Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 End Year Recap of Sports, Entertainment and Other Pop Culture Mishaps

It's that time again: the end to another year. Here's my recap of the good, bad and the ugly from the second half of 2015. Spoiler: Beyonce' and Kobe Bryant once again managed to stay off of this list. There are many others though.

Repeat Offenders: 

The Kanye award: Kanye West. You just couldn't stop "Kanyeing". It's like you've stopped caring about what you say and how you look. And apparently you're gonna be the Donald Trump of 2020.

Opportunists: The Kardashians: Y'all are the roaches of pop culture: just will not go away. Kim, I hope you got fixed after birthing this last child. Boy I tell ya, I haven't ever seen such attention whores in my life.

Dirty football program: University Of Southern Cal (USC): You managed another bowl eligible season, but you had an alcoholic coach (Steve Sarkishan) and not much continuity. The sins of the past have continued to haunt you.

Corporate rant: Krispy Kreme in Gastonia, NC. Ok I visited this place on a slow night and I still waited 15 minutes for two HOT  doughnuts when the HOT light was on. I am officially done with this KK.

Local business complaint: Skateland in Gaffney. I was always suspect about this place and their policies. But now it has gotten worse. Racism, disrespecting children, forcing them to skate all night on lock in nights. You guys will not see a dime of my money.

First to worst: Dallas Cowboys. This would have went to the 49ers, but their expectations were already low. After last season's controversial call in the playoffs, it seems injuries, trades, and bad QB play have you at a laughingstock once again. Now you should question if Romo should return, or possibly draft a QB like Connor Cook.

Television faux pas: Cliffhangers. Please please stop with these already! They are long played out, along with originality.


Racist award: Hulk Hogan. You were low key about it. However you cannot drop the N bomb, regardless of how famous you are or how fast your daughter is.

Clown politician: Donald Trump. Nothing else needs to be said that we aren't already saying or thinking.

Troubled singer:  Ariana Grande. Your post Nickolodean career is raising eyebrows as you raise your skanky skirt. I suggest taking 2016 to reboot and hanging with your "Nona".

Can't Get Right Athlete: Aldon Smith. You are a metaphor and a cliché for what you do not do in professional sports. Please get your life right.

Moron rapper: Meek Mill. Meek, come harder if you are gonna beef with the most notable rapper currently in the game (Drake). That was weak as well water and you deserved to get served.

Sport in Question: The NFL Preseason. When are you gonna shorten this, or at least not mandate that teams play their starters long? It appears more injuries occurred this past preseason than in the entire regular season.

Evil coach: Mack Breed, the Texas high school coach that forced his players to take out the ref. You don't go after the officials, period, nor coach teenagers to play in that manner.

Washed Up Actor/Actress: Vivica A. Fox.  Man what a trainwreck! My once celebrity crush has gotten crazier, especially when it involves 50 Cent. Apparently he put a spell on you.

TO award for inappropriate on field behavior by an athlete: Odell Beckham Jr. You were not well known before that awesome catch last season. Now you go and head butt defensive backs? ODB, you're better than this.

Happy New Year and always make it a goal to not live like this people.

Friday, December 18, 2015

2015 Christmas Letter

What a year this has been! I cannot believe it's time for my annual Christmas/Holiday letter.

This year was a year of two halves for me. The first half of the year, I celebrated my 12th year of employment with The Robert Allen Group. Over the summer, I began a new journey and started working for Amazon in Spartanburg. It has been hard, but fulfilling and rewarding work thus far. I like having more opportunities worldwide and getting to participate in the company's two busiest times: Prime Day and Peak 2015.

I still maintained and exceeded my fitness status. At 37, I am in the best shape of my life. Running became more serious for me in 2015 as I ran my first half marathon, a 10K, and I am lining up my 2016 races. One of which is a full marathon in late April. My furthest distance ran to date is 20 miles so I feel I am on the right track with my training.

While I have joined other fitness and running circles, I have reconnected with some old friends and circles, and discarded others. It's life and  often this is necessary. I do enjoy the time with the friends and close family I have, especially with all of the holiday gatherings and socials currently ongoing.

Smokin Rita and Friends is still going strong, raising money for The Christmas Is For Kids campaign, and many others in need. This year, more than $10,000 was raised for such causes. I wasn't able to be as involved this year, but I hope that changes in 2016. 

Entertainment wise, I have gotten into more good TV such as Empire, Power and the classic ABC sitcom The Middle. I am currently watching an episode as I type this letter. The quality and appeal of movies has waned for me. Hollywood is seemingly running out of ideas, plus it's easier to stream them on Netflix. I did see a few good ones this year on the big screen, such as the new Star Wars movie and enjoyed it, but I didn't have the desire to see the midnight premiere.

2015 was definitely a year of change, progression and growth. My mom has gotta away from social media and is mostly a homebody these days. I have fallen back from most social media, but have gotten into Snapchat.

I would like to congratulate all of my friends/fellow writers that have books and blogs out. It appears everyone wants to be Shakespeare now, but I do admit writing is a joy and a rush. Keep writing!

As always, I will enjoy the holiday season and look forward to many new things in 2016. Continued fitness progress, my e-book, more gatherings (hosted by me), my 20th high school class reunion and a new President of the United States.

Happy Holidays friends and family! I love you all and encourage you to keep reading and reaching for the stars.