Sunday, November 25, 2018

That caffeine though

When I'm off for a few days but still have plans, I realize how draggy and groggy I get. I used to think it was because I often sleep more.

Then I realized it is the caffeine!

Now I haven't been drinking coffee that heavily except over the last few years. I can go flavored or straight black. But I have to have Uganda or DeathWish, it must be heavy.

When I don't get or have it, it's a different ballgame for me, that it took me months to notice.

As I rebuild my overall system and regimen, I now know. I have heard the tales but I didn't realize I was drinking that much expresso. It catches up to you kind of like anything else. I also notice when a crash may hit me.

I try to utilize more organic energy so I'm not reliant on coffee. Many in this era are, as well as well as a lot of regular sugar, which isn't good. I consume primarily cane sugar, which gives you the kick, but reserves the crash.

So remember to monitor what you're placing into your body daily. When something is off, you definitely know.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

FANatics: not running scared

I have been on a tear since Thursday. There are many fans that will post on social media nonstop and talk trash when their team wins.  When they lose, they are nowhere to be found. 

I pointed that out and these bitter, angry fans came for me, some saying my team is sorry and that I do the same. What, when? Never!

Look I pull for the Packers, Notre Dame, UNC Tarheels, WU Eagles and Blacksburg Wildcats of course, Atlanta Braves, and the NY Knicks. One thing I do not do is run and hide.

I don't go into a hole or stop posting or talking if I'm already talking. My teams have had ups and downs like others and I'm there for it all.

My past posts and memories and often blog posts support this claim. If you believe otherwise, you haven't been paying close attention. It's ok, I will gladly show you.

So know this, I will ALWAYS ride for my teams, win, lose or draw. No bandwagoning or hiding.

Also I am a fan, NOT a FANatic. I get mad about the loss, not at people that had little to do with the loss. I talk trash and all but I'm not attacking other people because my team didn't win.

FINALLY, not many of us are getting paid by these teams. Therefore be fans, support them but have some restraint and respect.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Taking Your Life Back

Your life may simply be a mess going into the 2019 year. No worries, you can still get it together. You can rebuild physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.  Here are some ways.

1. Take some time for isolation and rest
2. Get in a good workout
3. Call an old friend
4. Watch your favorite show
5. Reach into your bag and get reactivated
6. Plan now for the rest of the year
7. Set goals for each unfinished tasks, including breaking them down into small goals.

Don't worry if things don't work out the first time. They will play out!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

It Really Is About The Journey

Many of you know that I travel often, especially when finances allow. Running has allowed me to to do even more traveling for races.

Last weekend, I traveled to Myrtle Beach for the Myrtle Beach Mini (Half) Marathon. Now as many in the Carolinas know, there are several routes to get to the beach and everyone swears theirs is the best. Many like to take routes to stay on the interstate as long as possible or to avoid small towns where police will nail you for speeding.

Either way, the journey down there is awesome.  You pass through many beautiful parts of the state, cotton fields, the Darlington Motor Speedway, Coastal Carolina University,and several different beautiful parts and memorable roads leading to the coast.

I am starting to see that despite my many travels, some people love going to the beach for that simple nostalgia and peace. I enjoy a good road trip myself and any route to Myrtle Beach is one of the best. Chances are you have traveled it so often you look forward to certain attractions that are upcoming. It puts me in the mind of Clark Griswold from the National Lampoon's Vacation movies. Griswold wanted his family to have the best time and see all the attractions possible. 

My friend Jesef travels a lot also and he follows this philosophy when taking pics along and at his destination. He likes to get signs welcoming you to the state and famous landmarks. He had one of the best eyes I have seen for this sort of thing.

All of this shows that the journey anywhere in life is often the most exciting part.  We should take time as we would on a road trip to sit back, reflect and relax a little more.

Now to look back at some of my own photos and relive some journeys.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Saturday Morning Cartoons/downtown Blacksburg

Ok Saturday morning cartoons died in a similar way that downtown Blacksburg SC did. Gradually from about the early 90s and succumbing to big government, changing audiences and technology among other things. 

One is on the comeback, another could be.

Blacksburg has a new mayor for the first time in 28 years, along with some different council members and new innovative business owners. They have some good short and long term plans to revive downtown. Getting rid of the bats in many of the attics was a huge step. Now more businesses are expected to come soon, including a Mexican restaurant and a motorcycle shop. Then you can build around these and possibly get a bar/grill going, perhaps where Ben's Amusement once was.

These changes will come slowly but can happen with some different faces and determined citizens.

Bringing back Saturday morning cartoons is a little trickier but also doable. You will need to target one or two of the big four local networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX) and showcase one or two fresh cartoons. You stay within government regulations, get more clever, aggressive marketing, and perhaps a company such as Marvel or DC to make this happen. Anime is also an option. Not unlike downtown Blacksburg, there are many options for watching cartoons and getting your feels. However you can slowly make it a landmark day again.

Many networks do it for news, sports, and other entertainment. You set a certain budget, draft a couple of up and coming cartoons, throw in a classic and you can draw a decent audience. The appeal can be so great that you want to watch it live and you want to avoid spoilers on social media.

Both fights will be long and hard but with the right crews and game plans, they can become reality.

Top 15 Cartoon Theme Songs from various eras

Saturday Morning Cartoons are becoming a hot debate, especially given the way in which they evaporated. Theme songs are also. The 80s had the best in my opinion but the 70s also brought some strong ones.

Here's my top 25 of cartoon theme songs from the 80s (with some other eras)

1. GI Joe
2. Ducktales
3. Galaxy High
4. Inspector Gadget
5. Talespin (90s but still)
7. M.A.S.K.
8. KIDD Video
9. Gumbi Bears
10. Muppet Babies
11. Fraggle Rock
12. SilverHawks
13. Scooby Doo
14. Superfriends
15. Flintstones

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Five Notable Homecoming Celebrations

High school and college Homecomings are awesome and one of the best parts about the Fall season. My high school still needs to catch up (beginning of September, really?). My college finally has it together. However, many are just masters of it and make it so epic not only do other classes show up, people that didn't even attend the schools show up and out.


