Monday, November 20, 2017

1999: More Confidence and Enthusiasm

As I continue to grieve my friend Chris Farmer and come off of another great WU Homecoming, I think of the memories and people that made my WU experience, and 1999, so great. 

Farmer may be the subject of focus and the springboard. However, many great things continued to happen after that great summer of 1999.

My confidence with the ladies was finally growing. I was in a better place where I could filter the BS and be around those that always showed me love. The music and movies were great during that time also. It seemed to be a great time of unity, perhaps because many folks were concerned about Y2K.

I remember when Farmer and I were both RAs and we had to be on a committee together.  He called me with enthusiasm when I got to be on the Dining Services Advisory Board (yeah I didn't play about food then either).

Going to meetings with him were life. He would made serious suggestions but would be so comical in his delivery. It was honestly such easy work since we had meetings during lunch and no outside work was required. 

I also saw him frequently as he would come over to Richardson Hall and see me and other RAs he was friends with. It's still funny to this day the reaction he gave when his then girlfriend (future wife) became an RA and got her hall assignment. She was assigned to Margaret Nance, the all women's hall that didn't allow any type of male visitation.  Me: Well Farmer you do have your own room man. Farmer: Yeah Drew but my room gets old!

My enthusiastic and comical side came to the forefront that year. WU fam, you can thank Farmer for that.

It was good to have such a memorable year, and share it with a memorable guy.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

1999: When I Learned How To Be A Friend

Make no mistake I had friends and had quite a journey leading to 1999. There's more on But meeting/hearing a special dude next door changed it all. 

This was actually in 1997 when Chris Farmer was my next door neighbor in Richardson Hall.  I never thought he would become one of my best friends. He was the type that grows on you and I'm so grateful he did. 

Most things about 1999 revolve around Farmer: music,  movies,  and the like.  We worked Summer SWARM together at the WU and he was my suitemate.  He respected my space but there were times he would come in like Kramer from Seinfeld.  That may have been the most fun summer of my life.  We worked hard but played harder.  You just knew then he was destined for great things. Fraternity life, a new girlfriend (eventual wife),  and more Residence Life involvement never changed Farmer.  He was always the same, and so uplifting.  He would do anything he could to help you,  and was always there to listen and help.  He was one in a million.

1999 can be defined by American Pie,  The Blair Witch Project,  the end of punk rock and the emergence of alternative music,  the newest Star Wars and my senior year.  However,  Farmer was in the center of it all.  He was simply the ex-factor,  the cherry on the sundae,  the oxygen in your life.  That year was good for me,  but he made it great.

I will always have great memories of this year thanks to Chris Farmer.  I returned to my last full year of college more determined and relaxed from knowing him. Get you a Chris Farmer if you don't have one and thank me later.

Monday, November 6, 2017

1999: Final Series For This Year

I have had some great years in my life.  No doubt  the best and most coming of age year was 1999. I am wrapping up my 2018 writing season with a series dedicated to this year,  and someone I became close to in this year.

I was midway through college but hadn't quite hit my groove. That is until the Spring semester. After a lackluster Fall that felt worse than my freshman year,  I knew I had to bring stronger focus in all areas of my life. I even wrote myself a contract of all the things I charged myself to do,  as well as a list of goals. I ended up accomplishing many of my own expectations,  and even exceeding them. 

Things were finally falling into place for me in the social and friend realm,  Residence Life,  academically and with my family. This was the year I started going home less on weekends and breaks and even stayed all summer to work (more on that later.) I was learning my worth,  making memories and got to the point where I knew I had jealous haters.  That was no nevermind as many loved me also.  I loved the place I was in life. 

Life got better for me then and forever when one of my funny, loud , next door neighbors got more involved in Residence Life.  We really became close friends that year.  When one mentions 1999, they think of Prince's classic song.  I think of it as the year I bonded with a certain person. 

Also,  my cousin/nephew turned 21 yesterday.  Ironic as this was also the year I turned 21. Stay tuned for more!