Monday, May 19, 2014

The Blind Fish Factor and Applying It To Everyday Life

I was recently introduced to the Blind Fish Factor via my monthly safety meeting at work.

The Blind Fish Factor can be Googled and explained in greater detail. However,  to summarize,  it shows how we get in such a routine and hurry that we can become careless, ignore key safety steps and procedures, and often end up being harmed as a result.  It's a different spin on missing the forest for the trees.

This concept is all too common in our everyday lives. Most people want the shortcut, the easy way out. There is no magic pill when it comes to living life. You may have those that bless and help you along the way. Nevertheless,  one must truly earn their rewards and prevent accidents and costly mistakes.

We can all fall victim to the Blind Fish Factor albeit through fitness, car and home maintenance, school, and even our relationships with others. Doing the bare minimum can get you by for a little while.  However, you cannot ignore steps, procedure and protocol.  Think of it like a recipe for a cake or casserole. You cannot skip vital steps or your dish may not turn out so pleasant.

Life may be a journey,  but it's not a vacation,  where you're trying to find the best route. Robert Frost wrote years ago about The Road Less Traveled. The reason this proverbial road is less traveled is because people don't want to put in the extra effort and work. Again they want the quick fix.

I'm glad to see older PSAs making a comeback, such as Smokey the Bear and preventing forest fires. I have written before that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is what the Smokey PSAs are in essence saying, and that is the gist of the Blind Fish Factor.

Think of riding all day long without your seatbelt, or even insurance.  What about cleaning up messy spills? And if you're a writer like myself,  failing to properly edit or being lax in the editorial process. These bad habits can doom us all.

Paying better attention to detail and taking greater pride in what we do everyday can help yourself and everyone. We are humans and we will make mistakes. However,  we don't need to be making repeat or trivial mistakes.  The best way is through proper planning and prevention.

Take a second and look at your lives. Where has the Blind Fish Factor affected you? How do you plan to correct this?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Boyd Jones: Making An Impact

Just a few weeks ago, Boyd Jones,  Director of Programming and advisor of the DSU organization at Winthrop University,  retired after more than 30 years of working with students and entertainers. He will move back to his home state of Tennessee once his retirement becomes officially effective on June 30.

Boyd has impacted many over the years. His goal in life always was to make a difference and that he did. He is such a caring, happy man that values the opinions of young people and developing them as leaders and adults. 

He also believed in keeping in touch with former colleagues and students via email. He never owned a cell phone,  until recently when, at his retirement party, he was given an iPhone. When he saw you,  he would always greet you with a passionate high five and/or a hug. He genuinely cared about where you were in life and how you were doing. 

Being an active movie and entertainment buff, Boyd would send a yearly Christmas email, highlighting all of the concerts,  sporting events, and favorite movies he had witnessed that year. You could and would trust Boyd's judgment of movies,  especially around Oscar time. He was an avid fan of both Dolly Parton and the St Louis Cardinals.  He got to meet Dolly a few years back and had a lifesize model of the petite country legend in his office.

Boyd has simply taught myself and others to act the way you want to be treated and to never stop making a positive impact on others.  It's hard to say goodbye,  as he left both Tulsa and Winthrop much better places for his presence.

So as only Boyd could say, let's all have a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut and a cold Sun - Drop for this wonderful man. He knows not only musical talent and movies,  but is an awesome judge of character. I look forward to seeing how he enjoys his retirement via email.

Thank you Boyd Jones for all you have did, and will continue to do for others.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Staying Hydrated: Five Beverages To Quench Your Thirst

This is an important time of year (Spring/Summer) in which to stay hydrated.  Whether in the gym or just in your daily activities,  you don't want to be thirsty.  This could cause you to become sick, dizzy, and possibly in the ER with dehydration. 

Here are five healthy drinks to curb your thirst. 

1. Water. 

This one is a given. During the warmer months of the year (and even year round), one should strive to drink one gallon of water/day. That's exactly 128 ounces. You can see many folks carrying around gallon jugs filled with water. It's also good to drink water with your meals, and a glass every couple of hours to keep you fresh and clean inside. 

2. Fresh Juice

I mean fresh juice, either from the supermarket,  or made from your juicer or blender.  The key is to get as much juice as you can and not a drink filled with sugar. You get all of your proper nutrients as well. Whether be apple, orange, or grapefruit juice, you can't go wrong with good, organic fruit juice.

3. Naked drinks

These drinks have grown in popularity over the past year or so. They encompass all sorts of nutrients you need, they have a wide variety available,  and they are fairly affordable.  At $2-$3/drink, they are well worth their value.

4. Gatorade.

Gatorade is one of the most popular sports drinks of all time,  one that most every athlete drinks. They are filled with glucose,  used to curb dehydration.  However, you want to drink these in moderation.  They are filled with excess sugars and potassium. Limit your usage to a couple per week.

5. Tea

Sweet tea is awesome, as many of you know that I'm a fan of. However,  there are many other great, healthier teas. Green, black, and even white tea.  They keep your system clean and your body energized. Tea is extremely healthy for you, minus all the sugars. You can even find tea in the small drink packets. Therefore,  try to drink more tea.

