Monday, May 12, 2014

Staying Hydrated: Five Beverages To Quench Your Thirst

This is an important time of year (Spring/Summer) in which to stay hydrated.  Whether in the gym or just in your daily activities,  you don't want to be thirsty.  This could cause you to become sick, dizzy, and possibly in the ER with dehydration. 

Here are five healthy drinks to curb your thirst. 

1. Water. 

This one is a given. During the warmer months of the year (and even year round), one should strive to drink one gallon of water/day. That's exactly 128 ounces. You can see many folks carrying around gallon jugs filled with water. It's also good to drink water with your meals, and a glass every couple of hours to keep you fresh and clean inside. 

2. Fresh Juice

I mean fresh juice, either from the supermarket,  or made from your juicer or blender.  The key is to get as much juice as you can and not a drink filled with sugar. You get all of your proper nutrients as well. Whether be apple, orange, or grapefruit juice, you can't go wrong with good, organic fruit juice.

3. Naked drinks

These drinks have grown in popularity over the past year or so. They encompass all sorts of nutrients you need, they have a wide variety available,  and they are fairly affordable.  At $2-$3/drink, they are well worth their value.

4. Gatorade.

Gatorade is one of the most popular sports drinks of all time,  one that most every athlete drinks. They are filled with glucose,  used to curb dehydration.  However, you want to drink these in moderation.  They are filled with excess sugars and potassium. Limit your usage to a couple per week.

5. Tea

Sweet tea is awesome, as many of you know that I'm a fan of. However,  there are many other great, healthier teas. Green, black, and even white tea.  They keep your system clean and your body energized. Tea is extremely healthy for you, minus all the sugars. You can even find tea in the small drink packets. Therefore,  try to drink more tea.

What do you drink to keep hydrated?  Do you prefer any beverage over the other?

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