Sunday, May 18, 2014

Boyd Jones: Making An Impact

Just a few weeks ago, Boyd Jones,  Director of Programming and advisor of the DSU organization at Winthrop University,  retired after more than 30 years of working with students and entertainers. He will move back to his home state of Tennessee once his retirement becomes officially effective on June 30.

Boyd has impacted many over the years. His goal in life always was to make a difference and that he did. He is such a caring, happy man that values the opinions of young people and developing them as leaders and adults. 

He also believed in keeping in touch with former colleagues and students via email. He never owned a cell phone,  until recently when, at his retirement party, he was given an iPhone. When he saw you,  he would always greet you with a passionate high five and/or a hug. He genuinely cared about where you were in life and how you were doing. 

Being an active movie and entertainment buff, Boyd would send a yearly Christmas email, highlighting all of the concerts,  sporting events, and favorite movies he had witnessed that year. You could and would trust Boyd's judgment of movies,  especially around Oscar time. He was an avid fan of both Dolly Parton and the St Louis Cardinals.  He got to meet Dolly a few years back and had a lifesize model of the petite country legend in his office.

Boyd has simply taught myself and others to act the way you want to be treated and to never stop making a positive impact on others.  It's hard to say goodbye,  as he left both Tulsa and Winthrop much better places for his presence.

So as only Boyd could say, let's all have a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut and a cold Sun - Drop for this wonderful man. He knows not only musical talent and movies,  but is an awesome judge of character. I look forward to seeing how he enjoys his retirement via email.

Thank you Boyd Jones for all you have did, and will continue to do for others.

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