I've been and it lives up to it's name.  Some of you may swap this and the next one. But North Carolina AT&T has stepped up and made this the envy of Homecomings. HBCUs always add special flavor but it appears A&T went after the super hots. I may have to fit in another visit in a year or two.

2. Hampton University. 

Another HBCU, Hampton once had the belt, crown and chain. They are still good, hype and classic. However, like many schools, some of the alums have let A&T take over some. It is still no slouch at #2 as it is in an awesome area where you could plan a Fall vacation around.

3. Gaffney High

Outside of football, you all haven't seen me put Gaffney high on many lists. Well they happen to own high school Homecomings so much that I had to put them ahead of one other notable HBCU Homecoming. I'm telling you, the class reunions and the day assembly is like no other. This tight knit community goes all out when it's Homecoming/reunion time. I'm still a Wildcat for life, but Gaffney has made Homecoming as much of a tradition as they have football.

4. SC State.

State has and will always hold their own in the Homecoming wars. Back when I was a student at WU, many of us would go to their Homecoming since ours was in the Winter and just wasn't that lit then. They have the same elements that the others have: great bands, concerts, a great time, and oooh the women! Many in our area have relatives old and young that attended there that have built quite a tradition to keep up with your alma mater.

5. Da WU!

Yep I can finally put Winthrop University in the upper echelon of school Homecomings. Once alums stepped in, it was game on. And now it's in the Fall where it belongs and class reunions are becoming more of a thing as well. It's no longer about mundane receptions or organizations, just a good three day weekend of fun leading into the Thanksgiving and December holidays. Better get there early or you will be left  behind!

Honorable mention: CIAA, and the Florence County schools ( I see you guys!)

Sunday, September 23, 2018

TV spoilers are definitely not over

Yes there are no shows such as Power, Scandal, Game of Thrones or any big Netflix special on. However spoiler alerts will still be around because some folks feel the urge to post or talk at any given moment. Here are some shows that people still will spoil, many premiering this week. 

1. 911

It actually premieres tonight, 2 hour premiere. Awesome, surprise hit from FOX. The spoiler police have to out just as the real police is, especially with my boo Angela Bassett on it.

2. This is Us.

The show that gives folks a good cry is also full of spoilers as you really don't want to get behind. Guess what, it premieres on Tuesday. If you can't watch it at its scheduled time, you may want to hide the spoil sports.

3. Insecure.

I'm not a fan of HBO's current hit but many are. And it's still spinning off the summer with spoilers everywhere.

4. Empire

Premiering soon at a later time slot, people are really into the drama of it and can't help but have those "OMG" and "Holy Crap" moments.

5. The big reality shows (Big Brother, Survivor, America's Got Talent).

People will continue to watch in awe and have their faves far as who they want to win it all. They may not be so friendly if you notify them that their person is gone. 

Be kind with the spoilers this season. Many still want to find out for themselves what happens.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Forgotten TV sitcom/series neighbors.

Fall TV is beginning, and it's usually an exciting time.  Old favorites return, new ones are released and could be classics. Either way, I'm ready.

I have seem some countdowns for favorite TV neighbors. I have seen the common choices: Wilson, Barney Rubble, Urkel, Ray's parents. However, I have some you may have not known about or forgotten.

1. Cosmo Kramer

C'mon, which neighbor never knocks, always makes a mess, and is always extra. He was the heartbeat of Seinfeld and funny in his own right. He was like Tommy from Martin, in that no one knew exactly what he did for money, but it couldn't have been legal.

2. The King Of the Hill bunch.

Hank Hill was blessed to live on the same block with his lifelong friends Dale, Bill, Boomhauer and even Laotian immigrant Kahn. Boomhauer seems to be the fave but I like Dale's eccentric nature and of course Kahn was always mad about something.

3. Willona!

Let's be honest, sexy Willona Woods was Kramer way before Kramer. She was always snooping on the Evans family and later took on the matriarch role when she adopted Penny and Florida left for a season. Shoot I wish I had a neighbor like Willona!

4. Lou Ferrigno

I mean, really Doug from King of Queens, you live next door to the Hulk. They seem to downplay it at times as he became one of the guys and someone Arthur was always bugging.  Lou acted soft on the show, being addicted to video games and whining about the Hulk jokes from the guys.  Umm dude you're the strongest guy in the neighborhood.

5. Lenny and Squiggy.

Hello! These two literally followed Laverne and Shirley everywhere, even to California. In true Willona/Kramer style, they always seem to bust in on queue, begging the question if anyone locks their doors?

6. Glenn Quaqmire

Yeah Peter has Joe and Cleveland. But Quaqmire is that guy that has the best adventures and storylines.  Giggity giggity all right!

7. The Donahues

Many of you are discovering The Middle now. The Donahues are that goody goody, nice, perfect family, the polar opposite of the Hecks. They are annoying nice and helpful but won't let your house get robbed on vacation nor miss the first day of school. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Preparing For The Worst, Praying For The Best

This is not a bad philosophy for life and this is a philosophy the Carolinas are preparing for as we may have our biggest storm since Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Or, we could simply have a lot of wind and rain as the storm may loop around and head upwards. 

Either way, it pays to be prepared.

Have plenty of water and other drinks. Keep non perishables that you can easily travel with if necessary and if the power goes out.

Have a storm shelter or place to evacuate to.

Keep up with different forecasts, but don't dwell on it. Pray, don't worry and be ready!

Hurricane Florence could do damage but remember what is insured and what is valued. Of course #1 is the lives of yourself and your loved ones.

