Monday, July 27, 2015

Pixels and Southpaw: Definitely A Double Dose Of Fine Cinema

This has been thus far arguably one of the worst and unoriginal summer movie seasons to date. It has been littered with remakes, lame sequels, and corny comedies.

Enter Southpaw and Pixels. I saw both over the same weekend and they fulfilled the appetite I have long been craving.

I have only been to the movies twice this summer (Avengers 2, Ted 2), the least I have been since 2003. This past weekend made it worthwhile.

Pixels was Adam Sandler's annual summer blockbuster and very nostalgic for 80s fiends and fans of classic 8 bit video games. It was very touching and exciting. It takes my generation back to a simpler time, and shows the younger generation that better graphics do not equal a better game.

Southpaw, even with several boxing and sports movie cliques', still answered the metaphorical bell. Jake Gyllenhaal and Forrest Whittaker were brilliant, the fight scenes were raw and realistic, and despite the strong language, it is a good movie about the importance of family and the things we will do for them and because of them. This may be the best movie I have seen thus far in 2015. Here's hoping the Oscar board will not pass over Gyllenhaal once again.

So do yourself a favor and check out both of these movies on the big screen. I can guarantee you will get your money's worth.

Have you seen either or both of these movies yet? Do you think they added a different dimension to another predictable summer movie season?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The United States Of America: A Country At a Crossroads

The past 30 or so days in not only my state of South Carolina, but the entire USA has shed some light on some deep hidden feelings and has opened up a very scary can of worms.

I won't go into detail especially since you would have to be living under a rock not to know the ripple effect that one young man's actions in Charleston, South Carolina on June 18 has and will continue to have. However, it has set our entire country, especially the South, back a couple of decades. In short, it has caused a lot of division and unnecessary hate.

We definitely need more love in this world and less hate. Everyone desires to be loved. Heck the Beatles mentioned it in almost all of their songs.

The nation is at a true crosswords and honestly has been for quite a while. The Charleston incident was one of the final straws in this race, culture and history war.

I always like to offer solutions and thoughts. From my standpoint, we need to UNITE, period. We are the United States of America. It starts by treating each other as human beings. This is the time where race, class, and even differing opinions need to be put aside. Once we see that we are all human, fallible and passionate about something, we can rebuild the face and image that this great country was built upon.

I honestly believe that this is the issue that has been going on for far too long, and will continue until we start treating each other as one. One nation, one power, one flag (the American flag), and one set of human beings. We are like a family. Like and agreement will not always exist, but love should. The Beatles would certainly concur .

Now go out and find something in common with your neighbors, coworkers and such, and put aside all of this bickering.

Do you think our country is in this bad of shape? What other solutions do you have to rebuild it?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015 Mid Year Wrap-Up Of Pop Culture, Sports and other notable mishaps

July is notable to me for a variety of reasons: the 4th of July, my birthday, and of course my Mid-Year recap of the foolishness in the world. My lists are actually getting shorter over the years. Some people actually want to stay off apparently.


Troubled singer: Miley Cyrus. You seem headed right down the Brittany Spears path. All that's missing now are a husband and children.

Drug addicted athlete (Ricky Williams award): Josh Gordon. Until marijuana is illegal in all 50 states, you need to stop using if you wanna play football.

Criminals: Crooked ministers. Creflo Dollar may be the worst, but too many ministers falsely profit from God. Anyone get the double entendre there?

America: I have a separate post coming later. In short, we must come together as a country and end all of this useless division.

Beyonce': You're back again. Your mother has rediscovered your groove, while your fashion (and dresses are slipping).

Kim Kardashian (the ditzy THOT award): Please either go into hiding, or behave, if that's possible.


Caught with his pants down: Greg Anthony. This is sad. I will miss you as a broadcaster, but you can't always live your personal life as you please.

Dirty sports team: New England Patriots. Karma has finally gotten the best of you. You have many haters, and now it is justified.

Athlete with attitude: Marshawn Lynch. Look here Beast Mode, every one has job responsibilities they don't like. Just do the interviews, collect your check, and keep playing.

Bobby Knight coaching award: Kevin Stallings. That is no way to treat a player, or a person. You best believe I wouldn't want my son playing for you.

Racist award: Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. It's surprising you guys haven't made my list as of yet, given all of the strife you have stirred up. You all have a lot of work to do to improve your image as a national fraternity.

Over the top National Anthem performance: Jamie Foxx. We have had the best from Whitney, to the worst in Roseanne. But Jamie, what was that? You do realize the Star Spangled Banner is not a gospel hymn, right, right?

Renegade athlete: Tom Brady. Like your team, you also got your just desserts. Stop appealing and take your punishment like a man.

Sicko award (tie): Josh Duggart and Jared Fogle (the Subway guy). Duggart may be worse because he has 19 kids and molested his own sisters. But Jared is the most surprising. Subway has already gone south enough and now they will need a new spokesperson. Simply revolting.

Fake-out award: Rachel Dolzeal. You clearly thought because you were white, the rules didn't apply to you. One cannot get careless.

Rapist: Bill Cosby. Cos, I still don't wanna believe it. I am highly disappointed. I only pray you get forgiveness from your family and God.

See you all in December!