Sunday, August 28, 2016

Anyone That Knows Me Knows That,...

This title is often something I find myself saying a lot. Many don't know me as well as they think they do. It's either because they aren't around me that much, don't care, or aren't paying attention. I am an open book on some aspects of my life though. This post is dedicated to some of those.

Those that know me in the least know these things about me:

I love smiling, laughing, joking and simply being happy.
I love health, fitness (lifting, running, training)
Food is a big vice of mine, and I can still eat heavily
I am a very smart, intelligent, educated person
I am loving and respectful
I am hardworking
I love and am very close to my mother, even when we are at odds
I love sports, especially football
Despite my outgoing nature, I can be a quiet introvert, spawning my entire #imjustdrew movement
I am a very frugal, economically sound person. You will not see me spending money on trivial things 
I love going to functions and gatherings. When not at work or the gym, I stay on the go
I love movies, whether on the big or small screen 

More later!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The So Gone Challenge: So Right and So Wrong

You would almost have to be living under a rock to not know about the #sogonechallenge going on currently on social media.. This is the latest in social media challenges over the past few years and like the others, has its ups and downs.

It started when Monica (yep that Monica from the 90s) recorded her newest single "So Gone." She then did a freestyle over this infectious beat. Many people, including celebrities, have been doing the same, and have been utilizing FB Live, Instagram, Periscope, and even Vine to post their freestyles and even R&B melodies to this beat.

Now why I'm glad that certain lyricists are coming out of the woodwork to display their skills and show that hip hop is not trap music, it's the ones that have no business doing it that I have a problem with. There has to come a point where you're being funny and you realize that everything isn't for everyone. Dwayne Wade is one of many that showed he should stick to basketball . Folks, like every social media challenge, are starting to ruin it. It's becoming more like American Idol or The Voice. Sounds harsh, but it's the tactful truth.

Please don't let social media dictate your life anymore than it already has. The #sogonechallenge is meant to be fun, but it's no fun seeing people fumble through their own raps and they can only do 10 bars instead of a full 16. 

Football can't return soon enough!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Home Improvement Problems? Planning For The Unplanned

OK being that it is August, it is without question the one appliance in your home you don't want breaking down is your A/C. It can be the zombie apocalypse. However, there are several appliances and repairs you may have to make.

But first let's talk about obscessed people have  become with being a homeowner. It's part of the American Dream. When people can't find that perfect person nor have children, they can still buy and own their own homes. Problem is, many don't realize the maintenance and upkeep required. It's like my old analogy, playing a game without first knowing the rules. 

This year, which still has four months remaining, has drained my pockets, savings, and such in home improvement costs. I have had to repair or replace two lawnmowers, a hot water heater and now my clothes dryer. The AC may be salvageable but I'm looking into space coolers and window units in the meantime. My mom recently suffered a heat stroke and I can't risk that again.

Ok here are some tips I have picked up while buying and replacing items for your home, and while unrigging all the raggedy work my step dad did on this home.

1. Save an allowance of money for home improvement projects.

You have an idea of what's coming (#2) so budget for that and then some. I expected some of the things so I set aside funds for those. Others I had to use other measures. Either way, try and get an idea of what you need, the best prices and such.

2. Do and keep a home inventory.

This perhaps should be #1. Keep track of your appliances and watch out if something isn't working or sounding properly. Staying ahead of the problem can help in keeping it down later.

3. Know the major appliances that need attention and their warranties/shelf lives.

These include but aren't limited to: your sinks, toilets, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, hot water heater, oven. lawnmower, and heating/AC unit. Replacing them all at once can break you. Doing it for a deal or maybe once in  while isn't as bad.

4. Don't cheap out or go all that.

A $1000 dryer or hot water heater isn't necessary. However do your research, don't buy used unless you trust the source, and find the best fit for your home.

5 . Get a Lowes or a Home Depot card.

Now first of all I'm not in favor of credit cards, unless your credit is already established and you're responsible. If you're gonna get a store card, pay the monthly balance down as much as possible, not just the minimum. Also know your limit and stay within it, especially on a six month basis. Just like your home, it's all about the interest rate.

6. Keep handy people and fix it folks on standby.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not Tim the Tool man nor Bob Villa. However, I stay connected with folks that can help me in tight situations. This could be from installing stuff, to carrying out things, or even using their truck to haul equipment. Keep a steady network of these things.

7. Prepare for the temporary inconvenience and have backup plans.

If your shower is broken or your water goes out, make plans for laundry, baths in the short term. Keep box fans and space heaters for your heating and AC. Also, if you have a grill, keep meat in your freezer and charcoal or gas handy just in case you may need to cook outdoors for a few days. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Happy home improving!