Sunday, March 13, 2016

GLUTEN!!! The Real Great White Dope

The weight loss and get in shape phases pushes on as the summer months are right around the corner. People want to be poolside and beach ready.

Many already know the dangers of simple carbs such as white bread, white rice, shoot most any type of food that is white and full of carbs and sugar. Some in the fitness world refer to it as the white devil. The main ingredient that causes certain problems and stunts weight loss and toning is gluten.

Gluten is an ingredient found in many foods, rice, cakes, many bread products, noodles, pastas and pizza. It can be dangerous and even deadly as some folks are gluten intolerant. Not much different from those that are lactose intolerant, gluten takes a toll on their bodies and energies.

It has been commonly known for years that anything white must be "positive and pure". This is part of Webster's Dictionary of white. Milk, angels, sheep, even the clouds are white. However, consuming certain foods of this pure color can contain lots of gluten.

So what can and does gluten do to a person. Well it adds unwanted fat, especially in the midsection. It is very filling, and doesn't digest well. It mostly turns to pure sugar in the body (another white nuisance.).  In short, gluten and simple carbs work in tandem for good and bad. Oftentimes one may need to consume these. Strict moderation is advised.

I tell people often when asked how to remove belly fat and tone easier: cut back on your gluten intake. You will burn more fat and feel more energetic. Consume fruits, vegetables, water, lean proteins and complex carbs such as brown rice and quinoa. These lack all of the sugars that gluten is made of and may take away the flavor. However, they make for an overall healthy regimen and allow you to be more regular as these foods digest easier.

Do further research on the effects of gluten and you'll think twice before eating that extra basket of rolls or bread at the restaurant.

Have you seen how bad gluten can be for you? What measures, if any, have you performed to reduce your gluten intake?

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Double Trouble: Leaving Double Standards Alone

Double standards have been a barrier in our society long enough. I say it's long overdue for us to end these.

Phrases such as "do as I say, not as I do" are complete hogwash as well. One should set the example and image of how they wish to be perceived. We should all strive to become that living, breathing beacon of hope.

Why do double standards even still exist? I believe one reason is due to how many gender roles have remained the same. We're in a more progressive era, so we need to change not only gender roles, but interpersonal ones as well. Let's be more fair across the board.

Tonight's UFC match, for instance, features two females on the main event. UFC has been progressing for years, and the rise and fall of recently defeated champion Ronda Rousey have shown that a female can get down in the octagon just as a male can, and draw in equal or greater viewers.

Equal or greater is the key here. There are exceptions of course, but for the norm, let's evaluate human beings as human beings and leave all of this classification aside. We are also in both an election year and a Summer Olympics year. These principles will be important to keep in mind as we push forward towards these events.

One of the biggest double standards I can think of is in the National Hockey League (NHL). There are many brawls that occur nightly during a match, but rarely is anyone suspended or punished. Let this happen in America's two biggest pro sports, the NFL or NBA, and there will be lots of suspensions and fines. I have never liked this concept, regardless of the cultural differences.

Think twice before you do or say anything that you don't think anyone should do, and your reasoning.

What are some common double standards that you see daily? How can these be prevented?