Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 End Of Year Cowbell List

It's that time once again.  2011 is ending and 2012 is about to begin with my final blog of the year focusing on some of the craziest things since the summer. Once again, my lovely and intelligent friend Regina Wright assists me in pointing out what could use more cowbell.  Enjoy and feel free to comment or suggest your own.

- Ndamukgong Suh of the Detroit Lions. Dude you are wasting your talent and ruining your NFL career with your bad temper. Two words for you man: Albert Haynesworth

- Atlanta Braves:  Blowing the wild card lead in the final month of the year and allowing the St Louis Cardinals to get into the MLB playoffs and win it all. 

Trifling women and men. You guys continue to put a damper on romance and keep the divorce rate climbing.

Cellphone companies:  Many of you except for Sprint are capping data usage.  You are going to have to give in sooner or later before you lose millions.  Sprint already has the Evo and the iPhone 4s

CP time: its not an excuse black people, its just careless and irresponsible, and must end.

Jack and Jill: Great fairy tale, below average movie. C'mon Adam Sandler, what were you thinking?

December movies: Usually the month of December is filled with compelling, Oscar worthy movies. This year, its starting to mirror the middle of summer with subpar sequels and sappy comedies and love stories.

Urban Meyer: Why do college coaches continue to lie when they are about to take another college job? And at The Ohio State of all places, which won't be a contender until probably 2019.

- David Stern: You are becoming quite the DICKtator. How are you going to block the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers, then allow him to go to the Clippers? I understand you are trying to give small market teams a fighting chance, but it seems that ship has sailed after Boston, Miami, New York, and Chicago have all upgraded. Be fair across the board.

Kobe. You just cannot stay off of this list. Now Vanessa is finally divorcing you, and will still get 50% despite a prenup per California law. Hope all those affairs were worth it.

Beyonce': Another repeat list member. We're honestly happy you and Jay are finally having a child. But you all (and the media) acted as if it were a seismic event. Babies are born everyday Bey, you were on 9-4-81!

The U.S. Judicial system. You all really dropped the ball in 2011. From Casey Anthony to Troy Davis, this system just needs to be scrapped and reset from scratch.

Herman Cain: You are/were almost as bad of a candidate as Sarah Palin was.  9-9-9, c'mon man! The smartest thing you did was suspending your campaign.

DJ Khalid:  First off, I've grown to hate the "N" word. And you being Palestinian have absolutely NO business in using it. Your ethnicity is your business, but you act as if you're trying to be fake and/or down another race.

TNT, for canceling HawkthoRNe, and just when it was hitting its stride.  Apparently you guys do not know drama.

People that watch trashy, fake reality television such as all of these fake Housewive shows, American Idol, X Factor, and Jersey Shore, instead of quality programming such as Awkward Black Girl, Breaking Bad, Swamp People, Sons of Anarchy, Beavis and Butthead, Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly, and The League.

Kim Kardashian: You know you didn't love Kris Humphries, you just wanted to outdo your sisters and apparently the Royal Wedding. A true example of someone wanting the wedding instead of the marriage.

Autocorrect: It's always getting folks in trouble, and making me look like a jackass.

College presidents: enough with the BCS already! We need a playoff in Division I college football

Chinese buffets: even if you have a hibachi bar, you can't hold a candle to your Japanese counterparts. The Chinese buffet craze has died down, its just gross now

Folks that joke on Amy Winehouse: Yes she did have alcohol in her system. But the deceased should be showed more respect. God rest her soul, she was sick and disturbed.

Sheree, Marlow, and Peter from RHOA. Y'all have officially stolen the drama queen and trouble making crowns from Nene and Phaedra. Congrats I guess are in order.

The Penn State scandal:  Joe Pa, c'mon man, you must have thought you were bigger than Jesus if you thought you could let that pass without repercussions.

FAMU Band Scandal: Hazing and sexual abuse has seemed to become very problematic in schools lately. But this takes the cake. That was just murder, literally.

Frankie (Keyshia Cole's mom). The Frankie Leg, really??? Didn't you think you were already a big enough coon on your TV show. You have officially out buffooned Fantasia and her "Cornbread and Collard Greens" dance.