These typically come to the South every late summer since we're only 3 hours from the coast. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

You can be prepared also!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

These Dumb Rules

We have to have rules as a society for it to run effectively or the society will perish. Then everyone will basically be on a purge.

However, that being said, some of these made up rules are outrageous and left field smh. Who makes these up?

It's bad enough that many of the rules on the books are terribly outdated.  Now there are not only "rules" as to what you can say to something or what you can call them, there are rules on what and how to post on social media, how to look at a person, how to eat a certain food. Stop right here, geesh! We do have freedoms and the main thing we need is common sense to address all of these.

My favorite rule of all time comes from my high school agriculture teacher Mr. Bill Parker. It goes "allow common sense and reason to be your guide and act the way you want to be treated." Obvious rules aside, that's all you basically need. There is no use for some of these ridiculous guidelines.

I just saw where supposedly profanity is prohibited at Myrtle and Virginia Beach, both hot travel spots. See this is really digging deep.

Once common sense and judgment are removed from an area, you have lots of problems. All the rules in the world will not solve them either. 

Most importantly, let's love each other again. It's been a while since I have truly seen this.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

WiseFire Coffee: Drink Wisely

Blacksburg, SC is a small town going through a lot of transition. A new football stadium is finally being constructed, the town has a new mayor for the first time since the early 90s, and we have some burgeoning small businesses.

One of which is Wisefire Coffee. This coffee house is owned and operated by Thomas Dover. Despite the last name, I don't think we're related. He certainly makes you feel like you're family. He has Blacksburg ties and brings that sense of family values and caring into his shop.

He has some awesome drinks, from lattes made from Uganda beans, some of the most potent you can find. He takes very care in preparing your beverage, whether hot or cold, coffee or tea. He wants it to be the best you're going to have.

Also, Dover realizes he has to have a great business, atmosphere and conversation. He nails all three and more. You can stop by and engage him about local and national issues, and even see what's going on in the town now and in the past. He's becoming more involved in helping out the town improve and regain its proud presence. He is also learning, as a business and as an owner, so Dover is very open to feedback.

Drop by Wisefire sometime and even if you don't like coffee, tea, or even books, see what he and his family are doing to better Blacksburg. He has had open mics and game nights in the past. Furthermore, he has some good plans and ideas for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for more from this small business and owner.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mind Ya Business

People can't seem to stop worrying about each other when they need to worry about themselves.

They steady wait on them to mess up, quick to criticize but slow to praise. I pretty much know who these folks are. There are some that suprise you though. 

They throw dirt on your name, tell lies and spread continuous gossip. Maan you must be badder than Donald Glover if they're doing all of that.

Recognize who they are, and distance them quickly.  Don't become part of the circus and entertain the clowns.

Own up to when you are wrong but stay confident and powerful when you're right.
Be open, forgiving, respectful and loving. We definitely could use more love and courtesy. Some people are just miserable for no reason. 

Also, don't try the quiet, nice ones. They may not blow up your school or such but they are tougher than you think.

Let's live and love more and end the divide.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Rosa Parks didn't do, what?

Ok before there's further controversy, I have a point here.

Some of you remember the iconic scene in the movie Barbershop where Eddie, the elderly barber, basically stated (which most of it are facts). Rosa Parks wasn't the first person to refuse to sit in the back of a bus but of course she did more. She simply received more media attention for certain reasons, one was her NAACP connections and another were her ties to Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

That being said, enter on LeBron James.

He has been receiving mostly positive attention for the public school in Akron, OH that he plans to open. Basically, everything is funded for the students, even college. Bron has a long term plan for the funding, including involving the media, which he is good at and people will and are backing him.

I morally back this effort as well. However, I think it's good to remember that while what he's doing is monumental and unique, it definitely isn't original.

Enter Jalen Rose. Member of the Michigan Fab Five during the 90s. Former NBA player   ESPNU analyst now. He has been known for being salty and even negative. Early Wednesday following Bron's announcement, he made a very informative 3:01 video praising and applauding Bron, but making it a point to realize there are others that did similarly and are doing similarly. 

Not once in the video did Jalen say anything negative. He did mention that Bron is getting more attention due to his higher profile which is true.

What I'm saying is, the higher the profile, the more people notice you and your efforts. Think of which cars get noticed on the road more. They are rarely the grey or silver cars. They are usually the shiny, red and yellow luxury vehicles. And in this case LeBron and even the late Rosa are/were those cars.

Now while no one is really obligated to honor those from the past, it's a good gesture. They set the pace and paved the way for you to succeed. I don't put this on either figure either. Either people have short or zero memories of those that came before them and only acknowledge the here and now. 

I remember when Jordan was the face of the NBA, then Kobe, now it's Bron. The Golden State Warriors have won three championships in four years yet LeBron gets mentioned the most. Probably rightly so also.

People may not always possess the proper tone but the message is clear. The brightest flowers get picked first and that's life. However the other flowers matter also.

See my post on for more on supporting each other properly and honoring each other when we achieve more.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Domestic Violence: Let's All Be Accountable

It has been a strong narrative for a while about battered women, women that don't or can't get out and end up getting killed or seriously harmed.

Given all that I have seen happen over the years, this has been weighing heavily on my mind and heart this week. I have even went back and did more research to ensure I didn't miss any detail or leave any stone unturned.

It comes down to this: at its core, we are ALL responsible as adults.  We have to check on and take care of each other in these situations, men and women. We have to be better partners, lovers, people. If there are emotional and psychological issues, we have to seek help and get it.

Also, we have to screen out people better. People do come with warning labels and often instructions. These come in the forms of abusive and violent pasts, quick tempers, uneasy demeanors, bad energy. so on and so forth. If you wouldn't be around that person as even an associate, why do you have that person as a romantic partner.

