Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rolling Thunder: Beware On Those Roads

Most everyone knows that police are out heavier during holidays and at the first of the month. Well many don't realize they are also out heavy in mid-Spring in an operation called "Rolling Thunder."

During this time, for about 10-18 days, police and highway patrol from all surrounding areas (even in areas outside of their jurisdiction), swarm highways and popular roads, mostly in search of drugs. However, if you're breaking the laws of the road, they can still get you. They realize that warmer weather is back and people like to cruise and drive leisurely.

It's not always a bad concept, as long as it's not crooked. I mean, once again, you expect the law to be out during certain times but not all over. Rolling Thunder is a good way to corral the roads and make them safer, albeit for only a couple of weeks.

Therefore, have your papers ready, your tag current, and drive safely, especially during this period. The dates may vary depending upon your areas so don't assume it's over in one state or city.

Did you know about Rolling Thunder? Does it change the way you drive?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

I Love Nicki Minaj! 😍

I'm going somewhere with this title, so continue reading.

Many men may not necessarily love hip hop artist/actress/model Nicki Minaj. However, they love the stereotypical woman she betrays. Gorgeous face, body, insatiable sex appeal, perfect smile, and even that weird alien voice. Finally, she is viewed as a slutty, immoral freak. Do all men want this type of woman? Of course not. But there are men that like this, or at least find this type of woman very appealing.

Women like Nicki Minaj are rarely long term, wife material. They are often teases, whores and are often good for one night. They do possess traits that we like to see in our girlfriends and even wives. We like a female that is comfortable with her sexuality, is very confident, fashion conscious, and knows how to please a man and what they want.

Now now ladies how is this different than your fantasies? You like the men with the bald heads (thank you by the way), long beards, dreads, Timbs, washboard abs, and street cred. Many of you seem to want the same type of man and then have the audacity to bash a man for wanting a type of promiscuous girl.

I do realize most of this is a phase and fantasy. However when fantasy crosses into reality, there can be problems. You have to be compatible with a person all the way: body, mind and spirit. When reading Proverbs 31 referring to the virtrous woman, there is no mention of her outer appearance. Being older has made me realize this matters more than many will admit. Having the total package is much better. You don't want a woman long term that a Nicki Minaj represents. These come a dime a dozen. You want that rare person that comes into your life that you can't stop thinking about that changes the game for you. These dimes are pure and hold more value.

So yes love what Nicki Minaj has to offer and how she arouses you. But don't forget what she represents.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sheila Falls: More Than A Cafeteria Lady

On Thursday, April 7, 2016, myself and the community of Blacksburg, SC lost a great woman, spirit and friend. Sheila Falls left us in the physical at age 67 following a short bout with cancer.

Mrs.Sheila was long the cafeteria manager at Blacksburg High. Now not many cafeterias in high school have your mouth watering. But Mrs. Sheila, especially during an era where allergies weren't a huge issue, used her own recipes, heart and soul to whip up tasty breakfasts and lunches. She also catered on the side. Her signature dish was perhaps her Peanut Butter Bars. She got the recipe from the late Home Economics teacher Mrs. Georgia Satterfield, but recreated into her own. I have learned how to make these delicious bars, and even recreate them into cake form.

Mrs. Sheila was more than a lunch lady. She was a smiling face on a long, bad day. She was friendly to everyone who came across her, regardless of gender, race or class. You were a person to Sheila Falls and she treated you as such. I don't recall her ever having an enemy, and the only time I would see her get mad is when some students would abuse the tea policy and throw tea cups all over the outside of the cafeteria.

My condolences especially go out to her husband Donald, her son Scott and her daughter Tamara. Sheila and Donald were long time neighbors of mine, but it felt like she was everyone's neighbor. She was truly a gem of a person that cannot be replaced.

People like Sheila need to be cherished. When you think of how someone has treated you, passed you over, or tried to destroy you, think of Mrs. Sheila Falls and her loving spirit. If only the world had more like her.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

What Can Be Learned From Taking Away Social Media

Many of you know I chose to gave up social media for Lent this year. That's right, no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + , Snapchat or LinkedIn for 40 days. Facebook was honestly the toughest because that is my major vehicle for connecting with folks, and posting my writings and life happenings.

I always have a spiritual journey and learn a lot during Lent. Here is what one can learn from the presence and the absence of social media.

1. The absence of it typically gives a person more free time. My mom once said after trying it for a year that it is a "time thief". Staying on any network for too long can do just that.. I was able to focus my attention in other avenues and areas during my fast.

2. The Internet, even with Google and Wikipedia, have waned in popularity due to social media. Smartphones are awesome also. However, without social media, the overall experience is diminished. Think of HDTV versus regular television.

3. It is too easy to keep in touch via a social network versus interacting with a person via phone, text, letter or even visiting them. Making social calls to people's houses has also become obsolete, unless you're hanging out or there's a social function.

4. You miss out on important updates and tidbits. It used to be sad and taboo to make certain announcements on FB or Twitter. Now it's commonplace. Many artists are not only discovered via social media, they release their music through this medium.

5. Times have changed, period. Yes the hackers, fake people and spammers will continue to exist. But social media has so many more usages and purposes now overall.

Consequently, if you're gonna be off social media for an extended period of time, ensure those closest to you have a way of reaching you. It is paramount of course to stay on some type of grid.