Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Double-Down: Pleasure and Unhealthiness?

OK there's been lots of hype, fanfare, and all-out outrage regarding KFC's newest product "The Double Down". For the unaware, it's a sandwich that has two slices of cheese, bacon, the Colonel's special sauce (most likely horseradish or Thousand Island dressing) sandwiched between two fried or grilled chicken breasts. This could have been really popular years ago during the low-carb/Atkins craze.

However, this is viewed as something extremely unhealthy and outrageous to serve. I, too, thought "What in the world is KFC thinking now?". I'm aware that they have to keep serve against Bojangles, Churchs and Popeyes. But this is quite an extreme measure.

This has also drawn plenty of attention from health advocates, several updates and opinions on Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, the commercials continue. I'm actually surprised KFC hasn't offered any discounts or giveaways for the sandwich. I guess Double Down coupons are forthcoming to my mailbox. The Double Down combo (sandwich, potato wedges, and a medium drink) is approximately $6.99.

For those that watch the Aaron McGruder-created show "The Boondocks" that aired on the Adult Swim portion of Cartoon Network, you may remember a similar delicacy. It was called "The Luther". "The Luther" was a large hamburger patty, onions, 5 slices of bacon, between 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Sounds extremely unhealthy, eh?

The health facts are that The Double Down (fried or grilled) has actually less calories than a Whopper or a Big Mac. However, the sodium is ridiculous, over 1,300 mg! Now many folks eat at least two pieces of fried chicken if they order a bucket of chicken with some family and friends. However, now you add in the sauce, cheese and bacon and make a sandwich out of it.

I FINALLY resisted temptation and let curiosity overtake willpower yesterday. I tried the Double Down. Yes I DID IT and LIVED to tell about it. My verdict: it was actually pretty tasty. Greasy but tasty. It's like something my brother and I would have put together as children just trying to concocted the most creative but unhealthy sandwich we could.

So will The Double Down kill you? Not necessarily. But it's definitely NOT something you would want to eat everyday (or every week even). The jury is out as to how long it will survive on KFC's menu. The buzz and sizzle alone from the controversy is selling the product off the counters. When I was ordering my Double Down, there were at least 5 other brave souls trying it as well, many for the 1st time like myself. I will have to say that KFC's Double Down is both pleasure and unhealthiness. Maybe I will try it again late one night before they close on a weekend and I don't wanna go to Waffle House or Dennys. Time will tell,...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Tea Reviews (Top 5)

Hello visitors!

I've decided by popular interest and request to start blogging again. I will start with a review of sweet teas from local and national restaurants. Many of you know that sweet tea is one of my favorite drinks. Fortunately, I only drink sweet tea when I eat out, and that's maybe a couple times/week now. I drink lots of water, juice, and green tea on other occasions. Over the years, I've sampled tea all over the country (and even overseas). There's no doubt the South has the best sweet tea, as many Northern and West Coast areas don't really sweeten their tea much (if at all). Now my top 5 places to go for the best sweet tea are in no particular order:

1. Bojangles (that half gallon is a beast)
2. McDonalds (can't beat a large sweet tea for a buck)
3. Sonic (all types of great flavored teas)
4. Beacon (if you haven't tried Beacon's tea, you are missing out. You can find it for sale in several stores in the Upstate).
5. Pizza Inn in Gaffney (I'm naming this specific one b/c it's one of the few Pizza Inns, and restaurants left, that still naturally brew their tea the old-fashioned way.) Talk about a guilty pleasure. Unlimited sweet tea, salad, and a variety of regular and dessert pizzas. That makes me want to hit the gym extra hard just thinking about it.

Maybe in future posts I will elaborate on a place, or places, that have really impressed me with their sweet tea. But for now, I will stay with these 5 to kick this blog off and to give you guys something to think and comment about.

Come back frequently!