Furthermore, there are more resources now than ever regarding shelters, crisis counters and hotlines. You shouldn't have to stay in a bad situation without first trying to get out. There are options and you don't need to be subjected to poor behavior of any kind.

Finally, there are limits to what you can do as a person. Adults will be with who they want. You can offer them help, guidance, resources, etc. But until they want to start helping themselves also and removing themselves from these situations, your efforts are falling on deaf ears.

Let's continue to educate and talk to each other calmly about this issue. It can be controlled if we fight it.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Vacation tips and even quick savings methods

I have been off for quite a while celebrating my birthday. It feels good to be 40 and to still be doing what I love to do. One of those is traveling.

Speaking of traveling, here are some pointers to maximize your travel experience:

1. Whether through spending or planning, start early and often. You cannot do this last minute and have a great experience. Especially if you're traveling out of the country.  You have to have all of your expenses covered, vacation time at work approved (or if you're an entrepreneur, plan around that), get your passport straightened out and have spending money.

2. Save about $10-$20/week to assist towards your expenses. Give up eating out at lunch or even dinner. Coupon more, use travel and dinner deals, and shop at places like Aldis and Old Navy. Once you go on that vacation, you'll be glad you tightened up.

3. Sign up more for overtime at your job, do some legal side hustles, just anything for extra money. This is your play money. I have kept a play money account for years. It's all in how you budget or save.

4. Get a low interest travel credit card. You won't see me pushing a credit card often at all but this type of card can give you bonuses and such on hotel, transportation and often food and beverage on vacations. 

5. Final tip: have your house safe and secure before you leave.  The best method is to get a housesitter and not post anything on social media until you return. Yes you can take all the precautions you want. But if no one but a select few knows that you're gone, it can prevent many accidents from happen.

That say, save your money, take that trip and have fun!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

All These Lanes

Yeah it's hot, I'm old and I'm mad.

I've been doing a great job maintaining my irritation.  But someone is always trying my goodnatured demeanor. 

Here are a few points of interest (may need to add them to the instruction manual)

1. If you haven't spoken to me in months, address me properly. Don't embarrass me, berate me, etc

2. If you're talking to me in person, #1 still applies

3. Mind your business. If it doesn't apply to you, step off. Let certain authorities handle it

4. Don't talk down to me, be condescending or catch a tone or attitude with me. It won't end well, trust me.

5. If you're feeling angry, moody or whatever, take a pause, gather your thoughts and return back later so we can have a civil conversation

6. Don't be all in the Kool-aid and not know the flavor.  When you come for and/or at me, know what you're talking about.

7. Sweep around your own front porch before you try to point out my flaws and mistakes. None of us are perfect..

8. Finally, don't insult my intelligence or play a game of wits with me. I can play also and again, it won't end well.

Ok just so we're all clear here. I will go full Drew and have zero tolerance for nonsense. So take that mess somewhere else. You're only making yourself look foolish.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Check In

For my friends and family that have left me suddenly.  Depression and mental illness are real and people need to know they are loved and valued. 

Check In

Hello, just wanted to see what's all good
Hope you didn't do what I thought you would
Remember you did all you can and could
Life is precious but also hectic
People will try and get to you with every tactic
Often saying nothing says it all
They were definitely waiting on your downfall
You're here, I'm here so let's talk
No judgment, let the words flow, no one is at fault
You have to live and be you
No one does that better than you do
Reach out to me as well
Don't feel like I'm too busy or going through Hell
Talking to you can be good for both of us
I couldn't imagine if you didn't take another breath, word or fuss
You're you and I want to know how all is
I like to drink the drink before there is no fizz
Let me or someone know that you're okay
And maybe then, one less life spared, more words to say

Sunday, June 17, 2018


So blessed to be doing open mics again. Thanks to Thomas Dover (no relation) and the great folks at WiseFire Cafe for making this happen. Here is a brand new piece


It really doesn't make sense
We want peace, we want love, and yet we're still tense
You're mad because you lost
You work for a cruel and horrible boss
It's burning up hot outside
You would rather be near the ocean watching the tide
Very few count their blessings when they should
Or smell the flowers when they could
Life is a battlefield, stay ready
Keep the car running and the pace steady
It's not over yet, life that is
Yours doesn't have to end, much is still amiss
Smell the aroma, look at the sky, be calm
Don't take everything at it's word, even the marks on your palm
The world's changing, be the voice of reason
It's much needed in a place of treason

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cool Summer Getaways

This is beach, lake and waterpark time, there's no doubting that. However, this is also the time to explore cooler options. It's safer and you can go there without freezing.

1. Mountains

My area is near the Western North Carolina and Blue Ridge Mountains.  They're experiencing floods as of press time but this won't last. They have Asheville (a big tourist attraction in it's own right), Harrah's Casino, Tweetsie Railroad, Ghost Town in the Sky, and a few others that way. The Rocky Mountains of Denver, CO and the Grand Canyon are also awesome. Elevation is high so controlled breathing and water intake are key. 

2. Tennessee.

You still have the appeal of the mountains and many great cities.  Among these to visit are Gatlinburg, Nashville and Knoxville. Dollywood is also a hot attraction. Go further east to Memphis and hear some great blues and eat some of the best BBQ ever. 

3. Northern/MidWest cities and attractions

You could set a cross country tour from Chicago all the way to Philly. Hit up Indiana with Long's Donuts, Ohio with the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Cap it all off with a trip to NYC and Times Square.  Also if amusement parks is your thing, plenty along that way also.

4. Seattle and the Space Needle and such

Seattle, WA isn't a bad summer getaway. Plenty to see besides the space needle. This is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix and many major businesses.

5. Niagara Falls/The Great Lakes.

Ok I get it, you want to be around some water. No worries. Going to see all of these lakes and falls gets that fix in for you. It's majestic and just the right temp, just like Fall in the South.

