the manager. She was very apologetic and assured me they would fax the records soon. Come to find out, they faxed them that same day. Not only were they rude, but they lied and were lazy. I was already done with the doctor, I am trying to get done with the office. I pray I don't need to return there.

Now here's the next thing: how long will folks boycott the NFL, Dove Soap, ESPN, etc. People still eat at Wild Wings, Denny's and Cracker Barrell and wear Adidas sneakers. There seems to be a shelf life on the hurt and anger.

Either way, continue to blacklist and boycott with purpose.