Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Signs You're A Runner

Warm weather is now upon us, especially now that July is here. Nearly everyone is doing some sort of outdoor fitness. One of the most popular ones is running.

I have gotten back into running over the past year, previously writing about "runner's high." You see folks out and about early in the morning to late at night running, walking, and/or jogging. It's that season.

Also, for my fellow runners out there, here's a sign that you are a runner or have become a runner.

1. You have purchased merchandise such as bright T-shirts, shorter shorts, headbands, bright vests, and watches like Garmin and the newly famous FitBit.

2. You buy new tennis shoes every few months, and have them specially fitted for your foot.

3. You know what runner's knot is.

4. You have a set day (for most , the end of the week) to do your long runs.

5. You have at least three running routes.

6. You have raced in or are already registered for at least three races this year.

7. You go to bed and arise early so you can get early morning runs in. Got to beat the heat and humidity!

8.  You have a steady supply of Band-Aids and possibly nipple guards.

9. You have found wireless earphones can be your friend on your runs.

10.  You're in a running club (shout-out to RTR!)

11.  You keep a steady supply of running gels, water, hand towels, and bananas.

12. You know and like to avoid the hilly roads and trails.

13. You pay more attention to the weather forecast and take full advantage on days when it's between 60-75 degrees.

14. You have actually ran in light rain.

15. You have a favorite race that you run annually.

16. You schedule everything (work, vacations, social outings) around running.

17. You have apps on your phone such as Nike running and RunKeeper.

What are some other ways you can define yourself as a runner? Do you relate to all or some of the above?

Monday, June 22, 2015

From Rachel Dolezal to Dylann Roof: How Well Do You Really Know Those Around You?

There has been much soul searching and questioning of character over the last few weeks in the wake of fraud and tragedy. I am of course writing about the media elephants in Rachel Dolezal and Dylann Roof. Rachel had people fooled for nearly two decades, and Dylann didn't really have anyone fooled.

Let's discuss something different than the obvious racial tension these separate incidents have incited. Another issue here is a common one: how well do you REALLY know someone? Rachel had an entire organization fooled for far too long. Roof really wasn't trying to deceive anyone, he simply flew under the radar.

This type of character deception occurs everyday. You rarely ever know what a person is really like until you look deep down inside and use intuition and discernment to evaluate them. There is a reason we deal with the folks we deal with daily. Many we are required to, some we choose to. People do change, but more often than not they are still the same overall.

Watch your circle carefully. Someone , even a long time friend or family member, could be masking someone or their true feelings about you. It happens all the time, but is rarely seen.

This is not to say be overly cautious or paranoid. Simply use proper judgment when dealing with people, remember they are human, and accept them for who they are, and recognize who they aren't.

How have you been deceived in your past by a fake image or person? Do you believe that certain situations and scenarios always reveal an ugly side to a person?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Owning Your Own Faults: Being Accountable

We all make mistakes and do things wrong. To err is human. I previously wrote a piece similar to this "Mistakes:Casting The First Stone."

The worst part, however, is not owning up to the own crap we say and do.

It's easy to criticize and pass judgment. However, why aren't more of us owning up to our faults and shortcomings, and trying to improve them?

It's the classic case of sweeping around your own front door first. The biggest step can be picking up that broom and putting in the metaphorical work.

One needs to take a step back, and do a hard look. Make sure you know what you're talking about before you speak, and practice what you teach and preach.

Let's take this moment, day, month, season and year to own ourselves, flaws and all.

Do you have mess that you need to own in your life? What are you doing to progress in the proper direction?

Monday, June 1, 2015

1st Annual Drewsies Awards

I have been reading and collecting newspapers for two decades now and am  a loyal subscriber to the Gaffney Ledger. That being said, one of my favorite parts of the newspaper is when they give out awards for best restaurants, businesses, etc. I am adding a bit of a twist to my awards show "the Drewsies".  I am awarding 36 different categories, one for each year I have been alive. This will be tough, and I will do my best to be fair and unbiased.

Best journalist/writer: Joe Hughes II
Best photographer: Alvin Hinton
Best DJ: Mike Dawkins

Realest on social media (and life): Billy Moore

Best bar and grill: Patti O's
Best BBQ: Courtney's BBQ
Best service organization: Smokin Rita and Friends
Best gym: Anytime Fitness
Best fitness instructor: Angie Dover
Best trainer: Simone Mack
Best buffet: Best Pizza Buffet
Best fitness community: Upstate SC
Best running club: Run The Rock
Best teacher: Erin Helms
Best civil rights activist: Will Pruitt
Best TV comedy: The Middle
Best TV drama: Orange Is The New Black
Best parties/cookouts: The Morris Boys
Best social network: Twitter
Best chiropractor: Bill and Chad
Best dentist: Brown and Harrell
Best place for tires: Roberts Tire
Best seafood: Captain Steve's
Best steak house: Texas Roadhouse
Best salad bar: Ruby Tuesday
Best birthday freebie: Moe's Southwest Grill
Best sub sandwiches: Sub Station II in Gaffney
Best supermarket: Publix
Best movie theater: NCG theatres
Best pizza, calzones and strombolis: Venus Pie
Best retail store: Target
Best pharmacy: CVS
Best late night hangout spot: Empire Pizza
Best mall: Village of Sandhills
Best shoe store: Nike Factory Outlet
Best new TV drama: Empire

OK I could go on and on but I will stop at 36. Hope all of you enjoyed this year's Drewsies!