Ok you may have to plan for 2019, unless it's Tenneesee but you can think outside of the box and go places that you won't sweat, are still fun, and memorable for you as an adult and for your young family.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

God is STILL in the schools

In the wake of more school shootings and drama, it seems the narrative in areas such as the South always goes back to prayer and God being taken out of public schools.

Wait, wait??? Scratch the record! I didn't know you could take someone omnipresent out of a physical location.

Guess what folks, you can't.

God is everywhere, even when folks try to deny His existence. And yes prayer does make that stronger. But guess what, no one can stop anyone from praying in silence or in private, like the restroom.

So miss me with that talk. If we're talking how far South society and conduct in schools has gotten, you have to start with the parents. The parents have gotten lazier as a whole. Yeah coat of living has risen and many have to work erratic hours to make ends meet.

But you know what, that shouldn't come at the expense of the child and teaching them fundamentals. Parents that work 12 hour shifts on farms and cotton mills still make sure their kids were loved, disciplined properly, and taught respect.

It's lazy parenting. They don't make many parents like those in my mother's generation. These parents want to play superheroes to society while forgetting that they have lives to mold at home. How soon we forget the Mendenez brothers.

So blame Trump, technology, whomever you can with a valid argument.  But best believe, if you're blaming the absence of God, your overall argument is circular at best. Do your research on how the family structure has changed first.

With that, praise God and drop the mic!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Childish Behavior Towards Childish Gambino

Ever since Donald Glover's newest video went viral and became the newest YouTube watch, people immediately focused on the fact that he's with a Caucasian woman. 

Ok you already know reason #1 why this bothers me. Let's go down the rest.

Now his Childish Gambino character is talented, deep and makes people deep. He is not slamming his own race and saying black women are inferior. What he does in his private life is his own business. These same people who are the "woke police" need to be at Steve Harvey's doorstep. Gambino is genuinely conscious and racially aware.

Also, I'm not cool with excluding anyone based on race. That's where I will get on you myself. This is why I am becoming more of a fan of Gary Owen and less of a fan of Michael Rappaport.  You act as if you're cool with the opposite or same race, but you have an agenda like most others.

People want to hate on Childish Gambino like many others because he made a deep video that made people think. Had he made the usual trash and nonsense, no one would even care and I would not be writing this piece.

Speaking of peace (piece), how about we let this unsung talent have some. He's not fake, unwoke or a coon.  He's deep, talented and loves all people.

How soon we forget what Dr. King died for 50 years ago.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Local Walmart Garden Center Manager and Associate Pastor Proving Once Again It's Never Too Late

This is the time of year where many are graduating from high school and college. More adults are doing so then ever before. The latest to return and accomplish this is Gaffney resident Josh Henderson.

Those that frequent the Gaffney Walmart know his smiling face and awesome personality from the garden center where he has served as manager for years, as well as worked hard for years at this store in other departments.

He is a devout Christian of the Pentacostal faith, currently serving as associate pastor of Victory Life Assembly of God in Cherryville, NC. He is married to Elizabeth Henderson and they have five children.

Henderson appears to have a busy and a full life. However, he dropped out of high school years ago and has made good on his vow to return,  finish earning his required credits and pass the GED exam.

He wanted to go back and get his GED because he has kids who excel in school and he never want them to ask him why he didn’t finish.

Henderson tried several times when adult education was over by Limestone College. He was very inconsistent with it, not giving it much of a chance. Josh had become lazy and immature.

It was very hard balancing work and school. Henderson could only give one hour a day to school, which was his lunch hour. He would go on Wednesday mornings because he was off, but would only hang out for a couple of hours because he wanted to spend time with his family. It never interfered with church. But some days Josh would get so busy at work, it was tough to make it to school.

Now that he's finally overcome those obstacles and passed the test, Henderson feels so accomplished. He shed tears. It was one of the most exciting feelings in the world to know that you put your mind to something and finally achieved it. It’s an exciting feeling that he couldn't wait to tell the world about. Also, Henderson couldn't wait to put on that cap and gown.

His next step is taking online classes through Berean School of the Bible. Henderson's goal is to eventually be pastor of his church after the pastor retires, which may be another 10 years. Jobwise, he is perfectly content with what he does. Josh love running the garden center at Walmart and the hours are good.

Henderson would like to shout out his best friend Ryan Johnson. Ryan inspired and stayed on me forever to go get my GED. Also, his wife, Elizabeth, has supported him 100 percent and was very encouraging as well.

Henderson will be the graduate speaker at his adult education graduation on Thursday, May 24th at 7:30pm. This will bring his journey full circle.

I think we all need encouragement and support when going after our goals. Josh Henderson had this. He owned his shortcomings and never gave up. Now he will be among the many Cherokee County residents to receive his GED and walk across the stage.

Josh has had a good life and the best is yet to come for this kind, Godly man.

Monday, April 30, 2018

More Event Planning Tips and Such

One of my favorite seasons, cookouts, BBQs, graduation parties, weddings and even book signings and launches are here. Many of us watch television weddings, Inauguraral balls, and parties on reality shows and try and make our events into that. This isn't always necessary. 

Read these new guidelines and you'll see some suggestions upon improving this. 

1. Know your crowd and cater to it.

Many of you are trying to serve Merlot to people that drinks Hennessy and Bud Light.  In other words (this ties into #2), don't go all out unless your crowd wants it or appreciates it. You can leave out the music, extra crafts, frills.

2. Less is more and KISS

Do the basics and then some. But no need to go overboard because you watched a RHOA marathon or spent all evening on Pinterest. Stay within budget and don't make more of something than it is. This could be the man in me speaking, but you have to be resourceful. Know when to utilize certain techniques and tricks.

