Sunday, November 15, 2015

Relationship Assessment

More and more relationship quizzes and assessments are appearing. Cosmopolitan magazine is probably the most popular of the quizzes. However, we see more and more assessments other than relationship compatibility. Many companies use this method when evaluating and hiring new employees. It's definitely a growing trend

To this end, I have compiled my own relationship assessment. I plan on putting it on Survey Monkey, or another related site.

1. Do you workout/exercise/train?

2. How is your overall eating?

3. Do you want children (or any more)? How many?

4. Who do you think should pay on dates? What about bills?

5. What are the basic roles of a man in a relationship?

6. Do you like sports? If so, what are your favorites, along with teams?

7. What is your favorite restaurant?

8. Are you a dog or cat person?

9. What is your greatest fear?

10. Favorite quote?

11. What is your religious/spiritual affiliation?

12. Did you attend or plan to attend college? If yes, where?

13. Do you enjoy reading/writing? What is your favorite book?

14. Name your top five favorite TV shows.
15. Who are your top five rappers of all time?

16. Do you think you manage time well? Why or why not?

17. Would you date outside of your race?

18. Are you currently in a relationship?

19. Can you cook and if so, what are your best dishes?

20. How often do you pamper yourself? (manis, pedis, hair, etc)

21. What types of clothes do you normally wear?

22. Do you drink and/or smoke?

23. What does a perfect Saturday night consist of? Sunday morning?

24. Where was your best vacation?

25. How do feel about punctuality and organization? Are you a spur of the moment person?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

How To Handle The Rain, And Other Discontent In Your Life

This may have not been your year so far, and you want to close it out strong and gear up for 2016. Moreover, you could simply be tired of all of this rain lately.

Out of the past two months, it has rained nearly every weekend, including a string of four consecutive weekends in the Dirty South. That doesn't count all of the rain during the week. Add in warmer temperatures and you see grass that should have already died making a comeback like Michael Jordan or Jason Voorhees.

As the famous song by New Edition goes "can you handle the rain?".

It has been a true struggle, and it's even worse now it's darker earlier. One wants to get all of the sunshine, metaphorical and actual, that is possible. Personally you begin to wonder how climates such as Seattle and London can tolerate all of this wet, muggy weather.

Here are a few tips to help you in weathering these storms. 

1. Keep your Vitamin D levels high.

This is good for your overall health anyways and morale. Whether through dairy or vegetables, keeping enough Vitamin D is crucial when the supply is short.

2. Keep your trips short , sweet and productive.

Don't go out unless absolutely necessary, and buy like you would for a snowstorm or tornado. The rainy days in your life are a challenge, and you may just wanna spend a few days inside.

3. Do a lot of neglected housecleaning.

This can be your home, garage, den, or even friend lists in your phone or social media. Doing this can clear your mind as well and keep you busy.

4. Keep plenty of soup on standby.

Yes soups, stews and chowders are the popular cuisine during any downpour or down period. They soothe and warm the soul.

5. Netflix and Chill.

I don't mean the newly popular hookup app. This can be a time to catch up on movies, shows and simply relax (without any other implied action). Take advantage people.

6. Intimacy is always good.

This is one that I will leave right here as my grown readers know what's up.

7. Write and vent your feelings.

This topic just didn't come by convenience. It's also a coping mechanism for yours truly. Point being, putting your feelings on paper can revilize you.

Remember the rainy days won't last forever as Mary J eluded to. Appreciate the sunshine while you can, so the lean days are more bearable.

How do you deal with the various rainy days in your life? Has anything on this list been effective?