Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse didn't make it to rehab, no, no, no (stop the joking now)

Believe me folks, this blog is one of serious nature.

Amy Winehouse, talented, soulful singer, was found dead in her London apartment this past Saturday, July 23. She was 27.

I don't joke about this topic for several reasons. One because drug abuse is a serious disease. It hasn't been confirmed whether or not Amy's death was caused by drugs and/ or alcohol. Many folks die young from it and never get the help they need, even when its available. Amy was a talented singer, but a human being first. She had so much more life ahead of her. Instead, she becomes a sad clique'.

Also, drug and alcohol abuse seems to run rampant in the entertainment industry. They have all of these evil vices available and they indulge (often over indulging) Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi, Elvis Pressley, Chris Farley, Frankie Lyman, and Sam Kinison are just of the few notable names whose lives were cut short by drug addiction. Joplin, Morrison, and and even Amy all died at age 27. Guess there's a lot of meaning behind sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

This subject especially hits close to home since my brother, Adam, was a fatal victim of drug addiction. He passed away over 5 years ago as a result of overdosing on methadone and valium. He was addicted to several drugs, including oxycontin, crack, weed, alcohol, and especially xanax. Those drugs make him a different, more violent person. It was awful and saddening to see him in that sight. He put my mom through pure Hell for 6 years. Its sad now to see how my mom hurts over losing him. I would do almost anything to bring back my brother and dry her tears and mend her broken heart. Therefore, the folks I hate it for the most are Amy's parents. They're experiencing a parent's worst nightmare right now. Amy was merely an entertainer to us. To them, she was their beloved daughter.

The fact that it wasn't a complete suprise isn't the issue here. You don't want to wish death on someone. That's why it disgusts me to see folks joking about Amy. She was a sick, sad, lost individual whose time ran out.

My question is when will this vicious cycle end? Too many lives have been lost to this disease. Many folks need medication and hard drugs to properly function. But when anything isn't performed in moderation, it can end bad.

So please stop laughing now jokesters. Think of Amy as your cousin, sister, or even daughter. Forget that she was a Grammy winning singer whose biggest hit was "Rehab". She deserves our utmost respect in death. She definitely didn't get it in life.

So what are you doing to prevent and slow down drug addiction?
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

34 lessons I've learned

Since I turn 35 in a few months, I'm giving 34 basic life lessons I've learned the past few decades during my first 34 years on this planet.

1. You are never a failure with the right circle of friends.
2. Looks are important, but one must focus on inner beauty and growth.
3. Karma is real.
4. You get out of life what you put into it. Despite bad breaks, tragedies, etc, you are ultimately responsible for your achievements and failures.
5. Sports are awesome, whether playing or watching them.
6. Being an adult is difficult but its nice to have freedoms.
7. God, family, friends, in that order, are of paramount importance.
8. Money doesn't grow on trees, and should be spent carefully.
9. Music is the universal language.
10. Closed mouths don't get fed. You should always express your views and let them be known, albeit tactful.
11. Nothing is completely free in life, not even Jesus.
12. It seems people love to watch drama, buffoonery, before something of high quality.
13. People are funny, period
14. Education and knowledge are priceless.
15. Ignorance is not bliss.
16. Act the way you want to be treated.
17. Take your time, everything isn't urgent or to be rushed into.
18. Know your value and worth.
19. A glass of water with your meal will fill you up faster.
20. You should love your family, but you don't have to like or agree with everything they do.
21. Entertainment is definitely generational and changes rapidly.
22. Life is short, we should make the best of it, and value our loved ones.
23. It's ok to mess up every now and then. No one is/was perfect, except the man that was hung on the cross.
24. Physical fitness is more than just losing weight and looking good. It's important for your all around wellness.
25. Try not to argue or fight over petty issues. Pick your own battles.
26. Love is powerful and real, and this word should not be thrown around like a football.
27. People make time for what they REALLY want to do.
28. Be your own person, do not be afraid to be different.
29. It's okay to ask for help, directions, etc.
30. If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything
31. You learn how many friends you have when you're at your worst, rock bottom and down and out.
32. Stress needs to be regulated, starting with getting proper rest.
33. Blogging is fun, work, but a great way to get things off of your chest in an organized fashion.
34. Set realistic goals, with deadlines and mini-goals/milestones.
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Mid Year Cowbell List

The year is halfway over, and I'm back with my list of things thus far that lack major "cowbell". I would like to give a shoutout to my friend Regina Wright for inspiring and assisting with my bi-annual lists. Maybe one day we can get our own cowbell column.