3. Clearly state the name of the venue and mark it.

In the era of social media, it is easy to omit the name of a venue on the invite and Google Maps and Waze can both be flaky. What I like to do is provide old school directions, pin drops, and clear markers on my location. One little marker, sign or balloon won't get it done. This is where you may want to go all out. You know the crazy car statues? Ok now you get it.

4. Have more than enough refreshments, if applicable, and don't be greedy. 

If you're worried about overconsumption or moochers, have a couple of older people serve the food, and then allow for seconds at an adequate time.

5. Let folks handle their business and don't be rigid on them.

Things and emergencies come up. Let folks handle theirs if they aren't disrespecting you or the event. This isn't church. Again know your event. Many do not require a strict, rigid agenda.

6. Have plenty of parking and be considerate of your neighbors.

I speak of venue often and this includes parking.  You don't want to inconvenience your neighbors so speak with then in the days and weeks leading up to event and work out arrangements. Also, be clear on where your people can and cannot park.

Ok and remember to have fun and that less is really more. Ruby Tuesday's salad bar used to be twice as big as what it is now. Guess what, it's still a key attraction.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Food Trucks: Part I, Aunt B's Hog Wild BBQ

Food trucks have grown in popularity over the years. It's not uncommon to see one near your local Farmer's Market or even random ATM.

Enter Aunt B's Hog Wild BBQ in Blacksburg, SC.

The owner, Bryna Sansing, gets it honest and from a great business man and cook in her father, Tom Sansing. He operated Papa G's off and on for over 20 years, with the help of Bryna and her other two siblings. 

It has had a slow start but since changing locations and weather, business is picking up. They have mostly pulled pork, but they have philly cheesesteaks, chicken cheesesteaks, and their awesome burgers and hot dogs. They have recently added slushies to the menu and have a daily special except on Saturdays.

They are open Monday-Friday 11am-5pm and on Saturdays 11am-2pm, weather permitting next to the ice machine on Hwy 29 in Blacksburg.

If you want good food around lunchtime and after the kids are out of school, stop on by. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cardi B is hotter than fish grease but

New artist Cardi B has her 2nd album out and it has been doing gangbusters. She is starting the summer music season early.

Like it or not, she is the hot new artist out there, not necessarily the hot artist. People love her, especially black women. In the tradition of hip hop and female musicians. she has her woman power anthems and lyrics that many women have been playing on repeat. She is that gal!

I don't club anymore but I could already pick out at least 3 club bangers off the albums. You will hear them at clubs and cookouts for months. If you're doing FB Live, just be sure to include the statement "I do not own the rights to this music."

People will hate on Cardi and say she's the latest in a line with Nicki, Lil Kim and Foxy. Either way, she has a nice style and flow and is easy on the eyes. Yes there are other talented rappers out there that need attention also. She just happens to have the X factor.

Now Beyonce' does not ever want to be outdone, not even by her own husband. She along with Destiny's Child, opened for Cochella last night. Bey of course destroyed the scene. She has a tour upcoming but she has the world on notice that she runs this stuff. Cardi is still new but Bey has been around for a while and doesn't plan on standing still in her late 30s.

Okay let's simply enjoy good music and stop with all of the nonsense on who deserves this and who is the best. Can we all just perform in harmony?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Crime and Dirty Water

Crime is everywhere, in every city.  Some, big and small, definitely have it worse.

Now throw in the element of dirty water, or no water (think Flint, MI) and you have something very interesting. 

I made a joke recently that this would be a good special: Crime and Dirty Water. It seems many cities seem to struggle here.

Besides Flint, some with such problems are Gaffney, SC, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Myrtle Beach, SC, East St Louis, Oakland, and many others. 

It honestly doesn't seem to be a big enough problem like gun control, school shootings, or police brutality.  Have you ever thought its because of two other simple problems?

People don't usually get to the story behind the story, or to the underbelly of a crime or such.

Perhaps now I can make something happen on a smaller scale since HBO and Netflix have danced around this but haven't gotten to the beef of it all.

Stay tuned,..

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Who doesn't love a great story?

I know people that hate reading and writing, wouldn't come on any of my blogs or even bother to read my book.  But give them a good story, they are all ears.

Why is that now?

It could stem back to childhood story time, or tug at some heartstrings. If you like what you hear or how it sounds, you will tune in.

Many of us could spend our time doing a variety of different things.  But if we see a good story going on in a world of hate and negativity, that's hard to ignore. 

Speaking of hate, you may hate the characters but love the content and theme. That's possible. 

A good story can actually bring folks together, reunite families, kill rivalries, and ensue peace.

The NCAA tourney each year is always filled with these feel good stories. Plenty of books are also. I try to include some as well, and plan on more for book #2.

People loved Black Panther not just because it highlighted more African Americans, it told a great and powerful story and script. You draw people into that, they will come back over and over again. 

So what is your feel good story, even one to share?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

No winter isn't over yet

Winter is still alive in well: in the form of snowstorms, sleet, blizzards, wind, and heavy rain.

Don't let the dates fool you. This happens every year. Why is anyone surprised?

It's simple really. Keep some long pants and jackets out until about late April or early May. Warm weather will come, then you'll be complaining about it being too hot.

I honestly think some people just want something or someone to complain about all the time. Misery truly does love company. 

Many are you are into Game Of Thrones (I am slowly getting caught up). Every season is a build up to a huge winter. It seems for many real life is a season dedicated to counting it down.

And especially in the South, it's coming, be patient. 

Enjoy the season you're in, whether you're prospering or struggling. It won't last forever, and then you can move on to the next thing.

Now let me get this invite thing working while I have have some book signings going and adjusting my training regimen around the weather. It will all work out fine..

Sunday, March 18, 2018

More Madness

This honestly may be my favorite time of the year:March Madness.  Mirred by NCAA scandals, the one and done rule,  and other issues, we still have had a great first weekend of games. 