What do you drink to keep hydrated?  Do you prefer any beverage over the other?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Misunderstanding Mother's Day and Women

Today was Mother's Day, a rightful and appropriate homage to mothers and mother figures everywhere.  Many of you know I'm very grateful for my mother. I show this love and appreciation not only on this day, but everyday. I feel most children do. However,  you always have those that use this day to showcase what great children they are, when they barely honor or talk to their mothers.

Sorry if this blurb is taking a dark turn. I'm mostly going on the commercial and social side. 

Mother's Day is a common holiday, and very commercial and misunderstood. Businesses,  especially restaurants, florists and card companies, all capitalize on folks showing their mothers all this love for one day. Back before cell phones were popular,  the long distance companies use to make a good grip from calls made on this holiday.

Now I don't think Mother's Day is yet ruined or over commercialized like Christmas or even Valentine's Day. I believe often we miss the forest for the trees. It's about giving moms that special day, among many days. There is little argument that they deserve it. We just can't forget the true meaning of the holiday: showing love to your mother.  This doesn't always mean buying her the most expensive gift,  taking her to the best restaurant, getting her the best deals in packages and gifts available. 

The bottom line is your mother must know she is loved, and regularly.  Women need that appreciation and validation,  especially for all of the thankless tasks they do for others. However,  don't let it be a competition as to who is treating their mother better, or whom loves their mom the most. You love her,  she knows it, and you show it regularly.  That is what truly matters.

I have a very simple mom. I always make sure she has a nice gift,  a card, and doesn't have to cook for herself or others on that day. I ask her what SHE wants,  not what I want to get her, and I deliver. One must be in tune with their mom, wife, grandma, etc.  Please her on this day, and everyday.

The bottom line is this holiday should be used to show your own interpretation of love between you and your mother,  NOT what society, social media, and commercials tell you. This may be a grand gesture,  this may be a small one. Either way, it should be unique and fitting for the mother.

That being said, Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Debbie Lanier, and all moms! Here's hoping that you the love you displayed,  the gifts and such you bought, were all from the heart and what she wanted.  That is truly honoring the motherly women in your lives.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Timmons Brothers: It's All Rock And Roll To Them

Trivia and rock 'n' roll can both be lots of fun and exciting.  Brothers John and David Timmons will definitely not argue here. 

Years ago, they started doing a rock 'n' roll trivia show together a few times/year. This eventually spawned a website,  podcasts,  and even discussions and debates about cornerstones and historical events in this musical era of rock and roll spanning from the 50s on into the 90s.

John and David endeavor to make rock 'n' roll trivia fun and fair for everyone. They want all in attendance to feel the energy,  and have the chance to answer questions and win several musical related prizes. 

The trivia is set up into categories,  onto two boards.  The questions get harder as the game goes along. Musical soundbites are also included within many of the questions.  Topics include album covers, rock controversies, famous appearances, and even artist deaths. Many of the questions revolve around rock legends such as Elvis Pressley,  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,  and Chuck Berry. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first appearing on the Ed Sullivan show. Appropriately, there is a category discussing the British Invasion during the 60s and how it changed music forever. The Timmons duo does a fine job of blending as many artists, songs and information in under two hours as possible. 

I have seen this show evolve with technology and it is exciting and nostalgic.  I am both a fan of trivia and rock 'n' roll, so I love this thoroughly.  I also enjoy the random side facts that John and David provide during their show and on their podcasts.  Their love and knowledge for rock shows and is hard to debate.

The show itself has received accolades as they perform venues such as college campuses,  conferences and festivals.  During 2012, the program was voted one of the "Top Variety/Novelty Events" by the college activities board.  In the summer of 2013, the Columbus Dispatch voted them "One of the Five to Try" events for central Ohio.

Are you interested in attending a rock 'n' roll trivia show near you? Check for venues, show dates, and their podcasts.  You will find that these guys know their stuff and enjoy being in the company of others that do.

Rock and roll has been a controversial genre, similar to how hip hop has been the past 30 years. The Timmons truly highlight how important this golden age of music was to our culture and history for so long, and still lives on. I guess Danny and the Juniors were correct when they sang "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay." 

You can thank the Timmons brothers for keeping it alive in myself and in thousands of others that have come out for their shows,  from Ohio to South Carolina and beyond.

That being said, rock on John and David!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 Summer Movie Preview

The 2014 summer movie season officially started this past weekend with The Amazing Spiderman 2. I saw it and enjoyed it. Now I'm ready for what the remaining summer months has to offer: 


The latest X-Men: Days Of Future Past, seems great,  as does Adam Sandler teaming with Drew Barrymore once again in Blended. Seth MacFarlane's spaghetti western A Million Ways To Die In The West should be really entertaining.  It seems to have a Blazing Saddles feel to it. Other movies I really want to see include 22 Jump Street,  The Purge Anarchy,  Expendables 3, the James Brown biopic, Guardians Of The Galaxy,  and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.


I'm not really impressed with the latest Godzilla movie.  I believe they have overblown this franchise over the past few decades.  Transformers 4 will be much different with Mark Wahlberg as the lead in Shia LeBeauf. I may still see that one. I can't believe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are again returning to the big screen.


I believe Think Like A Man Too could be entertaining and edgy. Neighbors will be a sleeper as a hilarious comedy.

Outside of these movies I mentioned,  everything else is a crapshoot.  The summertime is good for going to the movies and drive-ins, and I'm overall very happy as to what's in store.

What are some summer movies you have to see? Which ones do you not care for either?