Ok without further adieu:

- LeBron. You made that big spectacle on TV to leave for the Heat, then go to the championship and choke. You have got to control the women in your life better and deliver in clutch situations.

- Planking. It's out of control, idiotic, and folks that do it obviously do not know its historical origins. Who started this fad anyway?

- Ohio State football. Y'all are basically screwed for a while. You guys remind me of Miami or Alabama in the 90s. Looks like Michigan will be beating you for years to come now.

- Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Many of you were sore losers after my Packers beat you in the last Super Bowl. Some of you even questioned my loyalty thinking I was a bandwagoner. Anyone that knows me well knows I'm a longtime Green Bay fan.

- Sarah Palin. Please just keep your mouth shut, and stay out of the public eye. You will not get the GOP nod for the presidency, and you're lucky if you can even become president of the PTO at your child's school.

- Beyonce'. The first 2 singles off of your newest album, as well, as the videos, were well below par. B, you turn 30 this year, your heyday is wearing down, you can't afford a setback, especially now that you fired your father as manager.

- The NFL and NBA. Stop being greedy and just come to an agreement already so that America will not be deprived of its top 2 sports. You will lose waay more money if the lockouts or shortened seasons come.

- VH-1 for its continuously bad programming. Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, and now this mess of a show, Single Ladies.

- Tamar Braxton. You need to simply sit down and shut up.! America is laughing at your ignorant, obnoxious self, not with you.

FB updates. They're getting worse. First its SNs, now its ridiculous hashtags, reposts, spam, voting contests, and now getting tagged to these horrendous looking shoes!

-Charlie Sheen. Dude you are definitely NOT #winning #thatisall

- Apple. You guys do not run the technology spector, so please get a reality check.

- Kevin Hart. Funny, yes. But you're no Chris Rock, Chapelle, Redd, Eddie, or Pryor. You are overrated in a comic industry lacking a dominant black comedian.

-Rihanna. You are just a mess, loving the way guys lie, into S&M, and now you're on speaking terms with Chris Brown once again.

- Wiz Khalifa. It appears the need for ignorant, coonish rappers is not stopping any time soon.

-Amber Rose. You are a very gorgeous woman, but please leave other women's men alone. Less @$$, more class, please and thank you.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4. One of the low points of the franchise, and this summer movie season. I'm not so hype for 5 now.

- Lace front wigs. They're getting out of hand! It appears for every black woman going natural, two are buying a week's worth of lace front wigs.

Lupe Fiasco. Dude, first you release the disappointing "Lasers", and now you make these brash statements about President Obama. Perhaps you should go into hiding for about 2 years.

- Folks that won't get pedicures but need them. They are relaxing, and almost necessary, especially if you love open toed shoes.

- Women wearing booty shorts with extreme cellulite. Yeah its really hot, but you should dress with discretion. Those clothes are a privilege and NOT a right!

- Text message language used on resumes. Really are you kidding me? And you folks are typically the first to complain about not being able to find a job.

- People that complain about not being able to find a good mate and when they actually do, do not know how to act or treat them.

Video stores. C'mon, stop trying to stay open! Redbox and Netflix are holding down the movie and game rental business. Even Blockbuster is now slowly transitioning to Redbox-like Kiosks. Get with the program!

- Marvin's Room It's an overrated, sad song, and lacks substance and cowbell.
- Ted Williams. The world was your oyster and you have tainted your 2nd chance. I pray that you finally get the help you need.
- The Royal Wedding. There's no reason Americans should make a fuss about it, and it's waay too expensive and unrealistic. Plus William and Kate are simply people, NOT the Sun and the Moon.

Happy 4th of July, enjoy the fireworks (uggghhh) and try to stay off my next list!
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