WHEW!!! Happy New Year folks!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest blog: Top 5 Members of a 90s R&B Group

This is an hilarious guest blog from my long time friend, high school classmate, and fellow blogger, Aaron Earls. Enjoy!

My first memory of music is listening to my parents old Supremes LPs, which is a bit odd since I grew up in a very white house. Just to be clear, I said " very white," not " Barry White." That would be a completely different connotation. I also don't mean "white house" as in"White House." My dad was not the President, I just mean I grew up in a house that had absolutely no rhythm at all. In fact, my dancing consisted of trying to sway to the beat and avoid stepping on the girl's toes. One thing I did learn, however, was to appreciate good Motown music. This grew into a love of R&B in the 90's. I had all the CDs (back when CDs were still the new thing) - New Edition, Tony! Toni! Toné!, Dru Hill, 112, Az Yet, and *NSync. No, I'm sorry. I don't know how that got in there. I swear I didn't jam out to Heart. Really. But the group for 90's R&B was Boyz II Men. Who didn't love Boyz II Men in the 90's? My only regret from high school is that I never got a high top fade. OK, maybe that's not entirely true, but I did love me some CooleyHighHarmony. I always I always wondered if I could go to Philadelphia and find everyone singing four part harmony or rapping like The Fresh Prince. After listening to so many of these R&B groups, you start to notice a pattern. You start to see the same basic type show up over and over again. No matter how many members are in the group, more or less, they will all be one of these five guys - the top 5 members of a 90's R&B group.

5. Pretty But Can't Sing Guy- When you listen to the CD, there's always that one voice that sounds a little "off." Something is just not right about it. It sounds more autotuned than the rest of the voices. You wonder why would this group have someone who can't sing that well. Then you see the CD cover and there he is standing in front of everyone else without his shirt on, 18- pack abs shining like a new moon. That's why he's in the group.

4. Ugly But Crazy Good Singer Guy - Almost hidden behind shirtless Pretty But Can't Sing Guy, you can barely make out someone. Is he in the group or was he just some guy that accidentally wandered into their photo shoot. When you open up the CD and see all the individual photos, you see he is part of the group and there is a reason why he was hiding behind the wall of abs - whoa, that guy is a mess. when you hear the voice, you know that's the Ugly But y But Crazy Good Singer Guy. He can hit every note and carry every song. That's why he's in the group.

3. High Voice Guy

For some reason, we want to hear a man sing like a girl and hit an unbelievably high note. We want him to shatter the windows in our car when he holds that last note. I'm not sure if we are just amazed with his ability to somehow both be a man and hit a note that would make Mariah Carey impressed. Usually High Voice Guy is younger than the rest of the guys. He's also the guy who usually gets replaced more often. Maybe, they have to keep finding guys whose voice hasn't changed yet. You've got 40 year old men with a 14 year old boy touring the country. But, man, he can hit that high note.

2. Deep Voice Guy - Every group has the Deep Voice Guy. You have to have the Deep Voice Guy. Who else is going to talk in a sexy voice over the interlude? Who else can start every sentence with"Baby"? You can't have Pretty But Can't Sing Guy do it. High Voice Guy would just sound weird. You need Deep Voice Guy to smooth things out with a "Baby, I'm sorry I did you wrong. I love you, just come home." I've often wondered if he could just saw absolute gibberish and still have girls swoon over his deep voice. "Baby, running back, smelly socks. Door knob, bags of rocks. Yeah."

1. Somebody's Brother Guy- Then there's the guy who's featured on the cover, but he doesn't look like he should. He's also got a ton of solos, but he doesn't sound like he should have those either. Then you see his last name. He's the Somebody's Brother Guy. Maybe he's the brother of one of the other guys you have to have in the group. Maybe he's the brother of the album producer or record label head. It's not that he's ugly or that he can't sing at all, but he's kind of just average. This guy is also usually the one who splits the group up. He starts to think he's too good and wants to do a solo project. Everybody finally tells him he's only there because of his brother. Now him and the brother are upset. The whole group breaks up. Some do solo projects. Some try to keep the same group name, but with different members. None of it ever sounds as good. They finally decide to get over themselves and get back together, record another great album and be big stars again. Too bad, the industry and audience has moved on to Disney Channel stars and pop singers wearing strange outfits. Are there any members in every R&B group that I missed? Thanks to Drew for the opportunity to guest post. Every Friday, I try to do a funny top 5 at my blog,  blog, The rest of the week, I blog about the connection between my relationship with Christ and everyday life. You can also find me on Twitter, @wardrobedoor.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

My Christmas/End of Year Letter for 2011

This year 2011 has been filled with ups and downs. Overall though, I'm happy, healthy, and wise through it all.