We have had the huge upsets and UPSET which is UMBC. The buzzer beaters and bracket busting hasn't went away.  Mix this with spring weather and St Patty's Day and it is refreshing all the way around. 

To me, this is when my New Year really starts. My running training has amped up. I have taken a vacation, but I am planning another and other small trips. My 40th birthday, the sales and marketing of my first book, it all has come together.  Seeing the excitement of this tourney reminds me I can't relax for too long or give up on my goals. It is the true inspirational, Disney type story.

College football, which is great also, needs to realize their postseason can be this great also. You have to be open to change and continue to improve, and believe the impossible can happen. 

Now I'm so ready for more games and often wish this month wouldn't end!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Some misconceptions about me

Don't you just love when people try to use your past, heresay or social media to try and peg you? What happened to sitting down and getting to know someone?

Here are some common misconceptions about myself:

1. People may think because I have a lot of connects and am very informed, that I tell and spread a lot of shade and business.  In actuality, I live a private life, and keep lots of secrets. 

2. I seem like a docile, kind pushover.  Reality is I'm a tough, outspoken person that takes no mess.

3. I am extremely intelligent and know everything.  I struggle heavily with science, one of the reasons I never went into the medical field.

4. I am very straight laced, responsible and can be by the book. Actually, I'm very laid back and don't concern myself with the crimes of others unless they affect me.

5. I am actually in good shape and know a lot about health and wellness. My fluctuating wealth is deceiving. 

6. I love isolation and am an ambivert.

7. I stand strongly for the underdog and social issues.  I simply have different methods of attack.

Sit down and get to know me, rather than talk about me. It's an experience I can promise you that.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Get Your Rest In

I just came off of a vacation.  I do use my days off wisely. This time, I was fortunate to reunite with some friends from college for a guys trip.  We took a cruise to the Bahamas. It was my 2nd cruise and an awesome time.

I feel very refreshed and rejuvenated. I can see why people take vacations so often, although I usually take a week off out of the year.

And this kills me when you randomly take a week off. Unless it's a holiday week or Spring Break, people often ask where you're going and what you're gonna do.

Now while taking a big vacation is exciting and all, it may not be in the budget or what have you then. You may just need to burn some days from work.  I have a cousin that does that the final two months of the year, every year.

Point is, you need time away from reality, even if you have the best job. Spend time with loved ones and such. Turn off as much technology and electronics as possible. Focus on yourself again. 

One thing running has did for me is traveling for races. I will take weekend excursions for these. When I did Kiawah Island in December, that was awesome, especially around the Holidays.  I look forward to the Cooper River Bridge Run, as well as the Myrtle Beach Mini in October. 

Therefore, make sure you get your rest and have some sort of fun. We know what they say about all work and no play.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Black Panther may be the greatest, but he wasn't the first Black Superhero

Let's get right down to it.

First of all I loved Black Panther a lot. Every part from beginning to the end. I want to go to Wakanda.  I'm loving the reviews and posts.  People, especially blacks are really into this and are united about their culture being on the big screen in a positive matter. I will cover that in depth on

But let's clear something up really fast: Black Panther was NOT the first African American comic book hero. He wasn't even the first to receive a major motion picture nod. 

It's an honest mistake if you don't keep up with comics or comic book movies. But here's some knowledge for you. I saw a reel that BET posted (yeah BET did good there) with 27 different comic book heroes of color. I will highlight 10 of them. 

1. Blade

How anyone over 25 forgets this boggles my mind. He had a trilogy in the early 2000s and another set of movies coming out soon. It was an action packed movie filled with vampires that captured folks imaginations and was awesome.

2. Storm

Storm was really bad in the X-Men movies.  I honestly thought given that Halle Berry played the role, she would get her own movie. I am not mad that she didn't, but she certainly shouldn't be forgotten. 

3. Luke Cage (Power Man)

He was a Netflix sensation in 2016, and simply powerful.  I'm hoping Netflix does a season 2, or even better a movie. Cage was so powerful and engaging that I believe it would be perfect on the big screen. 

4. Men In Black. 

Yeah Will Smith is on this list twice as a comic book hero. He had the powers and he is typecast at saving humankind. I didn't realize it was a comic, but Men In Black grossed enough money and powered through pop culture enough to make people proud and engaged.

5. Spawn. 

Yep Will Smith again. This movie didn't age well. But at the time, everyone wanted to see it. Comic book movies had only recently gained more popularity. But if you go back and watch, many like Spawn are still impressive.

6. Static Shock

This is a throwback but worth checking out. Perhaps now BP's popularity will bring this character to the big screen as well as #7.

7. Cyborg.

When I first saw the Justice League, I noticed him and I flashed back to my childhood. Cyborg, if marketed properly, can also be an excellent, groundbreaking movie. Don't be surprised if DC isn't already planning this movie.

8. Black Lightning.

He already has a popular new series on the CW and could be apart of the cinema movement as well.

9. Meteor Man

Very underrated movie by the great Robert Townsend that may have been poorly timed but certainly remembered. 

10. Tyroc

Many of these will have to be researched in detail to fully appreciate them. But trust me Tyroc is a character that deserves to be recognized as well.

There you have it, this is my 10. Continue to enjoy Black Panther and all that surrounds it. Just don't make the mistake of omitting the characters and movies that helped make it a resounding success.

Monday, February 12, 2018

I believe I may be impatient

I always saw myself as a patient person. Many know of part of my journey through #imjustdrew as my first book is now on the market.  I have also worked in customer service, and with computers for over 30 years. Plus I help out with children and I care for my elderly, sick mother. 

You would think I have the patience of Job, right?

Think again?

I hate long lines, shopping in general, tardiness (CP time), traffic, and simply waiting. Being in limbo or suspense is terrible.  It even sucks when television abuses the heck out of it in season finales. Ummm, didn't JR get shot almost 40 years ago now?

