Saturday, September 26, 2015

25 of Blacksburg High School's best football players

Last week at halftime of the Blacksburg High School's game versus Woodruff, the 2015 Hall Of Fame class was announced. This included all BHS sports of course. The most notable to many in this area is football though. Four of the six nominees did play football in Blacksburg, SC at some point. Cherokee County is a football county, as Gaffney, SC takes football as seriously as a small town high school can.

That being said, I believe the inductees (current and past) are deserving. Two are former teammates of mine. However, the big debate is why certain players haven't gotten in yet. It does mirror the NFL Hall of Fame, as some players get in early, while others seemingly wait decades, and may not live to see their enshrinement.

Finally, I have compiled my own top 25, which was difficult. I may later expand this to a top 50.

1. Doug Bolin

2. Mike Smith

3-25 (in no particular order)

Danny Fulton

Chris Dawkins

Shon Dawkins

Marcus Davis

 Mickey Moss

 Tony West

 Fred Parker

Randy Patterson

Randy Huskey

 Marcus King

Terrence "TO" Camp

Timmy Camp

Darrell Burris

Kenneth Blackstone

 Blake Hope

 Mark Striewing

Stanley "Dunnie" Watts II

Lamont Sutton

Anthony Garrison

 Joe Patterson

 Nesbitt "Banky" Black

Joey Moore

Daniel Farris

Other notables: JR Martin, JP Martin, Billy Costner, Butch McAbee, Roland "Shine" Camp, Mark Dawkins

There have been many greats come through Blacksburg High School.  Imagine them being on one team.

OK, who else should be on this list? Who honestly has no business being mentioned?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A House Divided: Dating Someone Who Roots For a Different Sports Team

Now the most popular sport is back in full swing: football. The rivalries can spawn friends, coworkers and relatives not speaking for months.

What about significant others though?

It is interesting what I have heard and seen over the past few years. Many people won't even consider dating you if you root for a team they dislike or "the enemy."

OK now let's get something straight. I understand everyone has their preferences and standards, and they should. I'm as big of a sports fan as you will find, especially football. I write this post as I also watch two college football games simultaneously.

However, we must realize the key word here: game. It is important to fans and players but if you're in love with another person and you have other similarities, why can't you make it work? And you wonder why you're single.

It seems to be our generation is almost finding reasons either to be in a relationship or to stay single. Once again, if you want to be in a relationship with a certain person, be willing and able to put other barriers and obstacles aside. Many divided households make it work.

It's similar to men hating shopping, soap operas, and spas, or women not caring about sports, beer, or action movies. There will always be differences to work through. Just because you two will eventually become one doesn't mean you need to be exactly alike. We were created to be unique and have our own minds also.

Therefore, we should develop an attitude of gratitude, confidence and understanding. This can be challenging but you will not grow as a human being. Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn't always bad. Just find enough common ground to maintain chemistry.

Are you currently in a "house divided" situation? Would you date someone that roots for the enemy in your sport?

Some Common But Creative Mid Week Activities To Try

There are those folks that work on weekends for various reasons: school, or the career field they are in. Or, you may work during the week and want to do more than be on your smartphone or watch TV. Being that I have pulled weekend shifts in the past and have had time off during two and three day stretches, it forces one to be more creative when finding fun activities going on. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Local community/church/college activities.

Check the newspapers and the online calendars. Many of these places have shows, plays, open mics and such during the week.

2. Exercise

Many gyms have active classes during the week, and around in the community. Also, when it's warm out, you can walk, jog or run.

3. Movies

4. Sporting events (youth to professional).

5. Concerts

6. Doctor's appointments, dealing with errands.

These are things that you wouldn't have time to do on a normal week. However, if you're not preoccupied during the week, you can use this time to complete those duties.

7. Volunteer work, including after school tutoring and mentoring.

8. Shopping

9. Taking a casual drive.

10. Trying out restaurants in other cities.

Restaurants aren't usually as packed during this time and often offer good deals. For example, Ruby Tuesdays allows kids 10 and under to eat for free on Tuesdays.

Hope this helps fill the time during the week (which may be your weekend.)

Do you currently do some of these activities? What are some other ones you would add to this list?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Let's Get Ready To Rumble: Mother and Child Edition

Many of us get into it with our mothers from time to time.Even as adults, we may not still curse or talk back to them. But there has seemingly been a collective head bumping since puberty that seems to take decades to taper off.

I can speak from experience here. My mom and I have gotten really heated at times. We have had to fall back from each other for often days at a time. Yes we have an awesome relationship but it's not all peaches and cream.

It seems like girls are more than likely to fight and fuss with their mothers, while guys typically want to be more protective and quiet.  Also with guys, you want to treat your mother well. That's where it starts as a child. You will tend to treat other women well.

Here are four quick tips on facilitating the healing after a blowout with your mom.

1. Distance

Realize what has happened and back away from the situation. Trust me here. Give it a day or two, then talk it out like civilized adults.

2. Admit your shortcomings.

Yes when mama's unhappy, everybody is, even when she's in the wrong. Admit your own faults, and try to find common ground. 

3. Let It Go

Sometimes it's simply not that crucial to be getting all upset about. It could also have long term effects. You may win the battle, but you'll lose the war. Choose your words and battles carefully and know when to leave it alone.

4. End the altercation in peace.

This is the hardest but after common ground, find some peace in the midst of conflict. You may need a buffer to assist,  but you don't wanna leave things too tense for too long. Most of us want peace and not war anyways, especially with the person that brought us into this world.

Remember fights are often inevitable but there's usually nothing beyond repair. Keep it moving and don't stop loving your mother. You only have one after all.

What is the worst fight you and your mother ever had? How did you deal with it?