The year started off well as my favorite NFL team, The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, their 4th and 1st in 14 years. I also got rid of my Blackberry (Slackberry) and got an HTC Desire, joining #teamandroid. I love this phone and do not plan on ever going back to the slow, unreliable Whackberry.  However, my year would take a quick turn as my laptop crashed back in March.   It ended up being my hard drive. At days end, it was much cheaper to buy another brand new laptop with a warranty than to repair my current one. Therefore, I have been without a home PC for much of 2011 and have relied heavily on my Android device. 

I suffered many additions to my family and friend circle. Five new baby cousins, but several deaths, including my former trainer and the owner of my gym, David Fink. Also, I lost 3 uncles: Raymond Bradley, JL Lanier, and just recently my uncle Joe Dean Moss. Uncle Joe passed only a week after he and my Aunt Dolly celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Speaking of weddings, I went to several this year, 5 in fact. I was a groomsman for the first time in my life as one of my best friends, Rashad, married his long time girlfriend, Rayn. Career wise, I'm still at the Robert Allen Group after 8 years. This year, I changed departments, from the Cut Floor after 6 years to SBF. I took a paycut initially but it was worth it because I grew tired of the Cut Floor's incentive pay program. I like being on a flat rate in a smaller department. We are currently working reduced hours after receiving lots of overtime during the summer. I'm making the best of it though. I'm still active in the gym. However I slipped some and gained 20 pounds this year. I am determined to shed this weight as I have encouragement and motivation from several sources, I'm restarting my weekend physical challenges and 10K runs, changing my regimen. I've already made changes to my diet, and added Insanity to my regimen. With all of this in tow, I expect to be back to top form by summer. My love life wasn't the best for much of this year. I suffered a drought this summer, couldn't get any dates. Things picked up in the Fall fortunately, as I even reconciled with a couple of old flames. My immediate family has not had it easy, but is hanging in there. My mom has been struggling financially as her alimony is no longer enough for her to live off of. I help where I can, but I'm not doing much better. My now 15 year old cousin, LJ, has grown about 6 inches, has long hair, and the women love him. He was named a Junior Scholar back in the Spring. He just started high school and is still adjusting. All in all, I see positive things for 2012. I plan on getting another laptop, printer, and maybe a tablet. I'm closer to paying off my 3rd car in 9 years. I'm also still healthy and happy, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Happy Holidays to all who read my blog. I plan on expanding my blog to make it more prominent. I hope your year was also joyful and productive

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why I hate marijuana

Marijuana is a very controversial topic, whether be the usage of it, or the question of legalizing it. I have been exposed to it all my life, whether be through others using it in my presence or family dealing it and consequently getting incarcerated.  Therefore, I have a firm grasp on weed, ganja, chronic, 4:20/ etc, etc.  I've even tried weed, and have caught a few contact buzzes from my brother and cousins.  However, I hate the drug, and wish that folks would see it for what it truly is.

And yes it is a drug ladies and gentlemen.

Just because its an herb,a plant from cannabis that is grown from the earth does not exempt it from being a drug, or certainly being addictive.  Anything can have the effects of a drug such as heroin, xanax, and meth.  This even includes sweet foods, chocolate, sugar, coffee, etc., or even habits such as gambling or porn.  Marijuana may not be a drug in the conventional or traditional sense. But it is still widely illegal and more dangerous than some of the drugs and vices I previously mentioned.

We have all heard the term that marijuana is a gateway drug, leading to the harder stuff such as the crack, X, meth, and so forth. It is so much more than that though. I've seen folks get angry and dang near violent when they can't score any weed after so long.  They forget about nearly everything else, and the pot has overtaken their body and mind in a negative fashion. I believe in herbs and many organic substances. However, your conventional herb is not supposed to do this. And folks try and tell me with a straight face that weed is not addictive.  Please!!!