I can also get antsy when I don't get certain results fast, or it takes me too long to get somewhere. It could be why I'm so early for everything, I talk fast, and I'm so tenacious.  There are some things I just want to get over with.  Most work days, this cold/hot weather, the days to my upcoming cruise, all of this rain, this terrible flu, having my true love in my life, and my mom getting the treatment she needs. These are for starters.

I now realize my problem and am working on it. Self awareness is very important.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ok again with the once/year stuff

Ok we're in another February. Black people, and a few whites are posting Black History facts and quotes by notables. 

Now why don't we do this year round?

Trust me, even with how divided our country currently is, you would not be offending someone. Matter of fact, it's a good way of blending and even mending. Black History is American history, period. Same as Native Americans, Hispanics, Europeans. We're all a huge melting pot.

I am not gonna go even half Stacey Dash and say the month should be thrown away (well maybe Valentine's Day but that's another post). However we shouldn't look for a day, month or even year to celebrate something of great significance.

People get too much into trends and get things twisted way too often.  How about just posting and celebrating when you want, and not when your calendar and friends decide so?

One thing we have to remember as Blacks and Americans: we are free now. Despite any controversy, we are FREE. Therefore, free your mind also and post when and how you need to.

I look forward to these riveting posts on March 1 when I return from my cruise.  February just isn't long enough anyways.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Avoiding this new flu

Ok if you haven't been sick yet in 2018, consider yourself blessed.

I got a touch of it over the weekend while selling my newest book and dealing with lots of cash.  Fortunately, I believe I am good for now.

However, here are some tips on staying healthy.

1.Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.

This goes for being in public to eating. Keep sanitizer handy, and wash your hands as much as possible.  Do half (church) hugs whenever possible, and a lot of fist bumps. 

2. Take medicine that you're allowed to, and go next level.

Tussin, Nyquil, and all of that is good, including antibiotics. But go organic whenever you can. This includes rock and rye and even moonshine.  Don't believe me, try it! Blend some honey and lemons and you will stay healthy.

3. Don't go out, workout, or anywhere to spread germs.

In short, lower your activity level if you feel you're coming down with something. Do everything you can not to get worse or spread germs.

4. Wear masks, gloves and extra layers as weather changes.

5. Get plenty of rest and drink fluids such as juice, ginger ale, and water.

Keep yourself healthy. Also, unless you're really sick, go to urgent care instead of the ER. Emergency rooms are piling up at record levels.  If you can, save those for the folks that need them the most.

Also, get well and stay this way!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Tom Brady isn't the GOAT now or maybe ever

Ok just like with the Jordan talk every spring, we now have Tom Brady thrust atop the elite of NFL QBs.  Don't you just love how people have such a short memory?

First of all, Tom Brady is an excellent NFL QB, has overachiever in every area. But he is not the GOAT, and may never be.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Yes he has 5 rings.  But at least two of those rings came under scrutiny and scandal. Tuck rule, Deflategate.  He served a four game regular season suspension. Basically you can dismiss the ring argument. He has basically 3 rings that are legit.

2. You have to consider each player's situation. In the era of the salary cap, concussion protocols and early retirements, Brady has thrived. He has a coach and an owner who makes sure he's paid well, doesn't get hit often or all, and that the refs sway calls his way. He got calls in a blowout win against the Titans that he didn't need.

3. He has to bring his team back so much. Yes Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and those had better defenses. Heck they actually played defense back then. But they didn't allow their teams to get down so much. Brady is older but just because you play the game as long as Nolan Ryan or Satchel Page doesn't give you the GOAT title either.  The intangibles do and these comebacks don't make him John Elway or the greatest.

4. He couldn't play with any other coach, system or era. Put him in the 70s and 80s where he would really get drilled and you may not see the same QB.

5. He hasn't proven he can win consistently without blown calls, his coach, and a stable organization.  He gets away with having less than stellar talent due to all of that.  Put him on another squad or situation and he may not be the same.

You all need to study the greats, instead of what you see, before anointing Brady as the GOAT. Facts are facts and everything should be earned NOT given.

Let's see him beat these hungry Eagles without having to rely on all that. Then maybe we can talk.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Just Glad To Be In The Building

This is a day and weekend that we honor a man who wanted and fought for equal rights for all. Strangely enough, his dream is still unfulfilled. 

He did get minorities into the room though and that has helped matters greatly. 

Sometimes you have to see where you are and enjoy it before moving on to the next destination. Embrace it, it's good to be where you are.

Many people like to complain of not getting invited to a party or dinner. Now if it's super exclusive or you're not that close to those people, you shouldn't be angry. Sometimes you just have to be grateful for where and who invites you out.

Again, it's just good to be in the room.

Only 4 NFL teams remain now with the Super Bowl 3 weeks away. Will the Pats get #6? Will the Vikings be the first NFL team to play for the Super Bowl in their home dome?

Either way, it's good to just be in the room still, as these four teams are.

You have a job, a car, money in the bank and clothes on your back. You are definitely still in the room, although it might not be where you want it to be. 

Your 2018 goals still can come true. Did you fail at your first of year fast? Try again. Make new friends if the current ones aren't compatible.  It's ok to not make it the first try.

You're still in the room, right?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Addiction: it's real and it's terrible

We start off this and each New Year with optimism, joy, and hope. Many set goals short and long term.

Addiction, in any form, can be dangerous. Whether be drugs, food, or even crafting (and I like crafting), everything should be in moderation.

If you want to lose weight, start by eating less and better. If you want to save money, spend less. You may need assistance and guidance to form better habits and behaviors.

It takes 21 days to change and create a habit so be patient. Utilize every resource in your arsenal.

You can beat any addiction, big or small. Don't be afraid to ask for help or seek out a professional. RISE above it and become the change in your life!

This way, all of your New Year's goals and dreams can come true, and you can be clean of all addiction..