Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Forgotten Coons

We have had quite some controversy and division lately. Beyond the Kaep and the flag issue, we have had several blacks come out as sellouts, Uncle Tom's or even coons. The most notable have been Ray Lewis, Steve Harvey and even Jim Brown.

Here are some you may have forgotten about or didn't think of.

1. OJ

The Juice is loose now and I don't know of a black man that crossed over so well other than him, and then ruined it all. Don't be suprised to see him give his views about the current state of the NFL.

2. Herman Cain

Founder of Godfather's Pizza and former GOP presidential candidate, he has definitely turned his back on his people. The only color he likes is green.

3. Stephen A. Smith

Jason Whitlock may be the broadcaster that gets all of the flack but trust me, Stephen A. has been in the house for far too long. Please don't be fooled by that five head and fast talking. He will turn on anyone in a second, including Kaep.

4. Clarence Thomas

Do your knowledge on this man, he's an embarrassment as a person period. Hope OJ or no black man has to go before him in court.

5. Bryant Gumbel

He looks like he's sick, only messes with white people and doesn't talk to his brother Greg. He has been white for far too long. I cannot stomach him for any period of time.

6. Aisha Taylor

There's a reason she's on The Talk and not The Real. It's more than liking white men for her. She has no sense of identity and is so self centered. She should have been criticized long before Stacey Dash.

7. Tyler Perry

Yeah he appears to stand for the cause. But he does something else awful: making black folks look like fools and idiots. Someone needed to tell him this wasn't the 1930s Vaudeville. TP is a billionaire basically for marginalizing people. That's a disgrace.

Therefore, add these to your coon roster also. They have been at it for a while, and often didn't try to be down or hide it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun With Flags 2

Yeah you knew this was coming.

It seems the USA flag issue hasn't gone away, just like racism and police brutality.

This has gone from Colin Kaepernick kneeling and sitting for the flag, to him opting out of his final year with the 49ers. After this, he appears to be blackballed by the NFL after no team has currently signed him.

Many other players have knelt and sat during the National Anthem from preseason on.

Then our president, ole 45, says that anyone that doesn't stand for the flag is an SOB. This brought an outcry from not only the black community, but also white NFL players and owners. Many decided on Sunday's game to skip or kneel during the anthem. Quite a hornet's nest was stirred up.

This is a time where people should do their research, especially on the entire National Anthem and start being real. People of all races are suddenly boycotting the NFL, many don't know why. You must realize it is an American's right to stand or not stand for Old Glory. Why would you try to force this belief on someone. It is a right and you cannot take it away.

Now can we end police brutality, give Kaep another shot in the league, hold Trump more accountable for what he's saying and let people be themselves. Isn't that what America is all about? Land of the free and home of the brave.

If you didn't see what I did there, you really have no business speaking or posting about all of this mess happening. Sorry not sorry.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Time to Express Some Feelings

I realize I haven't gotten deep in a while, although I have been experiencing a wide range of emotions. Rereading/editing my book is bringing all of these full circle.

Therefore, here's a little diddy to put them all in. It's called Rusty.

These past two weeks have me feeling dusty
Hurricanes, drama, heartbreak, flu, dang I'm rusty.
Why don't people move from the coast?
God is trying to tell you something, it's a yearly roast
Also, keep the pettiness far away
Save that drama for another time, another day
When you see me out, we can talk
Don't start playing with a toy you haven't paid for and bought
I'm ready to love, but it wasn't the right one
The search isn't over, she is still out, waiting for her hun
I'm better about getting to know women, letting them know
It will be a classy thing and not a sideshow
To this female, be ready to get treated right
And if someone disrespects you, they in for a fight
Fight, like with this cold
This thing was sneaky and bold
I'm on the mend and can't wait to get back
Editing and resting is the move
I will soon return to my groove

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stand for the cause and still watch the NFL

I love football. A lot. Many of you know that about me if you don't know anything else.

That can, this NFL boycott in lieu of teams not signing Colin Kaepernick had me conflicted until I thought of a few things:

1. He made a courageous statement, 1960s style. But there are certain things in modern America you can't disrespect. Old Glory is one of them (and yes I know he wasn't disrespecting the flag but that's the view in the eyes of many).
2. Also I thought he was gonna retire or opt out, which he did. When you do that, you make it harder to get another job.
3. Key word here people is OPT OUT! The Niners did not release him, he left. He could have still played another season and may have not started but realistically he could have stayed in the league. That's his decision so some of you may want to direct your anger elsewhere.
4. He will get signed, eventually. Roger Goddell clearly doesn't agree with his actions and figures this is both the best way to punish Kap and bring more attention to the league. When you boycott games, ratings actually skyrocket.
5. The contracts for these games have already been negotiated with networks and sponsors years before Kap took that knee. Even if you boycott, it's not really that effective. Sorry not sorry it isn't.

My latest acronym is DBGDG.  I get the cause and it infuriates me even if Kap get opt out. It's a principle thing, and it exposes the league. Many, however, just want to do it to be cool and hip, not because they care about Kap or the NFL's biased policies. DBGBG means Don't Be Good, Be Great. Boycotting can be good. But there's a way to show your frustration about the situation and still watch football: boycott and blacklist the NFL sponsors, which are many. That's being great.

These sponsors include DirecTV, Buffalo Wild Wings, EA Sports, Dannon Yogurt, Doritos (Frito Lay), Verizon Wireless, Papa John's Pizza, and many others. Look them up and you will see. Hit them gradually where it hurts and the NFL will take note. Refusing to watch the greatest sport will do little to no good, let's be real.

Ok now that's how you boycott and blacklist. Trust, I have lifelong experience here.

And if you still hate the NFL, there's always college and high school. Less talent, but more passion.