I've seen marijuana make folks go completely broke, ruin lives, careers, corrupt minds, and simply cause more harm than good. Granted medicinal marijuana has been known to cure glaucoma and calm and balance the nerves.  However, it is extremely recreational, and "potheads" and "stoners" go to greater lengths to get it because of its rarity.  It's simple economics really.  Similar to a hot toy around Christmas that is hard to find. It's appeal and elusiveness increase its value.  Retailers and weed dealers alike know this. 

These are my views based on personal experience and careful observation. If you feel the need to go smoke your joint or blunt, go ahead. But do not try to justify what you're doing with flawed, circular arguments. At day's end, marijuana is a drug in every sense that a substance can be one.  There is no logical way you can tell me different. 

Think about that the next time your gas tank is on E and you spent your last $10 on a dime bag.  And it is wintertime also. Well, at least your supply can keep your warm. That is, until you run out or the police catch you. You then have a possession charge on your record, with possible jail time.

Hope that was a good herbal essence, that is all for now

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Bullying: my personal battles

There are many things wrong with this country, this world. We're nearing a depression, no major disease has been cured in nearly 60 years, and it seems our younger generation is not offering much promise. However, there has been one great form of justice that I love seeing and believe its far too late. This is the anti-bullying laws that are on the books and growing. Too bad this wasn't around in the 80s and 90s when I was a child, but this gives our troubled generation something to be fortunate about.

I was bullied and tormented throughout most of my school days. I was beaten up, called names, made fun of, ostracized from most of my peers, and just made to feel an outcast. It's not that I didn't fight back. I can fight, and as a muscular man who grew up in the sticks, I learned how to defend myself early on. In fact, I got into four fights in one school year, all on defending myself. However, I had to start fighting off of school grounds because all of this fighting was not looking good on my school record.

You name it, I got bullied for it. Being one of the smart kids, being poor, not having nice clothes or my own car when I turned 15, not being able to get girls, being overweight, biracial, stuttering.  Needless to say, my mother stayed up at the school for years, talking to teachers and principals to put a stop to this.  It was horrific, and made me realize who my true friends were then.

This sort of bullying, and even in more extreme forms, occurred for years until April 20, 1999, when a couple of teenagers at Columbine High in Colorado had enough.  They confronted and killed their assailants, several other students, then killed themselves. This single incident not only changed public school dynamics forever, it spawned many other school shootings and bomb threats. 

Technology also intensified bullying to a different level. Texting and social networks such as Facebook gave bullies other vehicles to get at folks that were simply "different" Victims then began committing suicide as they could not handle all the bullying coming from every angle.

Finally, a change was necessary. That is when anti-bullying laws finally came into effect in many states. Now I never consider taking my own life because of a bully. I do hate it took extreme fatalities before legislation was passed to control this. Bullying dates back to even biblical times. There has always been a bully for every smart, unique person that just couldn't fit in. Looks like a change is here. Perhaps not the change President Obama campaigned of in 2008, but a positive one nonetheless.

Now I'm not the type to hold a grudge. I'm very forgiving and am cool with many of the folks that bullied me in childhood. Many of them have apologized to myself and my mother for making my childhood hard. There is no weakness in forgiveness.

My faith in God, plus my strong willed nature and family and friend support have helped me to overcome my demons from the past. You have to move on, and not let bad moments turn you into a monster. I feel I became a better man as a result of my experiences.

My advice to current victims is not textbook but effective. Defend yourself. Stand strong and don't back down. Try to refrain from weapons if possible.  Take up boxing or MMA at your local Y, gym, or join a self defense class. If all that fails, find an adult you trust to help. This can be a parent, guardian, teacher, coach, pastor, or even a positive mentor. Let's end bullying once and for all. 

I appreciate everything I have and have accomplished in life because I have earned it.  I could have taken a left turn and ended up in jail, dead, or just an angry hoodlum. But instead I am a positive, educated, productive members of society. Life is full of choices and I was determined at a young age that these mean, misunderstood children were not going to get the best of me. Matter of fact, they motivate me and continue to do so to this day.

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